Friday, December 27, 2013

Celebrating A New Release In Fantasia Virtuoso's The Hidden Series

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the Horny Devil Publishing release of DARK SHADOW, book two in Fantasia Virtuoso's dark and sexy world of The Hidden.

DARK SHADOW by Fantasia Virtuoso

The Hidden Book Two

She never planned on dying at eighteen, much less awakening to live in the world as a creature of the night. Still, Noel doesn’t complain. She embraces who she’s become, even through the dark loneliness she feels at times.

Have you ever have dreams so alluring you couldn’t get them out of your mind?

Jett knows they're only dreams, but they feel real to the point that he closes his eyes during the day just to embrace them again. No matter the danger to his soul if such a beautiful nightmare does exist. It goes by the sweet name Noel.


Fantasia Virtuoso is the result of the collaboration of penned authors who work together to create the world of The Hidden. An erotic paranormal series set in Memphis, TN.

As part of the Bible Belt, and just a few hours away from the Protestant Vatican, Memphis is home to more than 2,000 churches. With all major religious beliefs and denominations being well represented  in the city itself (including Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims), a faction of Vampires can virtually go unnoticed.


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  1. Good morning Fantasia!! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and enjoying all it has to offer!

    Congrats on the new release! So glad to see a new book out in your series, The Hidden! For those not familiar with your series and this world you created, can you tell us more about it and how the books connect? Tell us a bit about book one, as well.

    Why did you set the series in Memphis? How many books do you expect to do for this series? Sounds like the stories could be limitless!

    I hope you have a great time at your cyber launch party both here and over on facebook today and here's to DARK SHADOW being you biggest seller yet!!

  2. Hello AI and thank you for hosting me today. Always a pleasure to be here.

    The Hidden is a story about a group of vampires who reside in Memphis, Tennessee. I choose Memphis for the setting because it was there the story idea was born. The land of a thousand churches. lol I thought what if a group of vampires had their own congregation? What a better way to hide the activity of a large group. What if they functioned like a real church, a group that comes together for a united purpose. In this case that humans should not only not be killed but a step further no blood should be taken from a live vein. The temptation to kill would be too great.

    This church teaches abstinence in the extreme. lol The members of the congregation make a pack not to drink blood from a living source. They take it by the glass/cup. The wine served during service is actually cow or deer blood. The leader of the church his name is actually Deacon. He's one of the oldest and strongest of the vampires and enforces the laws.

    There will be so far a series of 4 stories. The first book Dark Mist introduces you to the world of the Hydden as they like to call themselves, a play of course on 'hidden' since they're hidden in plain sight. Deacon and his Rose. There is rebellion within the church of some of its members are not only taking from live veins but also beginning to kill. The stories are of Deacon's search for the murder or murders. That's the thread that connects the stories but each one is different with different heroines and heroes who face their own issues.

    Book 2 Dark Shadow is the story of Noel and Jett. Noel is the youngest of the vampires she's only 20 and has only been in the life for 2 years. Deacon has forbidden the turning of any more humans. Jett is 21 a twin and is almost killed by rogue vampires, Noel saves him and has to take responsibility for her actions. But she's banned from ever seeing him again. Now of course she can't help it they've shared blood. Another sharing would change him. They meet in the dream world and finally real life and the rest is inevitable.

  3. Interesting cover. What was the inspiration for it?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Hi Bn100

    Visiting Memphis and seeing all of the churches every block some of them taking up an entire block. I just got the idea they'd be a good place for vampires to hide. No one would think twice about a church who only had service when the sun went down and owned large acres of land and were reclusive and exclusive. lol


  5. Thanks for celebrating Fantasia's new release with us!! And congrats to bn100 - your name was drawn as our winner! Fantasia will be contacting you with your copy of DARK MIST - If you enjoy the read, please be sure to post a review at GoodReads, Facebook and Amazon!