Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrating The Release Of The Final Book In Marion Webb-De Sisto's Angelic Chronicles

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog,  we are celebrating the the release of Marion Webb-De Sisto's FINAL RETRIBUTION, the third and final book in her exciting Angelic Chronicles.

Marion Webb-De Sisto was born and grew up in the UK, but spent many of her adult years in the US. She now lives with her American husband in the Greater London Area. This author enjoys creating tales of adventure and romance that are set in the world of angels and demons. She holds a fascinated interest in the Celestial Hierarchy, as well as in several Fantasy realms and other realities. Marion has also written five non-fiction books. Two detail her contact with the spirit world, while two others give insight into the beautiful and fascinating crystals and crystal skulls. Another one shares information about the healing Bach Flower Remedies. Her books have been repeatedly placed in Amazon’s top 100 sales rankings for specific subjects, e.g. Crystals, Channeling, Herbal Remedies, Fantasy Epic and Divination.


FINAL RETRIBUTION: Book Three of the Angelic Chronicles by Marion Webb-De Sisto

Life as the powerful ruler of Abbadon is becoming intolerable for Samael. The exiled archangel is lonely, embittered and bored. He has lost Malkura's love and even Seriel, his loyal brother, is gone from his side. Now, only fallen angels, demons and tormented humans are his constant companions. Yet into this hellish existence comes the beautiful and compassionate Angel Manah. Will she deny the increasing love she feels for this condemned soul, or can he persuade her to join him in endless damnation?

This final book of the Fantasy trilogy explores the ultimate retribution of the archangel, who fell from grace and became the Devil. Is he, like Seriel, restored to his former glory or ruined for all of eternity?


WIN - Leave a question today for Marion at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a copy of the first book in her Angelic Chronicles - SAMAEL'S FALL! Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner!


  1. Super congrats on the new book release Marion!!! I'm so excited the third book in your Angelic Chronicles is now available.

    Tell us where the idea of this trilogy came from and how the three books connect.

    This is the final book in the series, but do you have any plans for writing about Angels in any other novels?

    Hope the new book is a bestseller for you and I can't wait to read it!

  2. I've been seeing several books out recently about the devil and demons and of course angels. I like the new twist on paranormal romance and I like the idea of your story about how the devil came to be.

    What research did you do for the book and why this subject?

  3. Thanks, DeNita, I really appreciate your support. I became fascinated with the Angelic Hierarchy back in 1984 when I first started receiving messages from the spirit world. I know that sounds wacky, but it did happen to me.

    I'm of the opinion the idea came from the other side. Archangels, angels and demons was never anything that fitted into my belief system. The three books can stand alone, but they are connected, giving the story of the two angelic brothers, Samael and Seriel.

    Will you settle for a demgel {half demon, half angel}? That's who the next one is about.

  4. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Yes, I guess angels and demons are the next big thing after vampires and were wolves/lycans.

    I did little research for all three books because much of the information had been given to me years ago within the messages I'd received from the spirit world via automatic writing. Mostly, I went looking for angels' and demons' names. Crystals also figure throughout the trilogy. I've held a love of them for almost 27 years, being a registered Crystal Healing practitioner.

    Why this subject? I'm just caught up in it.

  5. I love Cyber Launch Party. I have found so many authors I might never have found otherwise. I have had trouble finding good angel stories. They always end up on the side of silly. These sound really good. I read all of the prior comments and I have to say that I don't think it's wacky at all that you think the ideas came from the other side. I figure our essential energy has to go somewhere in death and it is comforting to believe that there is a force greater than us. Congrats on the new book.

  6. Thanks, Jen B,

    I don't think my angel stories are "on the side of silly" but who knows? I'm glad you don't think I'm wacky.

    My angelic folk have all the emotions, virtues and faults of humans so they are very much like us. They just happen to have wings, as well. :-)

  7. Hi Maz!

    Just popping in to cheer you on. :) Have a great day (and night!) celebrating your newest release. May you have many more to come!

    Go girl!

  8. Thanks, Sassy. You're a great cheerleader. :-)

  9. Hi, Marion.

    I've had my eye on this series for a while; I think it's time for me to start reading it.

    I love your book covers. Do you work with one particular cover artist?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  10. Hi Tracey, thanks for your input.

    The covers for Samael's Fall and Abbadon were created by Fanitsa Petrou {you can find her on FaceBook}. Her paintings are gorgeous. I have the actual one she painted for Samael's Fall. Final Retribution's cover was created by Todd Engel, the publisher's cover designer. I love all three.

  11. Congratulations!! I love stories with angels, archangels & the struggle between good and evil.

  12. Thanks, Marybelle.

    Yes, the trilogy is definitely a set of stories that highlights the struggle between good and evil, with some romance thrown in there, too. :-)

  13. Sorry I'm late to the party, no internet yesterday. I love angel stories and when I saw this on facebook, I just had to pop over to check it out.

    Are your books romances as well as fantasy? I love that picture of you is that your collection of skulls or do you sell them?

    You seem like a fasinating author and I'm heading over to your website to learn more.

  14. Hi Maz,
    I wish you great success with your new release. Nobody thinks you're wacky! Quite the contrary, I think we are all riveted

  15. Hi Lauri Jo.

    Isn't it fashionable to come late to a party? :-)

    Yes, they are romances, as well as Fantasy adventure stories. Apparently, angels can fall in love just like us.

    That picture is of me with some of my/our crystal skulls. {My husband is an avid collector of them, too} We used to sell lots of them, but only on occasion now. Stay in touch via the 'Email Marion' button on my website and I can let you know if a skull is available.

  16. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for your kind wishes. Hey, when you get a chance to read 'Soul Wisdom,' you'll know just how wacky I am. :-)

  17. Just swinging by to say hi! ;)

  18. Hi Angelika!

    You're a super swinger. :-)

  19. This sounds like it will be a great series. What are you working on next?

  20. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for your interest. Next is a story set in the world of Cymllon, that's the place where all kinds of mythical creatures exist. The heroine is abducted and taken there, and then rescued by a demgel {half demon, half angel}. He's scary, but quite a hunk. :-)

    After that, I'd like to write another non-fiction book. This one will be about my own and other people's ghostly experiences and paranormal events.