Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrating Some June Releases For JMS Books

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're spotlighting some of the June releases from JMS Books!


At fifteen, JT Pierce was the star of a hit TV show and had the world in his hands. Every teeny-bopper magazine had his face on it; every teenage girl had his poster on her wall. But then the show went on hiatus, and JT wouldn’t lower himself to bit parts or commercials. Slowly, his star faded from view.

Seven years later, JT is Johnny Thomas, who hopes to jumpstart his career by hiring his former manager, Lou Merrin. He wants to do serious movies, a huge blockbuster or two, and claim one of those coveted Oscars for himself. But Lou cautions Johnny about the paparazzi, who can make or break a star these days, and he’s heard rumors of Johnny’s sexuality that might prevent him from landing those coveted leading roles.

Still, Johnny’s nothing if not persistent, and he swears he’ll play it straight. Until he meets Brett, a photographer who turns his life -- and his heart -- upside down. Suddenly the celebrity gossip website Z-23 seems to have exclusive pictures of Johnny, and someone close to him leaks information about an audition that was supposed to be kept quiet. When photographs surface that Johnny thought were taken in confidence, he realizes he must choose between the career path Lou offers him and the love he wants to share with Brett.



For months, office worker Kevin Lawrence has carried a torch for Joey Goldman, head driver at the haulage company where they both work. One rainy night, Kevin slips and falls on a patch of motor oil and Joey is there to catch him.

Despite being damaged both emotionally and physically from previous relationships, Kevin is helplessly drawn to the dominant trucker. Joey’s muscles and rugged good looks means he never has trouble finding men to take to bed. But no man has managed to get under his skin ... until Kevin.

Life for Joey soon becomes complicated. He isn’t out to his family, but feels an increasing need to be Kevin’s Sir -- to love, protect and guide his submissive lover.

Can Joey and Kevin make the journey together, or will outside forces and internal fears cause them to travel in opposite directions?



Book 2 in the My Strange Little Oasis trilogy

Go, the voice of the spirit whispers to Ren Gallagher.

Ren fears he will only be rejected at The Oh Aces due to his disfigured face, but yearns for relief from the suicidal depression and social isolation he is sure will kill him in time.

At The Oh Aces Ren finds its members, The Aces, are like brothers, and share such a blazing sexual bond they happily “eat together and then eat one another.” To his surprise, what he doesn’t find is rejection.

However, a gifted psychic named Andy wants more than just sex with Ren. He wants to win Ren’s love by helping him out of the abyss of his depression. But Ren soon fears he has a stalker of the worst kind: one who wants his body and invades his mind.


OTHER LANDS by Steve Nugent

Jack Mitchell is troubled by dark memories of his past, unable to accept his own sexuality. Skeptical of help offered through religion and psychology, he rejects the love of his partner, Peter, and scorns any attempts to alter his situation.

Then he returns to the country where he grew up, the source of his haunting troubles, where an unexpected encounter points him toward a resolution.

This story appears in the author's print collection, ATTRACTIONS.


COLD HANDS, WARM HEART by Vincent Diamond

When Byron Reese infiltrated a big cat refuge in north Florida, he knew undercover work wasn't all fun and games. But now the case is over, the arrests have been made, and yet ...

And yet he's still here at the refuge, working with Kendall, sleeping with Kendall, and maybe, just maybe, falling for Kendall.

This story appears in the author's print collection, Rough Cut.


Check out the full list of JMS Books' June Releases HERE!

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  1. I want to welcome all the authors and send them a great big congrats on their new releases!

    Please pop in and tell us about your new books and a bit about yourselves and what other projects you have going on, as well.

    Sounds like some really interesting books - I can't wait to check them out!

    Thanks to JMS Books for offering up our winner their choice from all of your June releases! That's so very awesome and a great way to sample some new to us authors!

  2. Great selection of stories there!

    My question is for all the authors, do any of you write m/f or do you only write m/m?

    Heading over to read the excerpt for these now. Best of luck with all your books!

  3. Loving the selection of books you just released and have added several to my wish list.

    Steven Kerry, has your book have a paranormal twist to it? It sounds like a bit of a suspense too.

  4. Congratulations to the authors on their new releases. I don't have any questions, but I appreciate the variety of story lines.

  5. Congratulations to all of the authors on their new releases. Who is your must read authors? Do any of you ever use people you know as characters in your books? Do you use real place or make them up?

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  6. Good afternoon, All.

    Where do you get your inspirations for the featured books? How closely did you work with the artists?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  7. This is foe Steven Kerry....your book sounds super intriguing and I love stories with scarred heroes. What was the first book in this series and what do you have planned for the rest of the series?

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  8. I'd like to know if Vincent Diamond is going to do a novel length book with Richter and Tanner.

  9. That is a great line up for June, especially as I a unfamiliar with a couple of the authors. Always good to add to my list.


  10. Tucker and Pup attracted me before and now I see it here. How hard is it to run your own company? I bet it is very satisfying.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  11. This question is about Beautiful Liar. I have been thinking about being a gay celebrity. Did you model JT after a specific celebrity?

  12. Since our authors haven't stopped by, I thought I'd pop in and answer a few questions!

    KATIE ~ JMS Books only publishes gay and lesbian fiction. Many of our authors are gay men who don't write m/f because that's simply not something they know.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. SHERRY ~ My must read authors are favorites I've had for years, such as Stephen King, Tom Robbins, and Margaret Atwood. Definitely different from the gay erotic romance I write!

    As for my characters, while they might inspired by various people I know (or know of), they tend to be a conglomerate of several different personalities and eventually take on a life of their own!

    My contemporary stories are all set in very real places. Many are set in Richmond, Virginia, where I live, or in places I've visited during my life. It's rare I'll write a story set in a real place I've never been to before.

  15. TRACEY ~ We limit our featured books to five titles each month to make it easier to promote. We publish anywhere between 12 and 20 e-book titles a month, so it would be a very long blog post if we listed them all!

    Usually I try to pick different authors to spotlight each month. When publishing a title, I work closely with the author on cover art and edits so we can release something we're both happy with.

  16. CJ ~ There is a slight paranormal element in the "My Strange Little Oasis" series by Steven Kerry. Ren, the main character, finds himself visited by Night Cloud, a Native American spirit guide who helps him come to terms with his illness.

  17. JODER ~ The "My Strange Little Oasis" series by Steven Kerry is actually a trilogy. It was written as one long novel, but we worked with him to break it into three distinct books.

    The first book is THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR, which was released in March. This is the second book, BROTHERHOOD OF THE FIRE. The third book will come out around August, and completes Ren's journey of self-acceptance.

  18. LENI ~ I don't think Vincent Diamond has ever written any novels, though I've mentioned it a few times! We plan to release a paperback collection of Diamond's Steven and Conrad stories, since there are quite a few, but I don't think anything similar is planned for the other characters.

  19. JEN ~ I didn't model Johnny Thomas in BEAUTIFUL LIAR after any one celebrity in particular, but I started writing gay erotic romance with real person slash fan fiction, so it was easy to fall back into the world I used to write.

  20. DEBBY ~ Running my own company can be a bit of a challenge! There simply aren't enough hours in the day to get done all I need to do, which is why I've quit my day job and, as of July 1, will be publishing ~ and writing ~ full-time. At the moment, I don't have enough time to concentrate on my own stories, and I hope to change that when I don't have the 9-5 daily grind sapping my energy and time!