Monday, December 27, 2010

Celebrating A New Release In Robin Leigh Miller's Elemental Challenges Series

Today we are celebrating Robin Leigh Miller's new release TEMPEST'S GIFT, the third book in her Elemental Challenges Series.

Robin resides in central Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, German Shepard Tae' and mutt hound Bailey. She now lives a quiet, subdued life in comparison to her younger years of dirt track racing in stock cars. An adrenaline junky, these days she enjoys putting her characters through their paces.

Action, adventure and a touch of paranormal can be found in her books. "Enter a world where anything can happen...and usually does" is her motto and reflects her writing style. Sometime the mundane can become insane. Take a walk on the wild side and join her heroins as they muttle through the twists and turns life throws at them. And of course, there's always the hunky guy to catch them when they fall.


TEMPEST'S GIFT - Book three in The Elemental Challenges Series by Robin Leigh Miller.

Christmas should have been an easy, relaxing holiday for Brian Burk. A time to spend with good friends and put his plan to seduce the hot tempered, sexy Tempest Proctor into action.

Sometimes Mother Nature pokes a sharp stick into plans and deflates them. Brian has had his hands full trying to keep roads clear and repair damaged buildings due to the strange weather pattern that settled itself over the county. Strong winds have been wreaking havoc, and Brian suspects Tempest Proctor knows something about it.

Being the guardian of the winds, she should be able to rescue the town. Except he finds her standing in the middle of a dark road with no coat and half frozen muttering to the blustering skies. Brian plops her into his truck and hauls her sexy ass to his home wanting answers and she isn't going anywhere until he gets what he wants.

Tempest Proctor lost control of her element. Her beloved winds won't respond and they're throwing the mother of all temper tantrums. On top of that strange things are happening to her. Steamy, erotic dreams plague her every night. That alone wouldn't really bother her, but the dreams feature the one and only Brian Burk. The one man she’s ever held any interest in. Add to that the painful tearing sensation inside her body from her elements power, and she can't think straight.

When Brian finds her standing in the middle of the storm and takes her to his home, her strange life spirals out of control. Her element has decided she and Brian shall come together. Tempest on the other hand isn't going to be forced into a relationship. Encasing them in a virtual snow globe and refusing to allow them to leave until they bond, Tempest is forced to face her feelings for Brian and her fear of passing along her gift. She soon discovers some gifts are meant to be shared and the sharing turns out to be the best part.


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  1. Hi Robin!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and congrats on your new book! I totally LOVE that cover - beautiful and the excerpt was fantastic can't wait to read the book.

    For those not familiar with the series, tell us how the books fit together and connect and if they should be read in any order.

    Also, are there more books scheduled for this series?

    Hope TEMPEST'S GIFT is your best seller yet!

  2. Thanks DeNita! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

    Tempest Proctor planned on having a quiet Christmas, so did Brian Burke, but when you're the gaurdian of the wind anything can happen and happen it does. Check out Tempest's Gift and find out how much fun giving can be!

    All the Elemental Challanges books can be read seperately, but you may get a better feel for the characters if they're read in order.

    The last book, Misty's story, is in the works. This story will be longer and all the Proctor sisters will bring their elements together for a big bang. That's all I can say about it now. (wink)

    I hope everyone enjoys Tempest's Gift and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Robin Leigh Miller

  3. Hi Robin, congratulations on the new release. After reading the excerpt, can't wait to read this book.

  4. Hi Robin, congratulations on the new release. After reading the excerpt, can't wait to read this book.

  5. What made to decide to write about the elements?

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  6. Hi Estella,
    That is a very good question. I guess in my very strange world everyone is connected to the earth in some way or another. So, take that one step further and wouldn't it make sense to have guardians to protect the elements,or maybe monitor them? And then of course you take threads from that concept and I am off and running. Originally I planned on only writing about fire, but as that first story unfolded in the outline stage the other elements forced their way in. :)
    Thanks for the question!

  7. Hi, Robin-

    Estella asked my question. I've only read one other series with characters who could manipulate the elements (by Rachel Caine).

    It's nice to get some variety.

  8. Ah Anne, variety is the spice of life. So many different ways to spin the elements into a hot romance story. I just love writing fiction. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Congratulations on your new release. I've not read any of the books yet but they sound very good.

  10. I read several of your books but not these as yet. Congrats on your release.
    debby236 at att dot net