Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrating A New Young Adult Fantasy Adventure In Print And eBook

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating S.I. Decker's print and ebook release of her new young adult fantasy.

S.I. Decker has been writing fantasy and romantic suspense under the name Sam Cheever for a decade. Queen of Environmental Club is her new young adult fantasy adventure book. Her books are fast paced and fun, with quirky, likeable characters. They won't solve a single world problem, but you definitely won't be bored while reading them!

S.I. lives on a hobby farm in Indiana with 8 dogs, 4 horses, 1 barn cat, 2 daughters, and one husband. She writes books she likes to read and reads books she wishes she'd written.



Rosalee Tatiana is your typical high school junior...medium height, medium intelligence, and moderately popular. Nothing special and not a complete outcast. Just...typical. That's what she thinks anyway.

Rosalee has been striving to stand out, emerge from the masses, and find her day in the sun since her freshman year in high school. In search of this goal, she tried math club, leaving in disgrace on the tails of a bad case of number envy. Then she tried being the manager for the football team, but soon discovered she was averse to sweaty, stinky socks and towels. So, in desperation, she started a fashion club. Amazingly, her Farmer Dan overalls and tube top with rainbow hued high-tops didn't quite catch on. Who knew?

But all of that was behind her now. She had finally found a way to join the cool kids. She'd hit the mother lode of popularity.

She'd joined Environmental Club.

Unfortunately for Rosy, her involvement with EC has brought a new kind of challenge into her life. Rival factions of Earth fairies have taken her under their to speak...and some of them aren't too keen on her continuing to breathe. And the good ones...the ones who aren't trying to kill her...oh yeah, they just want to make her their Queen.


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  1. Good morning S.I and super congrats on the print and ebook release of your new book QUEEN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB.

    I love this book and can't wait to get my munchkin a copy or it!

    The excerpts (both on your site and on the ARe site) were wonderful.

    Tell us all about how this story and how the characters came to you. Is this book the start of a new series for you?

    Loved the trailer too - so fun!

    Hope you enjoy your very special day today and hope QUEEN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB is your biggest seller yet!

  2. Hey DeNita!

    Thanks for making this release a wonderful experience (as always #:0). This is a fun book. I've been working up to writing it for a long time. It will definitely be a series. I have book 2 all mapped out and plan to start on it within the next couple of weeks.

    Rosy is a fun character. Readers who are fond of my Astra Q Phelps character will probably see some of her, as a teen, in Rosy.

    Rosy is feisty, intelligent, and well-meaning, but things keep happening to her that she has no control over...and she just has to do the best she can, with the help of a fun and quirky group of friends, to fix things.

    Add to that learning that she comes from a long line of fairies and worse...the fairies want her to be their queen!...and Rosy has a real mess to navigate.

    But fortunately, Rosy's up to the challenge!

    I hope your munchkin enjoys the book. You'd like it too!

  3. Hi Sam, incredible that you can do such versatile projects. I really love Astra and the Honeybuns and now I have a new book to add. IS this going to be a series?

  4. Hi! Congrats on your new release! It sounds like a super cute book. Whats your favorite part to write in this book? Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hey Debby!!! Thanks for stopping by. I like doing different things, mostly because I have A.D.D. #:0) but also because I think it's good for my writing brain to stretch it a little. I don't ever want to get in a writing rut. And I've always loved good YA fantasy. Harry Potter got me hooked!

    It is definitely going to be a series. I already have people nagging at me to get the next book goin'! #:0) But that's a really great kind of nagging. Book 2 will be entitled "Queen of the Fairy Mound" and I hope to release it this fall, early September I think.

    Did you get a chance to watch the video? It's a lot of fun so check it out if you can.


  6. Hi Shadow!

    Thank you so much for stopping by! My favorite part of this one would have to be writing about Mr. Elliott. He's Rosy's little weiner (no relation to the Twitter king...snorf!) dog and I based him on my sweet little Wally (there's a picture of Wally, with me, in the cute artwork above.)

    Mr. Elliott is eleven pounds of attitude and determination, and he provides a fun counterpoint to the uber-serious Teague, the hawt fairy hero of the story.

    I'll be posting a snippet of the story in a few minutes. I hope you'll check it out.


  7. Here's a taste of the book. I hope you enjoy it!


    “My baby sister is a veritable sewer.” Cia informed me. “She’s got snot and drool constantly running out of her face and horrible, unmentionable stuff spewing from her other end every five minutes. We’d be doing the world a favor if we could figure out how to address some of that pollution.”

    Obviously, Cia hadn’t taken well to the recently acquired knowledge, about fifteen months ago to be exact, that her parents were not only still having sex, but had, apparently through that most disgusting of parental activities, managed to finally spawn the little sister Cia had never wanted and refused to love.

    While most girls enjoyed having a younger sibling to mold and protect, Cia had been far too happy with her solo princess role in the Plink castle. And, after fifteen years of sibling free bliss, she’d thought she was home free. But then her parents had apparently had too much to drink one night and decided to perform deviant acts together.

    The results had been horrendous.
    Now Cia had to grudgingly share her parents’ attention, sexual deviants though they apparently were…I mean, who has sex at the richly fermented age of thirty-eight. It’s just disgusting!

    “I don’t think we can get rid of all the babies in the world, though the amount of CO2 they dispense is definitely a factor in the current Ozone layer problem.”

    “Maybe we could just put them all in eco-friendly bubbles.”

    I grinned at Cia as we reached our cars, sitting side by side at the furthest edge of the school parking lot as always. “Bubble babies? It’s worth some thought I guess.”

    Cia opened her car door and threw her overstuffed book bag inside.
    Tossing her chin length, black bob, she widened her startling green eyes and grinned at me. “I’ll call you tonight and we’ll form our thesis.”

    I nodded, thinking that at least our idea would be unique.

    Cia honked as she pulled away and I waved. I climbed behind the wheel of my car. Before I turned the key I dug in my purse for my cell phone and turned it on. My parents, being seriously out of sync with the rest of society when it came to such necessities as cell phones, texting, and Internet surfing, made me keep my phone off during class hours under the mistaken belief that it would keep me more focused on my work.

    Alas, they’d just forced me to use more prehistoric means of communication. Throwing message balls across the room, saying I had to go to the bathroom so I could find and talk to one of my friends in the library, and writing notes on the bathroom wall in siren red lipstick were effective in the long run, but caused more lost work time in my average day than a simple, “wht r u waring 2nit” would have ever caused.

    The human parental unit was not the brightest bulb in the eco-friendly fluorescent light family. But they meant well. And they were good for handing out cash and baking gooey chocolate chip cookies during PMS moments.

    I texted my Mom that I was going to stop at Target on the way home and hit send. Dropping my cell phone into the cup holder between the seats, I started my car.

    When I looked up again there was someone standing in front of the car. I screamed and grabbed my throat with one hand…you know, your standard heroine in danger mannerism that did nothing to scare off the bad guy or, frankly, return your heart to your chest where it belonged.

    It was him. The stupendously cute guy from Environmental Club.

  8. Hi! Congrats on your new release! It sounds like a super cute book/ never heard of it before
    looks cool

  9. Thanks Roro!

    I hope you'll check it out!

  10. Congratulations!!! "Queen of Environmental Club" looks interesting. Why write YA?


  11. Congratulations on your new release. Was it hard to write a YA book?

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  12. awesomeness congrats on the new book your work rocks! LOve to see that you write YA too


  13. the snipit sounded very good! i wanted it to keep going! :)

  14. I too am a huge Harry Potter fan and love fantasy (even without the so this is going on my must read list.

    Will the next book have Rosy as the heroine or are you going to follow different girls with each book?

    And since we're talking about Harry, if your book became a movie, who would you like to see play Rosy?

    Good luck with the book, can't wait to read it!

  15. Hey Marybelle!

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I actually love good young adult fiction and I've always wanted to write it. I took a children's literature class in college and had to read a whole bunch of childrens/YA books. I thought it would be boring, but I LOVED it! With YA books you have the potential to just tell a great story, without being bogged down by sex and all the ugly adult-type stuff. And, while I realize there are lots of YA books out there that do include sex, mine doesn't. I wanted younger kids with strong reading skills to be able to read the book too. So I kept if PG (there are a few swear words #:0)

    Thanks for the great question!

  16. Hey Sherry!!!

    It actually was hard to write YA. Not the actual writing, but all the nuances around it. Teens live in an entirely different world than I do, speak a different language, and have different viewpoints about stuff. I had to don my ripped jeans and t-shirt and go native! It was fun and interesting. I mean, who knew that the word 'sick' meant something was really good? Snorf!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. SINNNNN!!!!

    Good to see you again! I'm so glad you came to my party! And thank you for the really kind words.

  18. Hey Shadow!

    And now I've got you in my web...bwahaha! (evilgrin)

    But seriously, I'm glad you enjoyed the snippet, this is a fun story, I hope you'll check it out!

  19. Oh Katie, what a great question. Hmmm, let me see, I'm thinking maybe Jessica Stroup or Rebecca Rosso. It would have to be someone who could make fun of herself. She would have the perfect straight man in Teague, the hero. As a fairy in a human teen world, he's more out of his league than I am!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. I am late to the party, so sorry, busy holiday weekend.

    So your new book, Congrats! I have already consumed the video, excerpt and the snippet you put here. Loved them.

    YA is actually my not so secret passion (my friends tease me about reading kids' books). I think I' going to love this as much as your adult stories. And I'm very relieved to hear that you didn't include sex, so I know I'll be able to share this book with my beautiful Nieces.

    So I'm supposed to ask a question, and what I'm really curious about is the videos you put up for your books, do you make them yourself?

    Also like Katie, I wonder if Rosy will be the focus for all books in the series, or if you will do some books for the other characters?

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS on the new book and new genre!