Friday, September 5, 2014

Introducing Ursula Sinclair's New Series

Shadow Wars Homebound
A new adult sci/fi romance
By LaVerne Thompson writing as Ursula Sinclair

My name is Nikki Ari and I know this sounds cliché but one night I was taken off the streets of London and my life was forever changed. For one thing I learned I was not human. But of alien origins, as in not of this planet, but hidden on earth for my safety. You see, I did not know, I come from another world. A world under the cruel rule of invaders who have taken over the planetary system, bleed the planets resources and enslaves its peoples. My people are depending on me to unite the galaxy to save them for I am an Ari. The last of the blood royal, their princess, their queen.

This is first in a series of stories to introduce the worlds of the conquered planets and the start of the Shadow Wars. Homebound is mine and Veil’s—my Lead Paladin, my personal bodyguard, my forbidden love—story.



Did you ever feel as though you don't belong?

Veil had been a step out of place all his life. Until one day he found a phone that took him on a path far beyond the world he knew. But to get all the answers he had to save the princess he fell in love with – only to lose her once he made her a queen.

Nikki never felt she quite belonged. Until she met a man who saved her life and placed her on a throne she never knew was hers. But in order to be queen and save a world at war, she had to give up Veil.

Would you walk away from the love of a lifetime if you could prevent the destruction of a planet?




My body being flung forward in the car from the hard braking roused me from a sound sleep. The rain struck the car harder now, but I had no trouble making out the two men framed in the headlights, standing in the middle of the road, dressed in black, their long coats flapping out like wings behind them. I blinked, but they were still there, like something from a science fiction movie. Except this was no fiction and it sure as hell was no movie screen we watched.

The one on the right raised his arm and pointed it in our direction. I could see a blue light slowly ringing his arm. As though he charged the weapon he held, when suddenly another blue blast hit him from behind and he went flying into the air. The other man with him didn’t pause to check on his friend, but also raised his hand.

I could see it glowing bright blue. Hotter, faster. My gaze rested riveted on it.

“Out. Get out!” Veil yelled. Breaking into my fear, he opened the door and pulled me out behind him. He dragged me into a wet ditch seconds before the car exploded. He didn’t wait but kept dragging me away from the explosion.

In my shock, I could do nothing but stumble after him in the rain. “Mr. Moss,” I croaked out.

Veil screamed, “RUN!”

Ursula Sinclair is the pseudonym for LaVerne Thompson, a multi-published, award winning bestselling author, an avid reader, and writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi romance featuring interracial relationships where race is not a factor. Ursula is her alter ego who likes to push the envelope of relationships just a little more.


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  1. Super congrats on your new release and the kick off to your new series! I love sci fi, so I can't wait to learn more about this new world you created.

    What inspired you to write Shadow Wars? How many books do you plan for this series?

    You've been really busy this year, what's up next?

    Thanks for being our special guest today and I wish you great many sales! Here's to SHADOW WARS HOMEBOUND being your biggest seller yet!

  2. Hello AI,
    Thank you for hosting me here again today and giving me a chance to talk about this new series. I'm pretty excited because it is new the genre combinations for me.

    I've always been a sci/fi fan. Star Wars, Star Trek 'beam me up Scottie' I'm so there. So it only natural for me to venture into science fiction, but I also love the new adult category and when I first began to write this story a couple of years ago I set it aside because the characters didn't quite feel right and it's because they were really new adults and I needed to give them that voice. Once I figured that out the story took off and I completed it in about 4 months. lol. I've got 4 books planned in the series. I'm hard at work on the second book Ronin Riders. Each book will be titled Shadow Wars and then a subtitle. Each book will stand alone but will be in the world of the Shadow Wars from different perspectives of the main players who will eventually have pivotal roles in deciding the outcome of this war. lol

    Next year. lol the first part of the year is already booked and I'll be re-releasing some work at the top of the year and then new work coming out right after that The Dancer and yet another series The Outworlders lol and Dragon's Blood The Story of the Brethren will be out next year. So yeah busy. lol

  3. The book looks fantastic. :) Congrats on the release! If you need a reviewer for your book just let me know!



    1. Hi Krissy I tried to replie a minute ago but I don't think it works. But Thank you! And I just might take you upon that.

  4. Aloha, LaVerne -
    Started reading Shadow Wars Homebound last night and immediately was drawn into the story. Wishing you much success on this series.

  5. Happy release day, Ursula/LaVerne! Sounds pretty captivating! Glad it's the start of an exciting new series! Hope you're celebrating (and of course, writing!) :)

    1. Hi Fedora- Thanks for stopping by. And yep celebrating by going to the gym and taking in a much needed massage. But I am very excited about this new series and working on the next book.