Thursday, September 5, 2013

Celebrating Adelle Laudan's Sexy New Biker Romance

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a sexy new biker romance from Adelle Laudan!

SHE RIDES by Adelle Laudan

 Missy heads out on her vintage motorcycle for what proves to be a ride of a lifetime.

Every new road brings with it new friends, new experiences and even a sexy romp with a tattoo artist. It's summers' end when Missy rides into the small town of Waverly for Bike Week, and sets sight on the most beautiful man she's ever seen on two wheels.

Tommy marks the beginning of many hot, steamy nights. Is he Missy's 'happy ever after' or is there a twist around the next bend in the road, nobody saw coming?

“This is a book that captures the very essence of life. It may be a work of erotic fiction but my word - what a ride, a true journey through life.” Belt Drive Betty – Busted Knuckle Chronicles

“It's like a Harlequin Romance book on steroids, and is full of intrigue, excitement and hot, steamy sex scenes!” Mary Baker / Shreveport Motorcycle Travel Examiner


Adelle Laudan lives in Southern Ontario. She is mom to four great kids, and Gramma to one precious angel, Lexxi. She’s also owner of an 8lb Pekingese/Shiatsu mix named Cha Chi the Diva Dog.

Adelle’s readers mean the world to her and she’s always working on ways to show them just how much she appreciates them. She is in the process of organizing a Street Team of readers, named Rebel Readers to help her put the word out about her books all over the globe. This is the logo for the t-shirts.

"If I can evoke emotion from my readers whether it be through laughter or tears, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.”

Adelle invites you to travel the many twists and turns her stories will take you. Be sure to hold on tight, it promises to be a ride you’ll not soon forget.

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  1. Good morning Adelle! Great to have you back on the Island!

    Super congrats on the new release and great job on the cover - I hear you did it yourself!

    Tell us more about SHE RIDES and if there's any chance we'll be seeing Missy again - I can see her having erotic adventures all over the country!

    And for those not familiar with your work, please tell us more about yourself and your other available books.

    Have fun with your cyber launch party today and here's to SHE RIDES being your biggest seller yet!

  2. Adelle, congrats on your new book She Rides, looking forward in reading it. I have 7 of your books and so far have not been disappointed. You are a tremendous writer, when I begin reading your books I don't want to put it down, its like I'm there with them. Keep up the great work which I have no doubt you will. Again congrats on your new release and thank you.

  3. This sounds intriguing

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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  5. Adelle,, What more can I possibly say ?
    I absolutly LOVED She Rides !!
    I " felt " the book.
    When I read your books I some time wonder if we have crossed paths in life because I feel I am reliving some of the things on them
    I look forward to reading every new book you release.
    Thank you for yet another great read !

  6. Helloooooo!! Yes, I'm alive! Of all days, they decide to do some mysterious renovations on the top of my building, leaving all of us without internet and cable since early this morning.
    Thanks to DeNita for a bang up job of helping me get the word out about She Rides.
    Thanks to all of you for stopping by. Good luck in the draw for one of the titles from my back list.

  7. as always a day late and dollar short hahaha but still wishing you great success on the release and love the cover btw. Pepper

    1. Thanks Pepper, I'm just waiting for the winners to be drawn. I don't think you're late as the participants on the Facebook page are included in the draw as well.
      Good luck to you all!

  8. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with Adelle, both here and on the facebook event.

    The winners are bn100 and Leslie-Anne Glenwright! Leslie-Anne, you must send Adelle your email address so she can get you over your prize.

  9. Thank you DeNita. You're a special lady.:)