Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrating the Release of Kay Stockham's SHE'S THE ONE

Today we're celebrating the release of SHE'S THE ONE, a new release in Kay Stockham's award-winning Tulanes of Tennessee Series.

Kay Stockham sold her seventh completed manuscript to Harlequin Superromance on February 11, 2005, and eight months later hit the Waldenbooks Series Bestseller List with her debut. In the time since she's contracted an additional nine stories to Superromance, as well as a novella featured in THE POWER OF LOVE with Berkley Publishing.

A HOLT Medallion, Book Buyers Best and RITA finalist, Kay is a happily married wife of eighteen years and mother of two who now makes her home in southern Ohio. For more information on her books, fabulous contests, excerpts and book trailers, surf to her website or friend her over at myspace and facebook.
SHE'S THE ONE, a new release in Kay Stockham's award-winning Tulanes of Tennessee Series, hits the shelves today!

Undercover travel writer Alexandra Tulane wonders if maybe she's in way over her head. A men's hunting and fishing retreat in the wiilds of Alaska? Not exactly her sylish scene. Fortunately, there's plenty of breathtaking scenery...including good-looking bush pilot Dylan Bower.

Despite the magnetic attraction between them, however, Alexandra is everything Dylan is not--she's a rover, always looking for the next adventure. For Dylan, the scars of the past run deep. He's hidden himself and his silent son in an isolated haven for their protection. Yet Alexandra engages both of them and soon they're under her spell. This--she--feels so good Dylan doesn't want it to end. So how can he convince her to stay?


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  1. Happy Release Day Kay!!!

    What a beautiful cover and a wonderful story. I love your Tulanes of Tennesse series, will there be more in the series?

    And if your new book was ever made into a movie, who would you like to see play Alexandra and Dylan?

    Enjoy your Cyber Launch Party - Is it too early for cyber chips?

  2. Ooooh, good questions! Well, I used a picture of Gerard Butler as inspiration for my hero, Dylan. So he's easy. Gerard fits the bill soooo well.

    As for Alexandra...Hmmm... that's a little harder. I have a photo I pulled from the internet that I used for her but she wasn't an actress or model, although she could've been, I think. Alexandra is a surprising mix of tom-boy and girly-girl. Maybe that's a question for the readers of this blog. What dark-haired, fiesty actress do you think would portray Alexandra well???


  3. Congratulations! Your "Tulanes" series is terrific! Harlequin SuperRomance is one of my most favorite category lines. Always topnotch!

    I'd love to win a copy of "Man With a Past" : )

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  4. Oh, how about Jennifer Aniston (Sp?) if she had black hair? Maybe 10 years ago? Ok, bad choice, I'll think some more (lol).

    Best of luck with the new book and come payday, I'll be checking it out at the bookstore!

  5. Just wanted to say that you always pick such great topics to write about.

    The book I'd choose is: Man With A Past.


  6. How about Sandra Bullock?

    Congrats on the book release. I really loved the whole Tulane family!

  7. How about Sandra Bullock?

    Congrats on your book release. I fell in love with all the Tulanes.

  8. Happy release day Kay!

    I love your Tulane series.

  9. Congrats on your latest release! Can't wait to read it!

  10. Congratulations!! I love the Tulane series. I am yet to read Man With A Past - love the title - so that would be my choice, fingers crossed.



  11. Oh, this book sounds really good. Happy release day. What a beautiful cover,makes me want to head to Alaska and find my own bush pilot ;-).

    Where did the idea for this story come from and will there be more of your Tulane series. I haven't read any yet, but I'm heading to your website now to check out the others.

    Good luck to you Kay and hope to read your work soon.

  12. You know who might work?? Anyone see P.S. I love you? Hillary Swank was the lead heroine and she was fabulous. I'm not a big Swank fan but she totally pulled off that role. Love the ideas! Keep them coming! Kay

  13. Kay, that's one of my favorite movies!!! And yes, Swank was wonderful in it.

  14. Sorry I missed the party :-(

    What a special thing to celebrate. You've got quite a wonderful collection of books under your belt, Kay. Are your books suitable for teen girls 14/15/16? I have a niece who is starting to get into romances and I've been looking for some authors for her to try.

    Also, what is the one genre or sub genre you'd write if you didn't have to worry about getting it published?

    Oh, and how about Megan Fox, is she too young?

  15. Hi, all! I was having computer difficulties yesterday and couldn't post. I am so sorry! Let's see if this works.

    To answer a few questions above:: There are five books total in the Tulanes of Tennessee series. You can find a total list on my website at www.kaystockham.com.

    Megan Fox would be PERFECT! She has the Tulane looks, those AMAZING eyes (my heroine's eyes are gorgeous). Oh, I like that!

    Jerry B, I think my books are totally appropriate for girls that age. Please note my novels do have love scenes (just so you know and there are no surprises!) but they're very tasteful and mild and never gratuitous. And honestly, compared to what teens that age (I have them, too, so I know) are hearing and learning from friends, TV etc, I feel romance novels are a great source to show them the difference between commitment and 'hooking up' and the value of finding the right person versus the 'right now guy.' Does that make sense?

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy SHE'S THE ONE. Drop me an email and let me know what you think after you've read it. I love to hear from my readers. Kay