Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celebrating Two New Releases By Desiree Holt

Today we are celebrating two new releases for Desiree Holt! GAME ON, an erotic menage contemporary from Total-E-Bound, and SEDUCTIVE ILLUSION, an Ellora's Cave erotic contemporary she co-wrote with Allie Standifer.

All her life Desiree Holt dreamed of faraway places and unbelievably sexy men. From baseball players to rock musicians to television personalities she met them all and each one enriched her life. Now tucked away in the Texas Hill Country, she shares her fantasies with her readers. In her satin robe, with her scented candle burning and a chilled glass of wine at hand, she lets her mind run wild — and hopes you’ll take the journey with her. When she’s not writing, she reads and indulges in her other passion — watching football.


Allie Standifer lived in various countries around the world. The gift of travel has enabled her to accurately describe the scent, feel of far-off places and feed her overactive imagination.
Her life has been one of constant adventure ever since. From growing up in Saudi Arabia where her brother tried to sell her to Bedouins (for what amounts to less than $1.50), it's been non stop. And she loves every minute of it.

Ideas, plots, characters and conversations keep her company from inside her head and fuel her need to write. And no, they don't tell her to start fires. =) Tired of everyday stories, Allie's tales have a decidedly paranormal twist to them. They're filled with past lives, chain e-mail sending oracles, mythical creatures, magic, sexy gods, and heroines who know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to get it.

Any free time is spent spoiling two nieces and two nephews, pumping them up on sugar, caffeine and buying very loud toys then sending them back to their parents. The perfect revenge for all the slights of being the youngest child.

When not writing or contributing to the delinquency of minors, Allie enjoys anything to do with the ocean, reading, trying to outsmart her psycho cat and spending time with her wonderful and supportive family.


SEDUCTIVE ILLUSION by Desiree Holt and Allie Standifer.

For Sonia, winning the Valentine's Singles Cruise is an opportunity to escape her fantasies about Chase and find a real man to fulfill them. Evan brings her screaming orgasms, inventive sex and a new appreciation of every erotic zone in her body. After just two nights with him, there isn't a part of her he hasn't licked, penetrated or tormented to fulfillment.

As the relationship builds and the sex grows hotter, she finds herself pushing away memories of Chase. But on the third night of the cruise, the night of Valentine's Day, Evan has a major surprise for Sonia - and her life is about to turn upside down.

This Ellora's Cave Moderne release is co-written by Desiree Holt and Allie Standifer.


GAME ON - Book three in Desiree Holt's Wet Dreams and Fantasies Series.

It was a picnic, but everyone was nude and Lisa Graham, was about to play the most erotic game of her life.

Brothers Mark and Jake had introduced Lisa Graham to more acts of eroticism than she'd ever fantasised about. Now they had invited her on a picnic, where everyone was nude, the main activity was a game of multiple partners, and she tumbled into new whirlpools of erotic sex. What would be next on the list?


WIN - Leave a comment for Desiree or Allie today here at their Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a great prize package that includes a Tote bag, a coffee mug, some hot girl kleenex and a journal to write down your own fantasies. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you are our winner!


  1. Welcome Desiree and Allie and super congrats on your new release(s)!

    Wow - the cover for SEDUCTIVE ILLUSION is fantastic and the excerpt was great! How was it to work together on this project? Have either of you worked with another writer before?

    Now I'm off to read the excerpt for GAME ON and if I know Desiree like I think I know Desiree, I'll need to walk around in the snow afterwards to cool off! ;-)

    Enjoy your party, ladies and here's to both books being big bestsellers for you!

  2. WOW...I am loving those book covers...the storyline sounds like they're both going to be keepers.


    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  3. Congratulations, Desiree & Allie!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Writing with Desiree is like nothing I've ever experienced before. She's such a talented person & I'm thrilled to be working with her again.
    I have to agree with the Seductive Illusions cover comment. Love, love, love it! One of my favorites so far.

  5. Thanks for coming to our cyberlaunch party. And Allie, you make me blush! But we sure ahda great time writing this. Hope y'all enjoy the story.

  6. Congrats on the new releases, Desiree and Allie. The covers are beautiful and the stories sound really good.

  7. In Seductive Illusion, how did you decide who would write which parts?

  8. Very weird, but we didn't really choose who would write what. The story naturally just flowed from one to another. I'd write one part, Desiree would take over to add to it then sent it back my way. Truly one of my easiest writing experiences.

  9. You guys have worked together before?

    What is the hardest part of working with a co-author?

    What are you both working on currently?

  10. Congratulations on the new releases. They both look like great books.

  11. Now must say this nude picnic would welcome any bear..oops mean bare. Sounds like a hottie to me. I wish to be entered in the contest. susan L.

  12. I have to say that working with Allie is a breeze. We decided on the plot, did a simple outline, then started writing. We think a lot alike so it makes the transitions easy. The hardest part? When the computer freaks out!

  13. BTW, Allie and I just sold another Quickie to Ellora's Cave, so watch for Kidnapping the Groom.And if you like Game On, try Interlude and Intermikssion at Total-e-bound, about the same people.

  14. Ooh, congrats Desiree and Allie! And great to hear that you'll be collaborating again! Glad it was fun for you and clearly great for us readers! Happy releases!

  15. Congrats to you two ladies! By how wonderful the blurbs sound, it sounds like a writing match made in heaven.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  16. HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!


    More collaborations to come I hope.

  17. Congrads! Love the covers. The books sounds wonderful.
    Sue B

  18. Thanks, gang, it's always an experience working with Desiree. We're gearing up to co-write our third book soon.

  19. I love the hot covers! If the covers are this hot I can only imagine how sizzling the stories are!

  20. Love the covers! The books sound great.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  21. And when Desiree mentions computer meltdowns she means me :) My laptop died our last go around. Guess it couldn't handle all the heat!

  22. The books sound like they will be great reads and I can't wait to read them.

  23. Congrats on the releases. They both sound HOT!