Friday, October 25, 2013

Celebrating Freya's Bower and Wild Child Publishing's Latest Releases

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the latest releases for Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower!

QUEN NIM by Steve Shilstone

Book 7 The Bekka Chronicles

Nimble Missst, shapeshifting Cloud Castle City princess, rages against her betrothal to the ridiculous Blossom Prince, Zootch. Reluctantly bound to duty, she agrees to go through with the marriage, but always in her snapjaw mind she devises plans of escape. On the day the vows are to be exchanged, her startling violet eyes flash in disbelief when she learns that Zootch has fled Blossom in terror, saying he’s always been afraid of Nimble Missst. Newly enraged, she sets off in hot pursuit of the prince. It becomes a game of hide and seek, pitting the snapjaw mind of Nimble Missst against the surprising cleverness of Zootch.


Myra Winslet has her hands full. Her three little girls specialize in drama, the old man next door believes he's a Civil War spy, her boss is a tyrant, and her wannabe-rock-star ex-husband expects her to support him and his "art." The last thing she needs is to get involved with a hot former army captain who barely talks and never smiles. ...

Jess Flint, ex-demon child, isn't welcome in Crooked River, Ohio. Only his grandpa's declining health could lure him back to his old hometown. He sure can't afford to fall for with his dimple-cheeked neighbor, Myra. No matter how tempted he is by her sweet disposition, excellent legs, and mind-blowing chicken 'n' dumplings.

But, heck, he should at least be neighborly. He should at least take her out a time or two, comfort her when she's sad, and straighten out her ex-husband and boss. He should at least kiss her. Yes, he should definitely kiss her.

In fact, he should probably try to convince Myra--an angel for sure--that she belongs with the ex-demon child who sneaks her kids too many popsicles and can't quite carry his end of a conversation. It's the neighborly thing to do.


PHOENIX NIGHTS by Tracy Holohan 

He's naked, desperately sick, and battered. Worst of all, he has no idea where he is or how he got there. He can't seem to find his clothes, wallet, or telephone, and a peek out the window to a weed-filled parking lot tells him that his car seems to be missing, as well. The filthy red shag carpet and mirrored ceiling are clues that Mike Sanders, a well known T.V. cable chef and co-star of the Cooking with Dr. Julie show is in a fair amount of trouble.

Being the unabashed mama's boy he is, he picks up the telephone to call his co-host psychologist mom, the fiery Dr. Julie. The gruff voice from the front desk informs him that his mom is already on the way, but before Mike can ask how the heck she knew where he was, the police arrive with more questions than he has answers for. It seems they found his vintage 300ZX crashed in a dusty, dry Phoenix river bed with all his clothes on the driver's seat and a sexy black sheath draped across the passenger's. It's more than Mike bargained for when he offered to help his private detective twin brother Alex on a routine stakeout.


TIN ROOF by Terri Talley Venters

 In the sequel to Carbon Copy, Lilly Allen returns to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, to be closer to her mother, help with her injured brother, and heal from the disappearance of her fiancé Grier Garrison. While she awaits Grier's return, she busies herself with her mansion renovations, her best friend's wedding, and her job as a news reporter. ...

But even her busy schedule cannot stem the worry over her brother's persistent amnesia and changes in personality. Is he her real twin? Or did they rescue a clone?

On top of this, the months of pining without a word from Grier begin to take their toll. She finds herself growing closer to her favorite cameraman, Joe. His confession of undying love, followed by a passionate kiss, has her questioning how much longer she can wait, and whether she wants to.

To further complicate matters, two unrelated news stories drag her into the seamy underbelly of the Charleston Police Department where murder and drugs are common occurrences.

In the chaos of a hurricane, another body washes ashore, and Lilly comes face-to-face with the murderer.



Trapped on a planet not their own, the Petiri spend their lives hiding the natural gifts that set them apart from the world. They live long and unfulfilled lives, unable to find their soul mates on this backward planet known as Earth. That is until the night Ramose comes face to face with Tamara, a woman whose gifts rival his own. Determined to find why this human is in possession of an ancient magical Petiri relic, he arranges a meeting. ...

But Tamara, embittered from past events, is wary despite lifelong dreams of Ramose and a sure knowledge he is her soul mate. Before long the couple find themselves ensnared in a battle that has raged for millennia in Egypt's desert. Set, Egyptian God of Chaos, is determined to take his just due: the throne of Osiris.

The only way to stop him is for Ramose to put his trust in Tamara, but, first, he must gain the same from her. The ensuing sensual relationship is filled with romance, lust and love. Their relationship is tested by an unnatural evil. Will her powers over fire, combined with his ice be enough to win the day? Or will the ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt destroy more than just their love?


THE COST OF REVENGE by Dorothy A. Bell
A Laura Creek Novel...

Quinn O'Bannon knows it's time he settled down. He has two likely candidates, both sensible, attractive, young women. However, his fantasies keep straying to Tru McAdam, that thieving, sloe-eyed vixen with the grudge against the whole darn O'Bannon family.

Tru McAdam wants to believe the O'Bannons, all of them are rotten, heartless cheats. God help her, most of all she wants to believe the handsome, arrogant flirt Quinn O'Bannon is the worst of the lot.

When destiny shuffles the cards, strange pairs show up in the hand. Who can fight destiny, not the handsome, flirtatious Quinn O'Bannon, not the thieving, sloe-eyed vixen, Tru McAdam.



For Emily Waters, a nature-loving, small-town girl with an overprotective father, heading off to Boston University to study conservation biology is a dream come true—until a chance encounter catapults her into a mythical world she'd do anything to escape. ...

The latest victim in a rash of abductions near campus, Emily is brutally attacked before being rescued by a powerful new friend. She survives the ordeal, only to find herself held captive and presented with an impossible choice.

While preparing for the unimaginable life she must now embrace, clues soon emerge that Emily may not be entirely human, and her physical transformation awakens goddess-like powers that her new family cannot begin to explain.

Dealing with her human first love, the not-so-platonic relationship with her coven "sister," and her new vampire sort-of-boyfriend further complicates matters, not to mention being secretly hunted by the psychopaths who attacked her. And as the only known offspring of a once all-powerful race, the climactic battle is just the beginning of her journey.


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  3. Some great books here! And thanks so much for spotlighting Visions of Fire & Ice! If you're ready to meet new gods, and learn about Egypt, this is a series for you. :) Add in a little paranormal, and a little science fiction, and I think it's a perfect mix!

  4. Congratulations to all of the authors, especially Tracy Holohan! Looking forward to reading Phoenix Nights!

  5. Congrats to AnnaMarie! Your name was drawn as our winner! Keep your eyes open for your gift certificate from Wild Child Publishing!