Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrating A New Multi Author Christmas Anthology From Evernight Publishing

'Tis Christmas and everyone is this 13 author anthology from Evernight Publishing.

From the keeper of Santa's naughty list, delightful little Elves eager to please, and the sensual love of a toy soldier - the holidays are filled with orgasmic cheer. Where wishes come true, Frosty is itching for a melt-down, fairies and angels are randy to grant your every wish, 'tis the season to be oh, so jolly-filled.

Unwrap your darkest desires...for this is Christmas and it will never be the same.

Stories include:
A Christmas Curse – a seductive suspense by Ericka Scott

Paramedic Frank Moran drew the unlucky straw three times running to work on Christmas Eve. That’s when he stumbled upon an eerie coincidence -- a string of suicides all originating from the same sixth floor apartment.

A chance meeting with Amanda Spaulding, the first 'victim' of the curse, has Frank's heart beating a bit faster and his libido shifting into gear. As midnight creeps closer, he follows the clues back to the killer - one who's made a deal with the devil. To his horror, he finds that every life taken serves to give Amanda another year of life. Unfortunately, breaking the curse will shatter Frank's already broken heart, in which case, he isn't sure he wants to live...

A Christmas Wish for Laura – a romance you can sink your fangs into by Shannan Albright

One wish during a storm on Christmas Eve changes the life of a young widow living in the Alaskan wilderness. Laura Holt, a successful artist lives in self imposed isolation, but the erotic dreams of one man fill her with a need she cannot deny. Elven Lord, Elric Frosti takes refuge against the storm in an old renovated barn where he comes upon Laura. Passions ignite and with it a love that could last forever.

Carly's Delight – a sexy fantasy by Lauren Pilla

Carly, a sexy elf who makes sex toys for all the naughty humans, is working her way up the corporate ladder. Pleasure Tester is her goal. To test out the delicious toys before they are sent out to provide pleasure to the humans would be a dream come true. Unfortunately work has been a drag and the naughty are just not asking for toys. Hell bent on figuring out why, Carly decided a male elf is needed to help inspire sexual appetite amongst her colleagues. Alex, the new male, not only sparked an appetite but a whole sexual three-course meal in Carly. Will she be able to control her desire and figure out how to increase toy orders? Or will she sink her teeth into a dessert named Alex?

Hard for the Holiday - a hot Christmas fantasy by Skylar Sinclair

Jewell has always harbored a sexual Christmas fantasy and one Christmas Eve night she is awakened when she hears the bells that decorate the downstairs fireplace ring. The only problem those bells were not made to ring.

But, Jewell Dupree is no ordinary woman. She can see and speak to the dead. When Jewell goes to investigate, she never expects to find a sexier than hell man planted in the middle of her living room. He is her Christmas fantasy come to life. Now what will this hot hunk do to her?

Other Stories included are: Santa's Naughty List by Stacey Espino, My Boys by Amarinda Jones, The Little Red Ribbon by A.D. Blackburn, Once Upon a Christmas Spanking by Rachel Clark, Yes Alana, There Is a Santa Claus by Seleste deLaney, Kingdom of Sweets by Gigi Brevard, Holly's Clause by Kerri Nelson, The Christmas Fae by Emma Shortt, and Jack Frost by Misty Burke.


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  1. love the cover! i cant wait to read this one.


  2. Welcome authors of 'TWAS A DARK & DELICIOUS CHRISTMAS!! This anthology looks fantastic and I can't wait to get my copy!

    What a wonderful section of sexy Christmas stories. Please tell us all about it and how this anthology was put together.

    I've just finished reading Ericka's excerpt for A Christmas Curse and loved it, now I'm off to read the others.

    Hope the book is a huge seller for you guys!

  3. Great cover ,this book sounds yummy I cant wait to read all of the stories this book looks like one I wont be able to put down.

  4. Congrats on the release LOVE the cover cant wait to read it!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Sandy B.

  5. i absolutely LOVE x-mas stories and these all sound awesome thanks for the great contest ;)

  6. I don't have any questions, but this looks like a great anthology. A little holiday/mystery/paranormal/erotic, yum!

    soozlebug2000 @

  7. Congrats and awesome cover. All those different stories in one book. . . nice. . I'm guessing that they are all very short to fit all those stories in one.

    jessangil at gmail dot com


  8. Jessica - yes, each of the stories is short (A Christmas Curse is a mere 24 pages -- but all the stories are scorching hot!)

  9. Emma - Thanks so much for the compliment on the video. I had tons of fun putting it together.

  10. The cover was designed by Dara England. She did a wonderful job and you can see more of her work at

  11. These stories sound interesting and I'd like to read all of them.
    Were these stories written specifically for this anthology?

  12. I just finished it and these stories are HOT. I'm so excited to be among so many talented writers.

  13. Hi Leni, I can't say for the other authors but mine was.

  14. I love anthologies---so many authors to read.
    This sounds like a very 'warming' read .

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  15. When you write a story for Christmas, which comes first. The ideas or the fact that it IS for Christmas? Do you adapt a non-seasonal story to fit?

  16. Hi Marybelle, For my story A Christmas Wish for Laura the idea formed around Christmas. Most of my ideas come from some kind of theme first. With this story it formed in my head in only a few hours. Writting it took alot more time but I had a good idea how it would go very quickly.

  17. Sounds yummy. Hope I find it in my stocking.


  18. I saw the call for Christmas stories and set about writing something dark and delicious that fit the publisher and the theme.

    Some stories come to me fully formed, others I have to pry loose from the characters one word at a time. This one, especially since it was so short, was born of the characters first...then I dreamt up the plot.

  19. I love Christmas stories and this looks like a great book.

  20. I enjoy anthologies so I'd love to read this one. I have discovered a lot of new to me authors by reading anthologies.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  21. Sounds awesome! I always wonder how so many great authors come together for an anthology and figure out what story to write for it.

  22. Wow--I love holiday anthologies! I confess I hadn't heard of Evernight before, but am adding this to my list!

    Thanks for the intro!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  23. Christmas anthologies are very popular. Is it hard to write one? Do/Did you have a difficult time coming up with a story that didn't feel like the same old thing?

    Congrats on the release!


  24. Like everyone else I have a hard time waiting for this.

    The cover is great. I remember those fish net stockings.