Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating A New Amber Heat Release For Caitlyn Willows

Today, we're celebrating the release of DEAN'S LIST from erotic romance author Caitlyn Willows.

Caitlyn weaves deep emotions and sizzling sensuality into her action-filled stories. Believing life is to be lived and felt, not merely watched, Willows delivers real-to-life characters in unforgettable tales of love, adventure, and always steamy passion. Love and adventure, earthbound and in the stars, naughty and nice, you'll find it all in these steamy tales of erotic romance from the pen of Caitlyn Willows.


DEAN'S LIST by Caitlyn Willows
Erotica - Short Contemporary

Leigh Dean knows what she wants in a man. The list of requirements she keeps in her bedside table is very specific. Unfortunately, she wasn't specific enough. She never dreamed age would be a factor, never dreamed her unusual requirements would be met. But then Dan Jefferson walks into her English Composition class. Eight years younger, the former kid and now to-die-for NCIS special agent, used to do yardwork all those years ago. This Dan's sexy as sin and definitely off-limits, but oh-so tempting.

All Dan Jefferson was looking for was a chance to brush up on his fiction writing skills. He never expected that the woman of his dreams would be his teacher. This is chance to tell her how much their friendship meant to him all those years ago, a chance to tell her too that sometime over those years he realized he didn't just want a woman like her, he wanted her. A chance to show her that he's the man who can give her everything she's always wanted...everything.

Now that Fate seems to have reunited them on an equal playing field, Dan's not about to let this opportunity pass.


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  1. Good morning, everyone. I've had my first cup of coffee and am ready to answer questions. I'm going to be doing some serious multi-tasking today: guest blogging, doing editing work, running errands, and (if I have any energy left) cleaning the house. Oh, and I almost forgot...doing my new morning exercise routine, which I pleased to saw is now 2 months old. Exercise and I have never been friends. Now I'm more determined that ever to do it. So far so good.


  2. Morning Caitlyn and Happy Release Day - don't you know you should never clean house on release day???

    DEAN'S LIST sounds great and now, being a bit older, I really have come to love the older woman/younger man stories - I'm so glad publishers are buying them!! Loved the excerpt and can't wait to read it!

    Btw, congrats on the excerise routine - 2 months makes it a habit right?? I really need to get back to mine, sitting in front of a computer all day is not really good for the ol' body. LOL

    Enjoy your party and I'm raising my coffee mug and toasting to another bestseller for you!

  3. Well, I personally feel the house should learn to clean itself. :) I had a nice routine going for a very short while of cleaning on Wed, when hubby is docenting at the local museum. However, writing takes precedence most Weds and I've been sadly neglectful. Plus, when it's windy outside I don't clean because it's rather like...well, it's futile.

    It's interesting how I came into the exercise routine. Perhaps I'll share that tidbit here today should someone be interested. The real test will be during the RT Conference...if I can continue doing it while I'm there.


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  5. Hi, Caitlyn! "Dean's List" offers a unique twist on "loving from afar". How nice that a lady can be a strong woman and loved, admired and desired! Here's a line that I really enjoyed from the excerpt:

    "One thing serving in a war zone had taught him--you only live once; don't live it with regret."

    Sounds like a great, hot, romantic read!

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  6. Hi Caitlyn --

    What a great story premise! How did you get the idea for it?

    Pam D.

  7. Thank Virginia and Pam!

    Where did I get the idea? Hmmm... It's a story that has been languishing in the to-be-written stack for awhile. Originally I was going to write a story in response to a call for submissions from my publisher. But I could never get the story to work to my satisfaction in my head, so there it sat. Then suddenly I realized the angle I wanted to take and it all poured out. I love the characters -- their strengths, their rapport, their sense of fun, even their self-doubts and weaknesses. They make a great couple and I have to say I fell in love with both of them.


  8. And that was supposed to be Thanks, not Thank. I need a proofreader for everything. :)

  9. Hi! I just heard about today's party over at Goodreads. How fun!

    I love older woman younger man stories and this one sounds really good. I'm going to head over and read the excerpt now.

    By all means, please share your secret on how you got into excerising, boy do I need to.

  10. Question for all of you....

    With the official start of spring nearly here, what is your favorite thing to do in the spring? Do you have one thing you do every year? Or do you not care for this particular season?

    I always love the first breath of Spring. I love attempting to grow a garden. I do great with flowers and am trying to conquer vegetables. Last year I actually got an avocado tree growing. This week I'm going to transplant it to a larger location.

    We battle rabbits and squirrels for anything we grow. Just when we think we've got pomegranates to harvest, the next day they've all been ravaged. One day though....

    The other thing I do is take pictures of the wildflowers. You can see all the photos I've taken and uploaded on my Flickr page.


  11. I loved the excerpt. It was sexy with a sense of humor and it was just a nice mix.

  12. Thank you. :) And thank you for taking the time to read it. :)


  13. I love cougar stories.
    Thanks for the excerpt.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  14. Hi Caitlyn :)
    Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    Just read the excerpt for Dean's List, I LOVE the line "One thing serving in a war zone had taught him--you only live once; don't live it with regret."
    To me it applies to more than someone in the Armed Services.
    I also appreciated that the heroine is an older woman (Go Cougars!)
    Spring to me is usually the start of metal detecting season.
    Good luck on the exercising.
    Mindy :)

  15. It sure does, Mindy. It's something we all need to keep in mind.

    Metal detecting? It sounds like an adventure!


  16. I loved the excerpt this sounds like it's going to be a really good book. I enjoy older woman younger man story if it's done right.

  17. Love the premise behind this book (and would love to win it, but would willingly settle for the short story instead).

  18. I love Caitlyn's works and look forward in reading more.

    Tracey D

  19. Have enjoyed other books from Caitlyn so I am certain this book needs to be on the TBB list. Good luck with maintaining the exercise program away from home.
    linze_e @

  20. Best of luck with the new book Caitlyn. I just came from your site and you have a very impressive backlist, how do you get so much writing done? What is your writing schedule like...I don't see who you even have time to excercise!

    And I checked out your pictures too. How beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us. I loved the ones of the water at Tahquitz Canyon and the entries of the Weed Show were great!

  21. LOL that was suppose to be HOW you have time to excerise, not WHO you have time to excerise! That's a little too personal...remember I had just finished reading your