Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrating A New Mystery Anthology From L&L Dreamspell

Today, we're celebrating the release of a new mystery anthology from L&L Dreamspell which features a story by Pauline Baird Jones.

Pauline was born and raised in Wyoming, and then lived in New Orleans with her husband and children for 18 years before moving to Houston TX in 2003. For four years, she wrote a humor column for her Wyoming hometown paper, The Lovell Chronicle, about adjusting to life in New Orleans (which is the polar opposite of Wyoming!).

She's always loved reading and writing, but prefers to give arithmetic a pass. Her blend of suspense and humor is, she believes, a natural outcome of growing up in a large family. "Lots of love and laughter," she says, "but you're never quite sure you'll survive your siblings' idea of what's fun."

She published her first novel in 1998 and is amazed to be releasing her ninth novel, Girl Gone Nova, in 2010, with a steampunk novella, Tangled in Time, to follow later in the year. She's also had stories in six anthologies and has three non-fiction handbooks for writers.

She explains the shift into writing science fiction romance, for her last two novels, at first made her panic. Then she remembered that her high school science was, according to her teachers, fictional then, too. Her contemporary readers might be puzzled by this change in direction, but Pauline points out that the new books have her signature suspense, action and humor. Only the setting has changed.

"I've always followed my Muse where it takes me, even if I need to don mental speed jeans (g-suit) for the ride. And my books have always had a strong action/adventure bent, all the way back to The Spy Who Kissed Me."


The Mystery of the Green Mist includes a delightful assortment of stories, from cozy to creepy, by ten talented authors, including the shorty story DELETING DENNIS by Pauline Baird Jones .
Capri Hinkenlooper thought her name - and Monday mornings - were the worst things in her life, but then her fellow editor and all around slimy guy gets deleted with her letter opener. On the upside, the two homicide detectives investigating the murder are seriously cute...

Other stories in this anthology include Mystery of the Green Mist by Linda Houle; The House on Grays Prairie Road by Sally Love; The Clue in the Crumbling Cottage by Jo A. Hiestand; Trust No One by Morgan St. James; Between Friends by D. Nathan Hilliard; The Scent of Blood by Cherri Galbiati; Death Hereafter by Jacqueline Seewald; Reservoir of Death by Sylvia Nickels; The Mystery of Moonstone Manor by Randy Rohn.


WIN - Leave a comment or question about this new anthology today and get your name in the hat for a fun prize package from Pauline Baird Jones - a copy of A BOX OF TEXAS CHOCOLATES signed by Pauline and a very cool L&L Dreamspell T-shirt. Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are our winner! ** And don't forget to check out the great contest Pauline has posted on the contest page over at - she has two prizes up for grabs!!


  1. Super congrats on being included in the new anthology!!! It sounds mysteries!

    And Pauline, you're getting set up for the release of GIRL GONE NOVA in April, right?? I can't wait. Loved THE KEY!!!

    Thanks for the great contest prize for today's party and for the great contest you have up on the contest page - those purse charms are so adorable!!!

    Enjoy the party and I hope the anthology does really well for you guys!

  2. Pauline, I lived in New Orleans for many years too, my husband is from there. I found it to be a really inspiring place to write. Do you have anywhere you've been that helps set the scene for your writing?


  3. Oh definitely New Orleans helped a lot with that. The air crackles with creativity, don't you think? One place in New Orleans that really made my skin tingle was when we attended the Zoo-to-Do at, surprise, the zoo. LOL! It was a night. Formal dress. Music and bright lights and deep, deep dark and the sounds of animals in that darkness. Told my hubby, this would be a great place to kill someone. (grin)

    Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca. :-)

  4. Hi Pauline,
    I think your switch to SCI FI will be a fun one. It's so much fun creating your own worlds where only you make up the rules! Congratulations and have fun!

    My vampire paranormal, Dead Or A Lie, is now available.

  5. Thanks, Jason. Yeah, it is a wild switch for me, but definitely fun! I suspect my high school science teachers would contend that I wrote science fiction back then, too. (grin)

  6. woohoo congrats onyour release day! cant waitto readthis sorry im late with congratulating you !

  7. No worries, SiNn! thanks for stopping by! :-)

  8. yw I made a note of this book on my wish list and i cant wait to read it

  9. Thanks! I had some fun with my story. Thankfully I have a great editor, because she didn't flinch at editing a story about an editor getting it. LOL!

  10. Congrats on your new release! It sounds like an awesome read and I would love to read it. Thanks for the fabulous give away and for sharing your books with us!


  11. thanks for stopping by, Virginia! :-)

  12. Congratulations on what looks like a fascinating read.

  13. So sorry I missed the party. Congrats on the anthology release. What sub genres are the stories in this anthology? Any idea? I like collections like these because you get to sample so many different authors and writing styles.

    Good luck with it.

  14. Here's a link to a more thorough summary of the stories. Obviously they are tilted toward mystery:

    I guess mine is mystery/humor/touch of romance?

    Sorry we missed you yesterday! :-)