Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Celebrating Erin Nicholas' Brand New Release

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of IT TAKES TWO, the second book in Erin Nicholas' Counting on Love Series!

IT TAKES TWO by Erin Nicholas

Counting on Love, Book 2

How do you fall out of love with a man who's all in?

Isabelle Dixon never should have said yes to that first date, but she couldn't resist Shane Kelley's larger-than-life personality. Except now Shane seems determined to make their no-strings fling into something more.

If she thought dating Shane was hard work, breaking up is proving to be much harder. Especially since she's planning on making some major life changes that don't include staying out all night, Jell-O shots, and a sex toy shop punch card. She needs a restful cabin getaway-alone-to gather her thoughts. And the strength to finally end things for good.

Shane has always prided himself on being the good-time guy. Exactly Isabelle's type…or so he thought. Yet ever since he suggested her moving in, she's been pulling back. Thing is, Shane does everything with gusto-including falling in love.

He's not about to let her get away that easily. Even if it means chasing her heart down a crazy road to prove that no matter what life throws at them, they make a damned good team.

Warning: Contains a strange road trip with several weird tourist stops, some hot sex in a car wash, and two people who are just crazy enough to be perfect for one another.


Erin has been reading romance since her mom first let her into her book cupboard when Erin was about fourteen. LaVyrle Spencer, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber... they took Erin's 'happily ever after' ideas from animated princesses to real people in the real world.

She's been writing romance almost as long. Many a family car trip was spent with her head bent over a spiral notebook in the back seat. She'll confess that her very first attempts at fiction were fantasy and paranormals, influenced by her father's love of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original Alice in Wonderland. If Harry Potter had been around, Erin's sure he would have been on the bedtime story shelf as well.

But it wasn't long until Erin started writing about true love and that's where she's been ever since.

She's so thrilled to be able to share these stories with you and hopes that they make you smile, sigh, maybe even choke up a little. Most of all, She hopes that they help you believe in magical things like first kisses, the spark of passion, and the power of true love.

Erin loves to hear from readers! Please write her at

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  1. Welcome Erin and super congrats on your new release!

    For those who aren't familiar with your Counting on Love Series, can you tell us a bit more about it and how the books connect? This series is a spin off from your bestselling series, The Bradfords, right? What is that connection?

    Thanks for being our special guest today and here's to IT TAKES TWO being your biggest seller yet!

    And readers, don't forget to stop by and check out all the fun we're having today at our facebook event for IT TAKES TWO - More fun and prizes over there!

  2. LOVED the book Erin!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the Dixon family!!

  3. Hi, DeNita! Thanks for letting me celebrate here!

    Yes, Counting on Love is a spin off from the Bradfords. Conner Dixon is a paramedic in the same hospital with the Bradford guys and we meet him in Just For Fun (book 4) and Just A Kiss (book 5).

    Counting on Love is about Conner and his four sisters-- and his four best friends! Yep... not just one of his friends is dating his sister... it's happening four times!

    She's the One is about Conner's friend and fellow paramedic Ryan Kaye and Conner's sister Amanda.

    It Takes Two is about Conner's friend Shane Kelley and Conner's sister, Isabelle.

    Best of Three comes out in November (Conner's sister Emma and his friend Nate Sullivan)

    Going for Four will be out in February (the youngest sister, Olivia and Conner's best friend from college, Cody Madsen)

    And then finally, Conner gets his book, Up by Five in April.

    It's been a fun series to write and I love that readers are loving this new group!

    It's also been fun because the Bradfords show up here and there in the new books too :)

    Thanks again for a fun day!

  4. Congratulations on your new release, Erin. I've discovered your books at a perfect time - the rest of the wonderful Counting on Love series to look forward to and the Bradford series and your other backlist books to hold me over in the mean time.

    1. This is so nice! Thanks for giving me a try! So glad to know you're going to meet *all* the guys ;)

  5. Loved It Takes Two but really want to read Best of Three. Emma is going to be hard to tame.

  6. Erin, I'm not sure there's really a cure for a book hangover except maybe a nap and another book off the TBR ;)

    Congrats on your new release--can't wait for the whole series to be out though--gotta wait until April! Eeep!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  7. Loved this story! Trying patiently to wait for Best of Three.

  8. Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm very excited about this series and the reader response so far. This group has been so fun to hang out with and I'm as eager to have them all out as you are! :D

  9. This sounds good

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  10. WINNER! Mommustwrite! You were chosen by!

    Contact me through my website and I'll get your goodies to you!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! :D