Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrating A New Fantasy Release From Michelle Levigne

Today we're celebrating the release of Michelle Levigne's new fantasy romance THE WOLF THAT WAS.

A story addict since an early exposure to Dr. Seuss, award-winning author of over 30 novels and novellas, Michelle Levigne has been creating her own stories, heroes and adventures since junior high. She ventures into many sub-genres of science fiction, paranormal, romance and fantasy, including Greek mythology, Narnia spin-offs and her futuristic universe, the Commonwealth.

Michelle writes something for everyone! After all, since she likes to read all over the board, why not WRITE all over the board?


THE WOLF THAT WAS - Book 3 of Michelle Levigne's The Emerald Necklace series

Tirian grew up knowing she would inherit her mother's duties as village wise woman, but without inheriting her mother's magical gifts. It didn't help that her mother insisted Tirian herself was magic. When an enemy wizard killed her mother, she despaired of ever finding an answer to that puzzle.

Then she met Bran, a man cursed by that same wizard: a wolf by day and a man only by light of the waning moon. Forced to choose between her new friend and the villagers who would never truly love her, Tirian decided it was time to seek answers for them both. Their journey took them to Stonemount, where King Fallon feared his new queen conspired to steal his throne, and a lonely child waited to grow into the most powerful enchanter in the world.

Their search united them, but their answers could tear them apart forever. Could a wolf that was a man at heart, and the maiden with a wolf in her soul ever find a world that would let them simply be, much less be together?


WIN - Leave Michelle a question today at her Cyber Launch Party about her new book and your name goes in the hat for one of THREE prize packages complete with a baby werewolf, sampler CD and other goodies! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are one of today's winners!


  1. Morning Michelle!!!

    Super congrats on the new release! The publisher says this is the third book in your Emerald Necklace Series and your website says it's the sequel to your book BITTER SWEET - is it both?

    Tell us all about it and how it fits in your series.

    Thanks also for the fun prize packages you have up for grabs! Who wouldn't want a baby werewolf to adopt!

    Hope the new book is another bestseller for you!

  2. Congratulations on your new release .The Wolf That Was sounds like a fantastic read .I ll definately be reading it.I know you write many different types do you have a favorite sub-genre to write ?

  3. I love shifter books! And with fantasy thrown in the mix, your new book sounds fantastic!

    Is there a place we can read an excerpt of your new book? I didn't see one on your website.

  4. yes, Wolf is BOTH! It's actually a prequel to the Emerald necklace books - it explains how the Werelings came to be.

    And it is a sequel to Bitter Sweet because it gives evil King Fallon his just desserts!

  5. There's an excerpt on the Mundania site -- I don't have an excerpt posted yet.
    However .... those who get prizes today get a sampler CD, where I include the first chapter of every book either currently available or coming.

    As to the question of which sub-genre is my favorite .... I think fantasy. Especially where I take "conventions" such as Faerie of werewolves, and give you my own spin on it.

    On a side note: THE WOLF THAT WAS came about because Dan, the head of Mundania Press, commented to me that evil King Fallon just hadn't suffered enough for all the cruel things he did in BITTER SWEET, and I should do another book where his story gets some closure.

    I had this short story, titled "The Wolf That Was," about a wise woman and the man-wolf who came to her for help, and I thought, "Hmmm, this story could take place in the same fantasy world as BITTER SWEET," and from there I did a lot of brainstorming and came up with the novel.

    The Emerald Necklace books take place in the present, on Earth, dealing with Werelings children and a child wizard who are lost in our world. So WOLF ties BITTER SWEET into the Emerald Necklace stories -- sequel to the first, prequel to the second.

    Whaddaya think? Should I do more stories, either in the Emerald Necklace books, or maybe what happens to selfish, cold Queen Sorcha after she gets cursed?

    I had an idea for the third Emerald Necklace story -- Lara and Greg are together, Brody and Allison are together, but Aggie is still single. And considering she's the next Wereling chieftain, as her father's heir, she'll be pressured to take a husband/mate, most likely for political reasons. Think I should follow up on that? I was thinking of having a character show up kind of like that weird Robin Hood fruitcake in the first "Shrek" movie.

    Input, anyone?

  6. I have a soft spot regarding shifters, curses, and romance. It looks like you have the same fascination with them. What tales triggered this fascination for you?

  7. I honestly can't remember the root for my shifter stories. I know I've had shapeshifters of one kind or another in different "universes" I've played with and created. I had a shapeshifter in my fan fiction -- anybody remember the TV show, "The Phoenix"? I did some fan fiction where a shapeshifter aided him.

    Then there's my Hoveni, my shapeshifter race in my Commonwealth Universe SF series.

    Then the Werelings in this fantasy series/universe.

    I remember reading a series by Sherri Tepper, I think. Old stories that I picked up at the used bookstore -- the adventures of Mavin Many-shape, or something like that. But the heroine was a shapeshifter and basically set off into the wide, weird world on a quest and ran into odd characters and rescued people. I could only find 2 books, but there seemed to be a number of them -- could never find them. I wonder if they're available in e .....?

    Anyway, sometimes shapeshifters just "fit" the needs of a story. So I write them!

  8. Super Congrats Michelle on the release of "The Wolf That Was"!!!
    Love Love Love This Series!! :)) Cant wait to read it!

    Happy Holidays!!

    Sandy B.

  9. Hi Michelle!
    congrats on your release - haven't read your books yet, but The Wolf That Was sounds very interesting... and I really like the cover, did you have a say in choosing it?
    wish you all the best, Ina

    inale87 at gmx dot at

  10. Yeah, isn't it a COOL cover? Actually, Mundania (and quite a few small presses/e-pubs) does ask for lots of input or at least suggestions on the cover art. I suggested some way of showing the dual natures of both main characters, wolf and human, and this is what they gave me.

    Come to think of it, every cover I have with Mundania has been very close to something I suggested or asked for. They have great cover artists on staff!


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    Can't beat that, huh?

  12. Congrats on the new release, Michelle. I'm looking forward to reading all the books in your Emerald Necklace series.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  13. What's your favorite faerie tale?

    I'm starting up a series of short stories, tentatively titled "Future Magic," over at Writers Exchange/Readers Eden. Essentially, I'm taking a faerie tale and turning it into a science fiction romance short story.

    Right now, I have two stories: North to the Sun and South to the Moon (East of the Sun and West of the Moon) and Seven Swanns (Seven Swans) -- both are re-releases of shorts I used to have at New Concepts.

    But I need ideas for MORE stories to turn into science fiction romances.

    What are YOUR favorites? Besides the usual that everybody has turned into movies and whatnot already (Like Disney and other animators)?

    Let's have a discussion, and maybe even vote on what I should do next.

    I love faerie tales, don't you?
    Let's keep them alive by giving them a new spin on things!

  14. a big congrats on your new release Michelle.

    I'm glad you write different generes b/c we all don't like the same ones and we all get to read some when you do that.

    Keep on writing for us.


  15. I have to say I LOVEEE that cover and the concept behind the book osunds well awesome glad you wrote it did u have any say in the covrs of any of ur books

    deff be checking out ur hunt on ur page as well great post and congrats on the new book!

  16. Yep, I got to have some input on the cover for WOLF. Mundania is great that way -- they actually believe that authors know their books well enough to have a good idea of what would look good on the cover.

    So there's a questionnaire to fill out, to ask what we envision as the cover art, what matters in the book, that sort of thing. At least, that was the way it was done when the cover art was created a couple years ago ....

    I'm ALWAYS delighted with what the cover artists at Mundania give me. They "get" what works. Not like some other covers I've had, that had nothing whatsoever to do with the book, and gave a false impression about what readers would find. *sigh* I hate when that happens.

  17. Congrats on your new release.
    I love shifter books!

  18. Congratulations on your new release. I really enjoy stories with magic. I'll look forward to reading your story.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  19. Hi Michelle!
    Over 30 novels and novellas... that's amazing!!! I'll be putting the The Emerald Necklace series on my wishlist.

  20. Thanks, everybody, for coming to the Cyber Launch.

    I hope you enjoyed chatting about the book and the story behind it.

    Good luck on the prize drawing -- and remember, there are more prizes to try to win. Just visit my treasure hunt Monday through Friday until Christmas Eve --

    First thing tomorrow morning, I'll be loading the first page with the graphic you need to search for, and then moving it from one page to another until Friday. So keep hunting!

    Thanks for coming by.
    I'm shutting down for the night.
    Gotta get up bright and early and work on my next story -- a new short story in the All's Fae in Love and Chocolate collection, which will be re-released by Uncial Press next summer!

  21. Congratulations on your new release. This sounds like a very good book. Do you ever start a book intending it to be one genre and then when your writing it decide it will work better as a different genre?

  22. Congrats Michelle! I love the cover and the story sounds really good.

    jessangil at gmail dot com


  23. Congratulations on the new release, I cannot wait to read this! It sounds amazing. Love that cover.

  24. Hi again Michelle,

    I went to look for an excerpt on the Mundania site and couldn't find it there either. Can you post the direct link? I don't usually buy any book without reading an excerpt first, even when I know the author. I like to get a feel for the book first.



  26. I only receintly heard of Michelle Levigne here, and haven't heard about this series. This story sounds promising, but is it a stand-alone? Congrats on the Launch Party (even during the Holiday weekend).