Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebrating A New Paranormal IR From Charisma Knight

Today we're celebrating the release of REVEALING THORN, a new erotic paranormal IR release from Charisma Knight!

Charisma lives in the Maryland area with her darling daughters and her overactive imagination. Her love for vampires prompted her to pursue writing in March 2009.Vampires are her first love. Werewolves, ghosts, and dragons follow close behind. She writes of old or "cursed" souls who are reincarnated over the sands of time. Quite often these souls must atone for past sins they care not to remember before fulfilling their destinies.Her stories contain an erotic wild edge with a little fantasy sprinkled within. On occasion, one will discover some stories deal with real life situations. There are certain trials and tribulations everyone faces while walking down that cobblestone road called life. Charisma enjoys writing about how her characters triumph over the hurdles in their existence.


REVEALING THORN by Charisma Knight

Demon slayer Thorn Magnusson is paid a visit by Wolfe McCoy, leader of Bad Boys Inc, and coerced into accepting an assignment that will clear his record, for good. His mission is to protect sassy witch, Lena Hendrix from Dirik, a descendant of Grendel.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, Lena invoked feelings deep within Thorn he couldn't understand, or ignore. Their bond strengthens every moment they are together, and eventually he lowers his defenses, while continuing to harbor his dark secret. Who will protect Thorn's heart from the sensual vixen once she discovers his true identity?


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  1. This book sounds amazing. I love the name Thorn, that just screams hottness to me :) Congrats on the new releas and I need to add this book to my must read list

  2. Congratulations on your new release. I enjoy books with witches in them so I know I'll enjoy this book.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  3. Congrats on the new release, Charisma. I enjoy ghost and vampire stories the most.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  4. I've read your other books. Can't wait to read this one.

  5. Super congrats on the new release Charisma!!!

    I LOVED the excerpt and I too am a big fan of witches...and how fun to make her a descendant of Grendel!

    Is this a new world for you and will we see Thorn again?

    Also, this book is suppose to be one of a series released by Amira Press - of the Bad Boys Inc, is that right? Tell us more about the series.

    Best of luck with the release and I hope this is your biggest seller yet!!!

    Have fun!

  6. Congrats on your release, Charisma. I oved the excerpt.

  7. Hi Jolene~ Aw, thanks Jolene! Yes, that name Thorn has sexy alpha written all over! LOL Thank you for stopping by!

    Hi Linda~ Thank you so much. I plan to incorporate more witches in my future books. I hope you will enjoy, take care, and thanks for stopping by!

    Hola Abigail~ Thank you lady, I'm glad you enjoy them! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you're enjoying this weekend.

    Hiya Allie~ Thank you, i hope you will enjoy Thorn's tale.

    Hi Jane ~ Thank you! Yes, ghosts are cool. I love everything having to do with the paranormal. Vamps! Yess, totally hot!

    DeNita, my dear. Thank you for all your help and everything you have done. It's been a pleasure working with you.

    Thorn is part of the Bad Boys Inc anthology for Amira Press. I'm pleased to say other authors in this antho are Tressie Lockwood, E. Jamie, J.A. Saare, Dahlia Rose, and Candace Donovan.

    These stories centered around men accepting assignments by Bad Boy leader himself, Wolfe McCoy in order to clear their records. Dahlia Rose wrote "When Wolfe Calls," so that will give readers more insight to Wolfe, the leader. He's a shifter, and I just know everyone will love these stories.

    I also would like to add, at a much later date, all stories will be combined into a print book, and released. I don't know when, but I'm totally amped about this, as it will be my first print! Wahoo!

    I haven't had the chance to collect all these books yet, but will these weekend. Unfortunately, I don't get to read as often as I would like.

    Thank you all for stopping by. I posted this link on Amira Press yahoo grp, and I'm really hoping my fellow authors will come over and provide some insight to their books as well for the readers.

    Thanks, and God Bless!!


  8. Hi Tessa! Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. ; )

  9. DeNita, I've thought about bringing Thorn and Lena back. At first, I thought of showing what his existence was like before Lena by providing flashbacks.

    Lena and Thorn have a HEA, so perhaps I'll pick it up from there. Yes...This story can definitely be expanded, and they can battle the demons together. See, now the wheels are turning, because there are a few places in the story that leave an opening for another book.

    Wow, this is so exciting.


  10. Congrats!
    I love paranormal----and paired with erotic, priceless.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  11. Congrats Charisma On your new release!! I LOVE Paranormal soo i cant wait to read this one!!
    Love the Cover Too..very sexy

    Sandy B.

  12. Congratulations & HELLO!!! Thorn.

  13. Congratulations on your new release. I love paranormal books they are my favorite kind of books to read right now. Your book sounds very good.

  14. Sounds like a great book and love the cover.

    jessangil at gmail dot com


  15. I love the name Thorn! Books sounds amazing.

  16. OOOOOOoooo...this sounds very sexy and I love that cover, what a hard, intense looking hero and beautiful and sexy heroine!!

    I'm heading over to read the excerpt now, might need to make some reading time!

    Author Island is the best for hearing about new authors!

  17. Great cover and interesting looking book.

    How long did it take to complete this story??

    in Germany

  18. Great excerpt. The book sounds fantastic!
    debby236 at att dot net

  19. Congratulations Charisma your book sounds like a must read .Demon slayers and witches yum yum yum . I realy like the idea of old or "cursed" souls who have been reincarnated.Have a wonderful day.

  20. Has music inspired you to write a particular story or character?

  21. Estella~ Yes, I enjoy mixing erotica with the paranormal. Its so intriguing!Thank you for stopping by today!

    Sandy ~ Thanks so much. Yes, I'm loving the cover too. Anastasia Rabiyah is the fab cover artist!!

    Marybelle~ Hi, and how are you? Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

    Sherry ~ Thanks, I appreciate it, and hope you will enjoy!

    Jessica ~ Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

    Mary ~ Hey, thank you!

    Laurie Jo ~ I love his intense look too. Lena is as sassy in the story as she appears on the cover. LOL She gives Thorn a run for his money. Actually, they are both awesome characters. They're both rather stubborn! LOL

    Valerie ~ Thank you so much. This story was actually supposed to be part of a vampire Viking series I started seven months ago. I had written several chapters, and lost the flow, so I let it stew for a while. Well, Amira Press invited me to participate in this anthology back in July or so, and I changed Gunnar's name to Thorn. Gunnar was supposed to have been my vampire Viking. LOL So, I made a few changes to the story, and BAM! Thorn was born. LOL It took me a month or so to write this story because of other projects, edits, etc. I'm very happy with the finished product, and well...maybe soon I'll get the flow of my vampire Viking series. LOL

    Debby ~ Thank you! I really hope you will enjoy!

    Wanda F ~ Thank you so much. Yes, in a way, Thorn is cursed.Thank you, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday.

    Leni ~ Hi there! Yes, music has inspired me to write many of my characters. Neil Young's song, Cinnamon Girl was of great inspiration to me when I wrote the menage I just completed two days ago.

    Thorn wasn't inspired from music, but a love for Vikings. I've always loved the story of Beowulf and Grendel too, and fascinated by the different versions of this awesome story.

    I'm also intrigued by Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology and in my writing journey plan to add a little flavor of my own to the fab gods and goddesses we all know and love! ; )