Friday, November 29, 2013

A Fun New Dead Release For Lizzie T. Leaf To Kick Off The Holiday Season

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a fun new holiday release in Lizzie T. Leaf's popular Dead Series!!
DEAD SANTA by Lizzie T. Leaf

The bat bite received when making Christmas Eve deliveries changed Santa. His life and the holiday he loves may never be the same.

Exhausted after his Christmas Eve deliveries, Santa wakes up with hungers he finds hard to control. A bat did fall out of a tree and take a bite out of him when it landed on his neck, but why would that make him lust for blood and sex?

Tired and sore from her husband’s insatiable desire for her body, Mrs. Claus can’t take it any longer. There is only one thing to do—leave this sex manic that has replaced her gentle husband. His new lust for raw meat is bad enough, but his out of control sex drive has her tired and sore and in need of a break. Venturing into the mortal world to stay with their son, she finds a job with an unusual family that sheds light on her husband’s issues.

Shocked at his wife’s departure, Santa is sure he knows why she left and must find a way to control his overheated libido, and his thirst for blood. His head elf learns of the existence a vampire king, sending him into the mortal realm. In his meeting with Daniel, the vampire king, Santa learns of issues far more dangerous than his.

Will what happened to Santa be the break the vampire king needs to stop a drug war that will turn Los Angeles into the drug capitol of the world?

Lizzie T. Leaf has loved books since she opened her first one and her dream has always been to write them herself. Of course life has a way of throwing us a curve ball and the writing became a distant memory, lost in the hectic day to day world of family, job, laundry and housework. When the twinkling ember did spark, it was usually doused by someone demanding their share of her time.

But life does seem to go full circle. The desire to put the stories that continued to play in Lizzie's head on paper emerged stronger than ever and at a time in her life when there was someone encouraging her to do it. Now she's living her dream; creating stories to share with others and she hopes you enjoy them.

Lizzie's other hobbies, gardening and baking, are now taking a back seat, and as for housework...what's that?

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  1. Happy Release Day Lizzie!!!

    Woo Hoo! It's good to see another release in your fun Dead Series!

    For those not familiar with your Dead Series, can you tell us more about it and how the books connect? How many more books do you plan for the series?

    What a great Black Friday release - DEAD SANTA - can you tell us more about your new book and this new world you created?

    What's up next for Lizzie T. Leaf?

    I hope you enjoy your release day parties her and over on facebook today and here's to DEAD SANTA being your biggest seller yet!!

    1. Hi DeNita and thank you for today's party.

      DEAD Awake opens the series and introduces 3 characters that appear in all the books...Dove, Aaron and Daniel. DEAD Santa is the 6th book in the series and I'm not sure how many more there will be.

      Santa has a run-in with one of the not nice characters from the prior book and this leads to changes in the jolly ol' elf. In fact, it reaches the point Mrs. C has had enough and leaves to live in the mortal world. But there is no getting away from immortals, even among humans.
      Santa seeks help for issues and turns to Daniel, the vampire king. When Daniel discovers what happened to Santa he knows who is behind some of the rumblings he's heard out of CA and has to save the world once again...and with luck, maybe save Santa's marriage.

      Am working on a new genre...Y.A. Hope to have that done the first quarter and also, will collaborate with an author friend on a mystery series.

      Today, I'm off to a book signing, so will answer any questions tonight (if I can think straight) or in the morning.

  2. Are you ready for the holidays?

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  3. Sounds like a great read. Are you getting any reading time now because of the holidays?

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

    1. Reading is something I hope to have a few days to enjoy. If all goes well, once Christmas is over I get to curl up with the stack of books beckoning to me and READ!

  4. Congrats to Quilt Lady - your name was drawn as our winner! Be on the look out for an email asking for your mailing address so we can get you out your prize!