Thursday, October 3, 2013

Celebrating Sandra K. Marshall's Latest Release

All day today, on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Sandra K. Marshall's latest release!

THE CATALYST by Sandra K. Marshall

The Riverboat Mysteries

 Dark revelations and secret love lead to personal resurrection. 

Carolyn Madison didn't kill her husband but didn't mourn him either. The rapist deserved to die, or at least she thought so. Beneath a myriad of family secrets, Carolyn drags the skeletons out of the closet and in the arms of her true love, learns to love again.

Walt Tollhouse has pined for Carolyn since she was a shy seventeen-year-old. Little did he know Robert Dubois would steal her away, and then destroy the beautiful spirit he still loved?
Beneath the guise of clean-up man, the martial arts instructor never pushes his battered love but gives her the silent support she deserves.


Sandra K. Marshall grew up in the mid-west in a small farming community where she belonged to 4-H. When she was thirteen, her family moved to, Lawrence, Kansas, the town where the University of Kansas thrived. After high school, she traveled to California to live with a friend and to find a job. She became very homesick and returned home. 

She worked for a major airline for thirty-six years and did extensive travel during that period. It was a lovely time in her life working for a wonderful company. In 1999 she retired to write full time and worked seriously toward publication.  

In 2008, she had her first book published, and then her second one in 2009. Shortly after her publisher closed their doors, and she immediately moved to a new publisher. She is still with the publisher and has had three books and a novella published with them. She has just contracted a short story with them titled Hitting Bottom, and is working on another short one.

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  1. Good morning Sandra and super congrats on your latest release! Please tell us more about it and about your Riverboat Mysteries.

    What's up next for you?

    Thanks for the great giveaway today and I hope you have a wonderful time here and over at our Facebook event for you today! Here's wishing you many sales!! Have fun!

  2. Thank you for having me, Author Island.

  3. Hi Sandra your book sounds really good and I can't wait to read it. You would be a new author to me because I have not read your work before. What genre of books do your read most? Thanks for sharing your book with us and for the great giveaway.

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

    1. Hi Quilt Lady,
      I read a lot of different genres, but I like romantic suspense the best. However, if a historical has suspense I can really enjoy it.

  4. Happy release! What was your favorite place to travel to?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Oh my gosh, bn100, I loved every place I went to. There was something special about all of them. I loved Jamaica in February when we had over a foot of snow on the ground. Ireland and Hong Kong were both fun. There was so much to see in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Australia. I think our country is best though, and I've been lots of places in the good old USA. Smile!

  5. Hi Sandra, congratulations on your new release. I'm going to love Walt, great name.

    How many books are planned for THE RIVERBOAT MYSTERIES?


    1. There was something about the name, Walt, that grabbed for this character. There are two more books; one is Addiction, and it's already out at Amazon. Then there is The Deceived, which will be the last one. I have a short story that ties into the Riverboat mysteries that hasn't come out yet.

  6. Love the idea of the book. Some men are meant to be the strong ones and some think they need to bully to be strong! :)

    daringzoey at

    1. Melissa, Walt is strong, so he doesn't need to prove it. He's ex-CIA.

  7. Hi Sandra,
    Congratulations on your newest release! Looking forward to this exciting adventure. :)

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Mary Preston is the winner of the $10.00 gift card from Amazon. I'll send it to you using your email address, Mary. Thank you for commenting here on my event day.