Sunday, December 5, 2010

A New Romantic Comedy Suspense From Michelle Levigne and Amber Quill Press

Today we're celebrating the release of Michelle Levigne's new romantic comedy suspense with Amber Quill Press, LIAR, LIAR HEARTS ON FIRE.

A story addict since an early exposure to Dr. Seuss, award-winning author of over 30 novels and novellas, Michelle Levigne has been creating her own stories, heroes and adventures since junior high. She ventures into many sub-genres of science fiction, paranormal, romance and fantasy, including Greek mythology, Narnia spin-offs and her futuristic universe, the Commonwealth.

Michelle writes something for everyone! After all, since she likes to read all over the board, why not WRITE all over the board?


LIAR, LIAR HEARTS ON FIRE by Michelle L. Levigne

While Ray's newfound cousins are busy falling in love, he maintains he'll never get caught in that "trap," unless he gets dropped on his head and develops amnesia. His cousins, who are tired of his interference and schemes, would gladly oblige. Especially Jen and Blade, who have been talked into taking on a job with Ray, resuming their old cover identities of Mark and Gloria Williams, despite Jen being seven months pregnant.

Newfound cousin Tiger Ramirez needs help providing a bodyguard for dim-witted Lori McTeague on a scavenger hunt. The winner gets a massive inheritance. Lori is up against her four mutant cousins, referred to as "the Deliverance Boys." She needs a lot of protecting since Pete, the oldest brother, is determined that she's going to be "his woman." So ex-Marine, professional bodyguard Lauren McTeague has taken her helpless, lookalike cousin's place on the treasure hunt.

Ray and Lauren are immediately drawn to each other, but their false identities stand in the way - until Ray actually gets dropped on his head down a flight of stairs while fighting off the Deliverance Boys. When he wakes with amnesia, he is caught in his false identity of Mark Williams. Everything inside him insists "Lori" is the woman for him, not pregnant, often-nauseous "Gloria."

Ray and Lauren unravel the many lies wrapped around their team, and build an alliance of minds and hearts as they work through the maze of Fredonia, Uncle Zeppo's remote mountain mansion. The old house is full of secret doors and staircases, with every clue in the scavenger hunt coming from a Marx Brothers movie. And someone, somewhere, is watching every move they make...


WIN - Leave Michelle a question about her book today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for one of THREE super fun prize packages, complete with Groucho glasses, CD sampler, notepad and pen. Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - good luck!


  1. Happy Release Day Michelle!!

    This one sounds so fun - it reminds me of a 30's screwball suspense.

    Tell us were you got the idea for this one and if this book is part of a series.

    Btw, love the prize you have up for grabs today!

    Enjoy your special release day an hope the new book is a bestseller for you!

  2. good morning, everybody!

    This book is a sequel to Just Peachy, which follows How to Bury A Millionaire.

    The idea has been with me for literally years.
    In fact, I wrote the fight that ends with Ray knocking his head and getting amnesia YEARS before I wrote the "first" book of the series, Picture This.

    The idea for using Marx Brothers movies for clues came from my brother , Dean, who is abig fan.



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  5. This looks like it will be a very good book. I like that it has some suspense and comedy and I can't wait to read it.

  6. Happy release day, Michelle. The excerpt is tantalizing!

    nas_dean@ymail. com

  7. Maaaaaan! Did the snow put everyone in a coma? I would think with all the lousy weather here in Northeast Ohio, everybody'd be on their computers all day.

    Let's talk about our favorite Marx Brothers movies. Or maybe I'm the only one who has sat through more than one of them?

    To "research" this book (lovely thing, research -- a good excuse to do all sorts of crazy things. Wish I could think up a good book that takes place on a year-long cruise... and that the IRS would let me write of ALL the expenses!) -- but anyway, for research for this book, I watched "Animal Crackers," "Horse Feathers," and "A Night at the Opera," along with bits and pieces of movies throughout the years, that I can't even remember the titles for, but I remember them because they stick out so vividly in my mine.

    Kind of along the lines of a horrific car wreck you just can't seem to get rid of .... or those stupid commercial jingles or TV show theme songs that, once you've heard them, it's impossible to scrub from your consciousness. Ever had that happen?

    So anyway, what's your favorite Marx Brothers movie? Or maybe a simpler question -- which one is your favorite Marx brother?

    And if you say Karl, you're out of here!

  8. Congrats Michelle! Sounds like an awesome book! I think that it's cool that he says that this is the only way that he'd fall into that 'trap' and that's what happens.

    Have you ever said anything along the lines of 'this is the only way it will happen' and actually have that happen?

    jessangil at gmail dot com


  9. Sorry, Michelle. Few comments because its finals week. Those of us not in school loose the computer to our hubby (or kids as the case may be. But my hubby's computer got a virus, so he stole mine for days!) and they are doing papers or taking tests! I haven't been on for a couple of days. Not going to admit how many emails I have to catch up on!

    I love humor mixed up in my action and romance, but not so sure about slap-stick type humor.... But if you are on your third book with this theme I am sure you have it down pat! How do you mix that in without making the hero look like the Three Stooges?


  10. I mostly lurk to check out what's new and read the excerpts, but I had to pipe in about the Marx Brothers. I loved old movies as a kid, still do, and the Marx Brothers movies have such a special place in my heart. I love Duck Soup and A Night at the Opera and well, actually all of them.

    So don't be dissin' my boys, lol.

    Best of luck with the book and I'll be getting a copy just because I can't wait to see how you use the Marx Brothers in your plot.

    Good luck with the book!


  11. I know I'm a day late, but congratulations on your release! I adore mistaken identity stories :) Lots of great opportunities for comical misunderstandings!

  12. I love some humor so this book is up my alley. Congrats Michelle.