Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrating Evernight Teen's Releases

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating some fantastic releases from Evernight Publishing's new Teen Line!

Evernight Publishing publishes quality romance and erotic romance for your e-reader. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of books from classic contemporary romance to alternative and erotic. There's something for everyone, and many of our titles are also available in print.

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Evernight Teen

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BLOOD HEX by Erin Butler

Two girls. Four centuries. One curse.

Isabella started it—all because a boy fell in love with her—but it ends with Sarah.

Isabella and Thomas meet in secret during the witching hours while the rest of the villagers hide behind locked doors. And even though Isabella's scared, she wants Thomas more. He'll protect her from the night, from his father who'll decide her future, and from the paranoia-fueled hunting parties taking away innocents.

Centuries later, seventeen-year old Sarah runs away to an aunt she never knew she had. Her dad? Dead. Her mother? A liar. She wants the memories of a father she never got, but instead, discovers her father's death wasn’t innocent. Everyone—the Wiccans, the townies, even her quasi-boyfriend—is hiding something. The history-rich town has a secret they will kill to keep, entangling Sarah into a centuries old witch curse.


DISINTEGRATE by Christine Klocek-Lim

Emily just wanted a normal life: a boyfriend, college, two parents who loved her. Instead, her dad disappeared when she was fourteen and her life at college is anything but ordinary.

When you can manipulate matter like putty and you have no idea why, how do you pretend to be like everyone else? What happens when you meet a guy who has the same powers? Do you trust him to help you find the answers you need?

Emily desperately wants to believe that Jax can help, but the stakes grow higher than she’d ever expected: someone is after them and they’re not afraid to use violence to get what they want.



ELYSIUM by Sylah Sloan

Meadow Caldwell is about to learn a very dark secret about herself.

When she is taken away from the only family she has ever known and thrust into the world of the paranormal, she learns not everything or everyone is what it seems.

Arcane Manor, a school for creatures of myth and lore, is all Meadow knows now. The only person she can rely on is herself in this strange, new world, especially with the secret of her true identity.

When Dr. Cadeon Frost, an enigmatic vampire, helps her unravel her past, Meadow finds herself falling for the quiet, intelligent doctor.

When she is thrust out of reality and into the arms of a mysterious man, she is trapped between the world she knows and one that nightmares are made of. It is up to her to stop not only an evil that threatens her, but everyone she cares for.




Every 300 years, the immortal Phoenix returns to Mono Lake to be reborn—but this time it didn't return alone.  The Nephilim are back in force, trying to keep it from being reborn so one of them can claim its immortality. But first they have to figure out who the Phoenix is—and any red-haired, green-eyed, seventeen-year-old in the area is fair game. And so, the killing begins...

Julie Mason doesn't believe all this legend crap until she falls for Eli Sullivan, whose hallucination-inducing kiss not only saves her, but makes her the Nephilim’s prime target. But, it's worth the risk. Her death is inevitable...not even Eli can prevent it.  All she has to do is keep the Nephilim off Eli’s trail until The Rising. Once Eli is reborn and forgets his past life, Julie’s life is over, whether she’s dead or not. At least that's what she thinks...



SHRAPNEL by Stephanie Lawton

“Stephanie Lawton is a writer to watch in the YA genre.  Shrapnel kept me turning pages as quickly as I could!”—USA Today Best-selling author Cynthia Eden

"Shrapnel is a dark, twisted ghost story with the richness of a Southern Gothic and a super seductive romance that leaves you dying for more." Jennifer Dee,

It’s been six years since Dylanie and her family visited a Civil War site and the place came alive with cannon fire. Problem was, no one could hear it but her.

Now she’s sixteen, her dad’s moved out, her mom’s come out of the closet and Dylan’s got a spot on Paranormal Teen, a reality TV show filming at historic Oakleigh Mansion. She’ll spend a weekend with two other psychic teens—Jake and Ashley—learning how to control her abilities.

None of them realized how much their emotional baggage would put them at the mercy of Oakleigh’s resident spirits, or that they’d find themselves pawns in the 150-year-old battle for the South’s legendary Confederate gold. Each must conquer their personal ghosts to face down Jackson, a seductive spirit who will do anything to protect the gold’s current location and avenge a heinous attack that destroyed his family.



SLAYER FOR HIRE by P.E. Cunningham

Nineteen-year-old Billie Eshleman loves the TV show Slayer for Hire, and has a major fangirl crush on its hunky star, Dylan Garber. When the show comes to her home town to film a movie version, it’s her greatest dream come true. Unfortunately, she’s not the only fan trying to crash the set. A real vampire has fixated on the fictitious “slayer,” and is determined to make Dylan her mate—like, for the rest of eternity.

With help from Dylan’s co-star, Matt—an actor with vampire-related secrets of his own—it’s up to Billie to keep her idol from joining the ranks of the undead long enough to finish the movie. And, incidentally, keep herself alive in the process.



UNRAVELED by S.X. Bradley

"Debut author Bradley’s engrossing, emotionally gripping young-adult mystery/suspense novel explores the effect of a murder on a victim’s family...A heartbreaking, impeccably plotted mystery."—Kirkus Reviews

Sixteen year old math whiz, Autumn, spends her days reading about serial killers and dreaming of becoming an FBI Profiler. She never dreams her first case will be so personal. Her world is shattered when she comes home from school and discovers her murdered sister’s body on the living room floor. When the initial evidence points to a burglary gone wrong, Autumn challenges the police’s theory because of the personal nature of the crime. Thinking that finding the killer will bring her family back together, she conducts her own investigation using her affinity for math and forensics, but her plan backfires and her obsession with the case further splinters her family.

When her investigation reveals the killer is someone she knows, Autumn offers herself up as bait and sets a dangerous trap to unmask his true nature and to obtain a confession for her sister’s murder.


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  1. Welcome Evernight Teen Authors and super congrats on your new releases!

    Please tell us more about books and let us know how we can learn more about you.

    I see a lot of paranormal romances here - right up my alley! I can't wait to learn more and to read these excerpts!

    Have fun today and I'm raising my coffee mug to wish you all many, many sales!

  2. These sound intriguing. Did you have to do a lot of research?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi! That's a fantastic question. I did an absolutely insane amount of research for Phoenix: The Rising. I LOVED the idea of the Phoenix, so I researched the legend in different cultures. In one, Phoenix is a fallen angel. That got me thinking about the Nephilim in Genesis 6. When I reread that part of the Bible, the word "giant" jumped out at me, and I wondered if there was a Native American legend about giants. I simply googled Native American Legends, got a list, and worked my way through it until I hit paydirt. When I read the short Paiute legend called The Lady and the Giant, everything clicked and I could see all three legends woven together, which resulted in the legend you read in chapter three of Phoenix: The Rising. I researched the Paiutes of California and their language, found my location and the perfect spot for the Phoenix's rebirth, and my story was born!

    2. Hey! Thanks for the question. For Blood Hex, I did tons of research. Part of my story takes place in the 1600's so I had to make sure all the historical aspects of the time period were correct. Little things that you normally wouldn't think about when you're writing in the present time like what kind of clothes they wore, what they ate, where they slept were all of a sudden so important! I did a lot of my research with children's books because I needed just a general knowledge and most of them had pictures, which was good for visualizing.

  3. Hey, DeNita! Bette Maybee here, author of Phoenix: The Rising. Thank you so much for featuring our growing team today! A little about myself: I've lived most of my life in Iowa with my hubby,Tim, eating corn-on-the-cob and tipping cows. (JK—I've never tipped a single cow, although I do moo at them whenever I get a chance!) I have three fantastic kids, Allison, John, and Tim, and am a mother-in-law (the good kind) to Tim’s beautiful wife, Pippi. After surviving a fifteen-year career as a middle school Science and Language Arts teacher, for which I deserve a MEDAL (come on high-schoolers, you know I'm right!), I now spend my days assisting university faculty, who, thank goodness, don’t have a habit of doing the gallon challenge as my former charges did and are easily tamed with a bowl of Jolly Ranchers. Phoenix: The Rising is my first published novel and won't be my last!

    I absolutely LOVED writing PHOENIX: THE RISING and am totally in love with my characters, especially Eli **drool**, Julie, and bad-asses Charsey, Kas, Remy and Lucy! Here's another little teaser featuring the delightfully wicked Lucy...

    Six miles outside of Bishop, Dan Penemue pulled into a deserted rest stop. "Make it fast. We only have a couple hours before sunrise. All Hell's gonna break loose as soon as they discover the mess we left. I wanna be sleeping in my own bed with my alibi when they do."

    Lucy staggered over to the restroom, pulled the string to the overhead lightbulb, and locked the door. She fought the urge to retch as she yanked the blood-soaked hoodie over her head and threw it by the stool. Dan would get rid of it later with his own. Turning on the faucet, she plunged her hands into the stream of icy water, and watched as the color changed. A spiral of crimson swirled around the drain, and eventually faded back to plain water as she washed the last bit of the girl's blood from her hands.

    My first kill, she thought bitterly. Dan considered it an honor, even if it was just taking care of a "loose end". Killing a suspected Fire-Child was one thing, but this girl was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. An innocent. Even knowing that, it amazed her at how easily she did it. Her hand trembled only slightly. All she could think of as she slid that blade across the girl's throat was her birthright. Immortality...

    Thanks again, DeNita! I'd love to answer any questions you or your readers might have!


  4. So many stories, I love the creativity you all have. Does it take a long time to come up with your stories? Or does a storyline just pop into your head and you just run with it?

    1. Gaia--Ideas constantly pop into my head! (I even have a tablet by my bed at night to keep track of them.) Anything can spur an idea...a 30 year old love letter, a news story, a street sign, a get the idea. Like Christine, I normally have a scene, get it written down and then develop the story from there, normally writing a 3-5 page synopsis (not a bonafide outline for me). Although I initially intend to stick with the synopsis, the story, dialogue, and characters take me places I never dreamed I'd end up! I love going back and looking at my original synopsis just to see how different/similar my final story ends up being. For Phoenix: The Rising, I took over a month to do research before I wrote the whole synopsis. I wrote the legend first (check out chapter three)which I fully intended on using as a prologue, and the ending scene next. Then, I concentrated on the first chapter and went on from there.

    2. Hi Gaia! My idea for Blood Hex came together in two different ways. I had the idea for the witch first, which was born from me watching a show on the History Channel. The show was about prophecies predicting when the world would end. The narrator happened to mention a prophetess that lived in England during the 1500's, Mother Shipton. The townspeople thought this woman was so weird that they actually believed her to be a witch. I was intrigued by her, so she sparked the idea for my entire novel.

      The second came only a couple weeks later when my husband and I were driving back home from somewhere and noticed an estate sale. We stopped in to look around and I found the desk of my dreams! It's an antique spinet desk and it's so beautiful. The desk got me thinking about history, and what kind of life that old desk had seen. Who used it? What did they write on it? That sort of thing. I was so wrapped up in this concept that I wrote the desk into my story along with the idea that maybe objects could hold elements from the past. (By the way, we left the estate sale without the desk, but my husband went back and bought it for me as a surprise!)

  5. Wow, what a wonderful list of books and everyone a new author for me to discover! I'm off to read the excerpts :)

    1. Sharon--Thanks so much for stopping by! I have a few other excerpts for Phoenix: The Rising (including the legend I spoke of above)on my blog: Would love to have you stop by and take a look!

  6. Hi everyone, Christine Klocek-Lim here. So happy to be at the party!

    Gaia, the one thing I don't have trouble with is coming up with ideas. I usually have too many ideas and no time to write them all down! That said, I tend to come up with an initial idea (a scene, a character, a conflict) and then start writing, trusting my muse to let me know what's going to happen next. Sometimes I'll write an outline and sometimes I'll just fly by the seat of my pants. I have a list on my phone where I type in new ideas when they pop into my head (during grocery shopping, cleaning, traveling, etc.).

  7. Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to be here at Evernight Teen's release party with my fellow authors and readers! I'm Erin Butler, author of Blood Hex. You can reach me at a few different places and I hope that you do. I love to hear from readers!

    Twitter: @ErinButler

  8. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and thanks to the wonderful authors who took time to stop in, answer questions and tell us more about their books!

    Congrats to Gaia Amalija - Your name was drawn as our winner! Evernight Teen will be contacting you soon with your $10 Gift Certificate, so keep your eyes open.