Friday, February 15, 2013

Celebrating The Hilarious New Release In Alex Cook's Fifty-Seven Shades of Shit Series

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Alex Cook's new release with Horny Devil Publishing!


Fifty-Seven Shades of Shit Series Book Two

Convinced his wife, Kate, is cheating, George Bethers entrusts the ridiculous advice of his self-absorbed, non-best friend and idiotic neighbor, John, as they gear up to catch her in the act.

Completely unaware of his suspicions, Kate has worked hard at keeping a secret from her husband in a last bid attempt to obtain the BDSM sex life she desires after reading the delicious escapades of a very famous book character.

When a man loves a woman so much that he tries to be someone else, the dangerous obsession sends their sex life spiraling out of control when a series of disastrous outcomes can only lead to Dysfunctional Debauchery.


About Alex Cook:  Previously a Pirate, Maggot Mortician, Parrot to the Pirate who took over my command and defender of the universe, I have now turned my hand to writing. Predominately, I writes Humor, as well as Paranormal Romance and Erotica.


WIN - Leave Alex a question today at this Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a pdf copy of Alex Cook's new book!  Leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner. 


  1. Welcome to AuthorIsland, Alex and super congrats on the new release!

    Tell us all about your new book and your Fifty-Shades of Shit Series. I have to tell you I am loving the idea behind this series of yours! Please tell us all about it and how many books you plan for it.

    And because you're new here at the Island, please tell us about any other releases you have available and how we can learn more about you.

    I hope you enjoy your Cyber Launch Party and here's to DYSFUNCTIONAL DEBAUCHERY being a huge bestseller for you! Have fun!

    1. Hello Author Island!

      Thank you for this fantastic cyber party!

      This is the second installment in my fifty shades of shit triology. It's a short story series for Horny Devil Publishing who only publish short stories! It's about a man who has no idea what his wife really wants or needs.

      Coming up in the pipeline, I have a standalone title named "Twitch" which is the New Adult genre, about an 18 year old who gets dragged into a game with the gods that is centuries old. As well a short story series on delishiously naughty Erotic fairy tales, the first called "Little Red riding Wood." And my debut novel that has no title yet hopefully to be out at the end of the year.

  2. Ok, this sounds pretty funny. My husband joked about this when that book came out. How did you come up with the story, I read the excerpt and see it was written in your hero's point of view. That alone makes me want to read it. Do you write from the woman's point of view as well?

    1. Hi there Sharon,

      I came up with the idea because I am completely fascinated by the media and it's power. TV dictates everything, what we should and shouldn't like, what to buy and what not to buy depending on the program (Consumer awareness V giant company advertising). When the infamous book blew up and many nations rushed out to buy it, my partner and I included, the revelation on BDSM was a shocker. And then I realized that everyone else was probably doing the same thing, and so the series was born. The women do not have a point of view in this book, purely because there are so many other titles that are fgrom a female perspective, and a woman feels, or sees things, that everyone coincidentally forgot that men have feelings and are human too! So that was the reason for Georges perspective here.

  3. As I read the description of the book, I think of True Lies and Tom Arnold as the friend. Love it. I couldn't find the first book on All Romance, where I buy most of my books. Is it available?

    1. Dear CJ,

      This series was originally self published, and recently I was signed to a publisher who bought all three books. It's my understanding that the first one will go up on sale on ARE very soon, but for now it's only on Amazon, so sorry :(

      I can see Arnie and Tom arnold lmao! For the basis I did use Patrick dempsey as George and Bruce Willis as John.

  4. Nice cover. How did you come up with the idea for it?


    1. Thank you BNN100

      The trials and tribulations of conflicting BDSM literature after reading the infamous Fifty Shades made the story a little too close to home lol

  5. Great spin on BDSM. I read the first book and laughed through all of it. Can't wait to read the second in the series and the rest of your work. You are now officially in my automatic buy pile. What's this new novel w/o a title going to be about? Will it be another paranormal?

    1. Hi Laverne!

      Thanks so much,I hope you enjoy the second one! Ah, the novel one without a title. It's a little difficult to say at this stage, it falls under a few genres, drama, contemporary with lots of plot twists and breath taking scenes, not all necessarily good. It's about livin in the world but finding out that you never were connected to it in the first place. Dum dum dum...more on that to come soon on my website !

  6. Sorry I'm late to the party, long day yesterday and just saw the book over on facebook. Wow this sounds great. I read a little BDSM, and did so way before THE book came out, so I think this this would be a hoot!

    What else do you have available?

    1. Hi Katie,

      Thanks so much, I hope you like the story! I have a few works in the pipeline: Erotic Fairy Tales - The first being Little Red Riding Wood, and a New-Adult Paranormal called Twitch, and a no title as of yet stand alone novel, hopefully to be out by the end of the year. The earlier titles are out in the summer with Horny Devil Publishing!

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  8. Thanks so much for the comments, I am a technophobe so I'm hoping for the best, ouch! Thank you kindly!