Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Celebrating Sandra Sookoo's Sexy New Historical Romance

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Sandra Sookoo's sexy new historical romance!


A Scandal in Surrey Novel

She wants an affair…
Maggie, Lady Parker desires a man, but she's not willing to leave freedom in Surrey to find scandal in London. Widowed for years, she wants to conduct a big enough scandal that a gentleman might come calling merely to see if the rumors about her are true.

He wants a shot at Parliament…
Stephen Tarkington is a self-professed rogue but if he had his way, he'd be a philanthropist. The only thing prohibiting his dream is his lack of sponsorship for a spot in Parliament. Marrying Lady Parker's niece could solve his problem.

Sometimes the heart wants more…
Imagine his surprise when he meets the widow and she's not an old bird he can charm. She's vibrant, sharp-tongued and enchanting to boot. Passion flares between them, and Stephen gives up on his plan… in search of a more pleasurable gamble.

Maggie is immediately drawn to the charming, handsome gentleman, but will a simple affair fulfill her needs? A scrape with public scandal will toss them into a situation that may just satisfy both of their secret desires.


Sandra Sookoo is a writer of romantic fiction. Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal romances. She loves to blend genres and spice them up and often times will add humor as well.

After catching the writing bug at the young age of ten, she’s gone on to grow her unique writing style. She’s a regular contributor for the Paranormal Romantic's blog and has a great time keeping things interesting at the Believing is Seeing blog.

When not immersed in creating new worlds and interesting characters, Sandra likes to read, bake and travel. Her favorite place to spend vacation hours is Walt Disney World. It’s where dreams come true and the soul can play. That suits her just fine. Writing is her ultimate dream job.


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  1. Good morning Sandra and super congrats on the new release! The story sounds great, I can't wait to read it!

    Now tell us all about your new book and your Scandal in Surrey Series. Is this the first book in this series? How many do you plan and how will they connect?

    I hope you enjoy your launch party here today and I hope LADY PARKER'S GRAND AFFAIR is a big hit for you! Have fun!

  2. Sandra, it's so exciting to see your new book out.was it a lot of fun to write your new book and are you going to keep writing stories set in the regency era?


    1. Hi Melody! Thanks :-) I had a blast writing Lady Parker. This was a first for my, dabbling in the Regency period. And yes, I will keep writing them with two more releasing next year as well :-)

  3. Congrats on the new release. How did you come up with the idea for this story? The book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it.


    1. Thanks Joanne! Well I'd always liked reading in this period but never hoped to write one. Then I stumbled over something while researching something else lol That prompted the idea and I never looked back :-)

  4. Hi everyone, and thanks for letting me be here to talk about my book :-)

    Lady Parker's Grand Affair is the first in the Scandal in Surrey series. I've planned four books in this series, and they all take place somewhere within the county of Surrey in Regency England. They'll be vaguely interconnected as the characters may be mentioned in passing within the new books. I'm currently writing the third one. The second will come out in December :-)

  5. Congratulations on the book! How do you plan how many books to release in a year?


    1. How do I plan? There's really no way to do that. I'm at the mercy of publishers' schedules. The only books I can control are the self-published ones. This is my first indie project :-)

  6. Oh how exciting, your first indie project! Well, the cover is simply gorgeous! And the story sounds yummy. I love the Regency period and I love when some heat is added to the story, too.

    A lot of authors are starting to go the indie route, which I imagine gives you so much more freedom to try things publishers might not let you get away with. Is that your reason for going this way or is it because publishers seem to make more off a book than the author does?

    Either way I wish you much success and I'll be heading over to get this book on payday :) Good luck and good for you!

    1. Becky, this whole series will have heat in it! I decided to try indie so I could control the price point. Had I sent this story to a publisher and it was accepted,chances are it would be priced near 5.99. Plus, with indie publishing I have a chance to read to wider audience I might not get with going with a publisher. So I'm hoping for good things :-) Thanks for getting the book. i hope you enjoy it!

  7. Ooh, I love the premise of this, Sandra! Glad you've got a plan in place for the rest of the series already ;) Best wishes with your indie debut, and hope to see lots more from you in both self- and more traditional publishing!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

    1. Thanks Fedora! Yup, I've got plenty of both on tap for the rest of this year and for next :-) Very exciting!

  8. Winner of the free download of Lady Parker's Grand Affair is Fedora! Please email me at sandra(dot)sookoo(at)comcast(dot)net with your mailing address for swag and what format you'd like the book in.

    Sorry for the delay in choosing the winner.