Sunday, September 14, 2014

Celebrating A New Tabor Heights Story From Michelle Levigne

A BOX OF PROMISES by Michelle Levigne

Tabor Heights Year Two

Meg, Andrea, Ray, Bergen and Casey -- dorm sisters with summer plans. Meg: help Mexican orphans. Andrea: publish newspaper articles. Ray: get Michael's attention. Bergen: work with wolves at the zoo. Casey: survive as head camp lifeguard. Those who don't reach their goals pay for a pizza party at the end of the summer.

Sunburn, bubblegum in hair, "mean girls," lunatic customers, temporary blindness, political games and other assorted problems detour the girls from their goals. Life sneaks up and surprises them with opportunities they never expected -- along with five men who find them more than interesting. Will they survive their summer and reach their goals? By the time they return to their dorm, the girls realize that life is what happens when you make other plans.


A story addict since an early exposure to Dr. Seuss, award-winning author of over 30 novels and novellas, Michelle Levigne has been creating her own stories, heroes and adventures since junior high. She ventures into many sub-genres of science fiction, paranormal, romance and fantasy, including Greek mythology, Narnia spin-offs and her futuristic universe, the Commonwealth.

Michelle writes something for everyone! After all, since she likes to read all over the board, why not WRITE all over the board?



  1. Congrats on the new release, Michelle - having a kid in college myself, I can't wait to read this and to gift a copy to my kiddo.

    Please tell us more about the new book, the Tabor Heights Series and how the books in your series connect.

    Have fun today - enjoy your release and here's to A BOX OF PROMISES being a huge seller for you!

  2. Welcome to the Cyber Launch Party for A BOX OF PROMISES.

    This is the 5th book in Year Two of the Tabor Heights series, and the 17th book overall.

    The next book -- which I'm frantically revising now for a deadline of October 1 -- deals with more Butler-Williams University stories. Appropriately, the title is BWU Stories. Those of you familiar with Kat Teague and her parents' story -- and Kat's participation in Bekka and Shane's story -- will be glad to know Kat gets her own novella story in BWU Stories.

    In BOX, the stories of the girls are interwoven over the summer, when things get "interesting" in their lives. Sometimes we don't hear from them at all. There's frustration and danger and silliness -- mean girls and lunatic customers to deal with -- political game-playing and planning for the future.

    Three more books remain for Year Two of Tabor Heights -- BWU Stories, Truck Stop Angel, and The Teddy Bear Dancer. The heroine of Truck Stop is a friend of Max's, and her problems have been mentioned in other stories. Life for this separated mother of three has reached rock bottom when she is invited to join with her foster-mother and foster-brothers to renovate an old diner and bring it back to life. Then in The Teddy Bear Dancer, we visit Vic Thomas and Rene Ackley, partners in running the Gold Tone Gym. They helped knock some sense into Xander and Hannah in Common Grounds -- now it's time for their story.

    Please, speak up, ask questions, make requests for stories for your favorite characters in Tabor Heights. There's always Year Three to plan out!

    When you leave a comment, please leave your email address as well. At the end of the Cyber Launch Party, I'll be picking winners from among those who left comments AND email addresses, and they'll each win a "survival kit" of items relating to A BOX OF PROMISES.

    Let the party begin!

  3. Want to do some taste-testing of A BOX OF PROMISES? All August and September, I've posted/will post excerpts from BOX on the Tabor Heights Today blog. So hop on over, and read the bits and pieces of scenes. Warning: could be addictive. As in ... you have to read the whole book!

    Go to:

  4. A history of Tabor Heights:

    Year One

    Daniel Morgan and Lynette Teague were college sweethearts, preparing for a future of stardom. Her pregnancy derailed their plans and she shut him out of her life, thinking to save his future. Twenty years later, they meet again, after their daughter walks into his theater history class. Kat doesn't know Morgan is her father, and Lynette doesn't want her to know, ashamed of all the bad choices she has made. What will it take before they are finally a family?

    Xander Finley runs Common Grounds Legal Clinic, with Hannah Blake as his Gal Friday and office manager. Hannah has given up on having any more of a relationship, not knowing Xander would like to have her in all parts of his life. It takes a series of attacks on their growing office and a copycat serial killer targeting Hannah to wake them both up to possibilities.

    SEASONS: A Tabor Heights anthology
    Four short tales of romance in Tabor Heights, spanning a business mystery, a lovelorn DJ, a cop in love with a rec director, and a troubleshooter investigating possible embezzlement.

    Lisa has high hopes to fix her struggling marriage when she becomes pregnant. Finally, her dictatorial, critical father-in-law will accept her. But things only get worse, as she and Todd struggle to regain their first love and rise above some nasty family secrets and traditions. Will Lisa have to leave Todd to protect her baby?

  5. Year One -- continued

    Nikki and Brock have a history -- bad. She returns to Tabor, four years after running away from home with Brock. Now she represents the Arc Foundation and is assessing the Mission for financial assistance. How can Nikki carry out her job in the church where she grew up, where everyone knows the mistakes she made? Worse: Brock follows her to Tabor, trying to convince her that he has changed and wants to earn her love again. Will they have a chance to even try, when his past comes after him with a vengeance?

    A year in the life -- Bekka shares an apartment with Kat and Amy. As the three theater students share classes, trials, triumphs, and the ups and downs of falling in and out of love, they learn and grow together.

    Dani, her brother and cousins are Firesong, an up-and-coming Christian band. Dani believes that ministry and marriage don't go together, but Kurt Green has returned to Tabor to prepare for a crusade, and when he sees Dani, he believes otherwise. They could make beautiful music -- and ministry -- together. Convincing Dani could be the hardest task he has ever faced.

    Max and Tony are best friends, writing partners -- and when a writer-in-residence takes Tony out of town, he realizes there is a Max-shaped hole in his life. How can he convince her that when he says he loves her, it isn't as best friend any longer? Before he can finalize a plan, tragedy strikes Max's family. Tony puts his life on hold to be there for Max, because that's what love does.

    Jeannette returns home to Tabor widowed and pregnant, cast aside by her vindictive in-laws. She is more than happy to settle down and raise her son, with Nathan, her best friend from orphanage days, to be uncle to her son, BJ. Nathan realized too late how he felt about Jeannette, but he hesitates to tell her how he feels. Until her former in-laws invade Tabor, determined to take BJ away from her. Nathan is willing to do anything to protect Jeannette and BJ, but will she let him?

    Abby is a pilot, courier, and flight instructor. Tyler is the new director of the community theater. Accidents and then scheming nieces and nephews keep throwing them together. They're both interested, but life also seems to be scheming to keep them apart. When can they catch a break and find out if love is even possible?

    Claire is assistant director of the Mission. Paul is the new janitor, with a mischievous daughter to raise. The day they arrive, Sammy declares that Claire is going to be her new mother. While the idea is tempting, Claire has her vision for the Mission to protect and problems from her past to distract her. When Paul becomes her friend and then her knight in shining armor, she dares to hope ...

    A serial killer stalks innocent young women, demanding their love and loyalty -- or else. Toni has returned to Tabor, convinced the White Rose Killer is the same demented boy who murdered her sister 20 years before. Curt has the same theory, but he doesn't want Toni to put herself in danger. Can these two newspaper reporters uncover the identity of the White Rose Killer before he targets and then kills yet another "true love"?

  6. These stories sound so intriguing. I want to read them!

  7. Sounds like another good one, Michelle! Best wishes on continued success!