Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Celebrating Erin Nicholas' Release Day

Today, on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we are celebrating Erin Nicholas' release day for a sexy and fun new book in her popular Bradfords Series!

JUST FOR FUN by Erin Nicholas

There’s having fun… And then there’s falling in love.

The Bradfords, Book 4

It was a chance meeting, a spontaneous, hot moment, a never-to-be-repeated encounter. So when the gorgeous redhead he knows only as Sugar walks into the bar and heads straight for him, Doug “Dooley” Miller knows he’s in trouble. But he’s sure not going to mind.

She needs a date to some swanky something-or-other. He’s a fish-sticks-and-denim guy, but for a woman who’s not afraid to get naughty in an elevator, he can stand a couple days of smoked salmon and Armani.

Morgan James admits she doesn’t really know Doug, but she needs him to keep her mind—and hands—off her ex. A man who, despite the fact he stole her ideas, she’s afraid could charm her into repeating her mistakes. Only Doug can make her forget the weasel exists. Besides, it’s just this one time.

What started as not even a one-night stand has Dooley feeling things that he’s never felt before. And that’s outside of the bedroom. Don’t even get him started on what’s happening between the sheets. Why does he have a feeling that, as far as flings go, they’re doing something wrong? Then again, if they’re falling in love, they might just be getting that right.

Warning: Contains a woman who knows what she wants, a man who knows what he doesn’t want, and a proposition that shows them both that they’ve never really wanted anything like this before.


Erin has been reading romance since her mom first let her into her book cupboard when Erin was about fourteen. LaVyrle Spencer, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber... they took Erin's 'happily ever after' ideas from animated princesses to real people in the real world.

She's been writing romance almost as long. Many a family car trip was spent with her head bent over a spiral notebook in the back seat. She'll confess that her very first attempts at fiction were fantasy and paranormals, influenced by her father's love of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original Alice in Wonderland. If Harry Potter had been around, Erin's sure he would have been on the bedtime story shelf as well.

But it wasn't long until Erin started writing about true love and that's where she's been ever since.

She's so thrilled to be able to share these stories with you and hopes that they make you smile, sigh, maybe even choke up a little. Most of all, She hopes that they help you believe in magical things like first kisses, the spark of passion, and the power of true love.

Erin loves to hear from readers! Please write her at Erin@ErinNicholas.com

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  1. Happy Release Day Erin!!

    Been so excited about your newest Bradfords book - it sounds like a super fun and sexy story! And anyone who hasn't read your free read - JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT - needs to do so!

    For those not familiar with your Bradfords Series, can you tell us more about it and how the books connect?

    I know you have a lot of fun stuff going on for the release of this book, like interviews with the hero - can you tell us abou that?

    Thanks for the fun contests and giveaways today - hope you enjoy your cyber launch party and I hope JUST FOR FUN is your biggest seller yet!

  2. Happy Release Day! Looking forward to reading the series!

  3. First contest for a copy of JUST RIGHT by Erin Nicholas in any e-format...

    Read the excerpt from JUST RIGHT over on www.ErinNicholas.com to find out what Ben wants from his bet with Jessica at the bar.

    A winner will be drawn at 2pm est - Good Luck!

  4. Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! We're giving away all kinds of stuff today! Thanks for having me DeNita!

    As for the Bradfords... :) The first three books came out in 2010 and told the stories of the Bradford siblings Jessica, Sam and Sara. But in those books we also meet Sam's best friends and members of his ambulance crew, Mac, Dooley (Doug), and Kevin.

    In Just My Type, the 3rd book, Mac and Sara BOTH find love-- with each other :) Which left two bachelors standing. They aren't technically Bradfords but they're definitely part of the family! I wanted to give Dooley and Kevin stories-- but just didn't know who their perfect women would be. Then after two years of getting e-mails from readers and talking to my editor, I knew I had to figure it out! *G* Thus Just For Fun and Just A Kiss came to be!

    And yes, I have an interview with the guys running. It's in four parts, on four blogs, over a few days. It started out as an interview with just Dooley about his book but, as always happens with this crew, it turned into more! :)

    You can read the first part here: http://www.stella-exlibris.com/2012/07/interview-with-erin-nicholas-bradford.html

    And the second part here: http://erinnicholas.blogspot.com/

    Then follow along on Thursday for parts three and four!

    Thanks for reading!!

  5. Congratulations Erin on the release of Just For Fun! Woo-hoo! I've been waiting a long time for this! Super-excited! Love the Bradfords. So glad that you are continuing this series.

    So my question to you is who is your favorite guy character out of the Bradford series and why? I simply can't pick one as they're all delish! ;)

    ninaXreader @ gmail dot com

  6. Question 2..for a copy of JUST LIKE THAT in any e format..read the excerpt for it at Erin's website to find out what Dani was doing when she falls and breaks her wrist.

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  7. Hey Erin! *Stella waves* Wishing you a very happy release day!! You made me (and I bet) so many fans happy when you announced there would be 2 more Bradford novels :-D

    I have read and LOVED all of the Bradford books (still have to read the novella), so I'll leave the chance to someone else.

    My question would be: Erin, I know all the heroines are wonderful and so much fun (otherwise they wouldn't be your characters), but which girl do you think you could become real good friends in real life?

    Big hugs and congrats again!! :-D

  8. Happy Release Day, Erin and thanks so much for the free book.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  9. Hi, Nina! People ask me this all the time and I can NOT pick one! I love them each for different reasons! But I will say I had a ton of fun writing Dooley. Loved discovering there was more to him :)

    Hi, Stella my love! Thank you, thank you! I love this question! I would love to hang out with any of the girls, of course, but the one I have the most in common with and could be close to is Jessica :) (Just Right). But I will say that I really enjoyed getting to know and write Eve-- the heroine in Just A Kiss! She and I understand each other very well ;)

    Thanks for stopping!

  10. Question 3...for a coopy of JUST MY TYPE in any e format, read the except for that book. to find out the two things Sara has never done. leave your answers as a comment along with your email adress...a winner will be picked and announced tomorrow...good luck

  11. Just wanted to stop by and wish Erin a happy launch day! I've read and reviewed every one of the books in this series but Just For Fun is my absolute, hands down favorite. I love Dooley so much it isn't even funny! Congrats Erin!!!

  12. Question 3...To get your name in the hat for a copy of Erin's new release JUST FOR FUN, read the excerpt for it on Erin's website to find out what Morgan needs from Doug while they are in Chicago....leave you answer along with yor email address. A winner will be picked tomorrow.

    1. Morgan needs Doug to be her date while they are in Chicago. She needs a date who will be polite during the day and be downright indecent at night or in other words, a fun, hot, crazy and no strings attached affair ;)

      email: ninaXreader at gmail dot com

  13. Congrats to Nina T and Jane! Thanks for leaving your email addresses, Erin will be contacting you with a copy of one of her books!