Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrating Evernight Publishing's Latest M/M Releases

Today on our Cyber Launch Party we're celebrating the latest m/m romance releases from Evernight Publishing!

Evernight Publishing publishes quality romance and erotic romance for your e-reader. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of books from classic contemporary romance to alternative and erotic. There's something for everyone, and many of our titles are also available in print.

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Evernight Teen

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A BOON BY MOONLIGHT by Nicola Cameron

Ex-Marine Zach Mayhew is willing to do anything for his dying grandmother. When she asks him to find a fairy ring in the forest and beg that she be allowed to spend her last days in Faerie, he obliges her (even though he thinks it's nuts).

But when a gorgeous Sidhe noble steps out of the ring and asks for a night in his bed in return, Zach learns that history has a way of repeating itself, and a boon asked by moonlight can have unexpected consequences for his heart.




Gay, dramatic, and flamboyant, Avery Jennings first fell in love with Joe Gunderson back in their sophomore year of high school when Joe asked Avery to tutor him for an English Lit class.

Avery didn't think he stood a chance with straight Joe and therefore hid his attraction to the handsome football player. When the tutoring ended, so did Avery's time with Joe.

The years pass and both men go off to college. When Avery's boss at the diner introduces him to his new co-worker, he's shocked to come face-to-face with Joe.



IMMORTAL THIRST by Tyler Robbins

Vampire, Tristan Deveraux, savored the night with his young progeny, Caleb, by his side. Satisfying his shameless desires, he took what he wanted without reprisal or regret, until Gauge Roberts darkened his door.

Gauge, an ex-Navy Seal, offered more than muscles and brawn when he became Tristan’s personal security coordinator. Surrendering to an undeniable attraction, the dominating soldier scratched an itch both had ignored far too long.

A remarkable bond is quickly formed between the three very different men, allowing each to fulfill individual needs while maintaining separate but equal relationships, until a surprising enemy threatens to destroy it all.

Will they survive the deadly fight, or is heartbreak the only price for satisfying their kind’s immortal thirst?



THE BAKER GETS HIS MAN by Rebecca Brochu

Jacob Stine, one of the owners of the town’s bakery, has wanted Race Carroway since the moment they first met.

 Despite the obvious tension between them, he’d always assumed that the hunky mechanic would never be interested in him. Jacob had resigned himself to admiring Race from a distance until the day he’s forced to call him for help.

When the encounter turns steamy and then abruptly ends, Jacob is torn between hurt and confusion. He has to make the decision between finally moving on and trusting Race with one more chance. Will the baker have what it takes to get his man?



And Releasing Tomorrow....

DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL by Melissa Kendall

Sergeant Jason Holt and his boyfriend Sergeant Patrick Wentworth have been in a secret relationship for almost ten years.

When the daily paper brings news of the repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, they think their prayers have finally been answered.

Yet things aren’t always as easy as they seem, with not everybody at work supportive of their lifestyle and even their parents skeptical. Will they finally be able to be out and proud?


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  1. Welcome Evernight Publishing authors! Super congrats on your newest releases!

    Please stop in and tell us about your new books and how we can learn more about you. Also please tell us how you can to write m/m romances and why you think romance readers love them so much.

    Thanks to Evernight for offering up a $10 Gift Card - who doesn't wait more book cash!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting some of my favorite fellow Evernight authors.

    I first started writing M/M books because I was asked by someone in the military to write a story involving soldiers in a post 'don't ask don't tell' world. I was very worried about taking on such a serious subject, but after the story came to me and my muse set his mind to the task, the characters came to life and my very first M/M story, "Beyond Honor", was born.
    Now I find it hard to write anything else.
    I have found that not only are my male/male stories popular among gay or bi men, but straight and sometimes even married women love it too.
    If men can fantasize about two women, then it only makes sense that women can fantasize about two men.
    With "Immortal Thirst", there are THREE yummy men to fantasize about, and I sincerely encourage the indulgence!! :-)

    Good luck, readers! Winning that $10 Gift Card will get ya' knee deep all kinds of romance!!
    Tyler Robbins

  3. Hey this is pretty cool.

    I wrote Figuring it Out with Evernight in mind. I'd had four previous releases with them and had both enjoyed my experience with Evernight and made some pretty good sales. It's been pretty easy to write MM stories with Evernight in mind and it was nice to reach some new to me readers.

    I've been writing and publishing MM since 2008 so I've been around for a bit. I started writing it because that's what I enjoyed reading myself. There's something about two guys getting all sexy and sweet together that is really special to me. In the beginning I used to try to continue to write MF as well as MM but I just found I was only intrested in reading and writng MM. I have fans who are men and fans who are women and I greatly appreciate them both.

    Good luck to readers to win a gift card and Happy St. Patrick's Day from this Irish writer!

    Shawn Lane

  4. I loved Beyond Honor. I got hooked on mm through an AuthorIsland promotion and have never looked back. I think love is beautiful in its many forms. Is it harder to write mm love than its more traditional genre?

    1_trouble at msn dot com

    1. Thrilled to hear that, Donna! There's been a request for a F/F follow up for Beyond Honor in the future, but the stars haven't quite aligned for that yet.
      You are correct, love comes in many beautiful forms.
      Writing M/M love is actually easier for me because most male characters aren't as hard to figure out as female characters. They still may have the "drama", but they handle it differently, in my opinion. :-)

  5. Thank you so much for hosting my fellow authors and me today! The idea for A Boon by Moonlight was one of those idle "what if" moments -- two guys arguing/flirting with each other -- that started growing when my back was turned. Before I knew it, I had this story about a tough, lonely ex-Marine nursing his dying grandmother, and the smartass Sidhe noble who agrees to grant him a wish for a price. I've very happy that Boon's gotten such a good reception, and I'll be writing a full-length sequel sometime this year -- after all, there's a reason why Jerrek is avoiding Faerie.

    As for writing M/M romance, I'll be honest -- I first started writing it because it's more of what I like to look at (hey, if straight guys can enjoy watching women have sex, I can enjoy watching two hot guys get it on). My goal is to create realistic, engaging male characters who can resonate with the readers and pull them into the story. I feel I've done my job if a gay man reads my work and says, "God, I want a boyfriend just like that."

    I've been a published science fiction and urban fantasy writer since 1995, and started writing erotic romance last year when I saw the call for submissions for Evernight Publishing's naughty M/M Christmas antho Vanilla-Free Christmas: Manlove Edition and sold them my kinky M/M/M short story, "Tied With a Bow." My first full-length novel Storm Season, a paranormal M/M/M erotic romance and the first book in the Olympic Cove series, will be out from Evernight in April. You can find my website at, with links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as free reads if folks want to sample my work.

    Thanks again for having me, and good luck to all the readers!

    Nicola Cameron

  6. Congrats! Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


  7. Awesome list of books by some great authors, I have at least one of the books in my TBR pile. I've been reading erotica for about the last two years and have really embraced the M/M genre. Do you think it's harder to write full male perspectives rather than female?

    1. I wouldn't call it harder, but I'm much more likely to talk to men or do research in order to make sure that I get it right with my male characters. Luckily I have a very long-suffering husband who's used to me popping my head around the door and saying, "Honey, how would a guy react to this..."

  8. I have some of these on my wishlist and am off to add the rest - they all sound so good.

    My question is do you do other genres?

    1. Yup -- I write SF and urban fantasy. A lot of SF and fantasy elements tend to leak over into my erotic romance -- I just can't get away from it. :-D

  9. Hi bn100 I don't know about the other authors but I do. I wear green, have a beer, that kind of thing. I am almost all Irish so it's a fun day for us.

    Hi Eva I don't find it more difficult to write from the male perspective. Before, when I was still writing MF I made the male perspective a major part of my story so it seemed pretty natural to just write from two males.

    Hi Ilona I used to write historical MF romance and then interacial MF romance (two of those are still available from other publishers, but now I write MM exclusively.

  10. So sorry I'm late everyone!! I'd just like to say first off that it's an honor to be here and I'm so grateful to you for hosting me and the other wonderful authors from Evernight!!

    Honestly like so many other M/M writers fanfiction (Star Trek anyone!?!) got me started in this particular genre. As for The Baker Gets His Man specifically I wrote it with Evernight's Romance on the Go line in mind. I wanted to do something short, sweet, and above all hot!

    Like the magnificent Robin said M/M is actually extremely popular with all kinds of people and it's been my favorite genre for years. The chemistry between two (or more!) male leads can be just as sexy and delicious as any other type of story.

    In the Baker Gets His Man you'll have the pleasure of meeting Jacob and Race and you'll see exactly what I mean about hot, steamy tension and sex!!

    Now good luck to everyone and I hope you all enjoy the wonderful titles that have been posted here!

    Love you all,


  11. What a fantastic group of stories. What is next? How fast do you write a story?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. My personal best for a short story was 7K in 36 hours, including editing. That was a very, very weird weekend.

      What's next -- my paranormal erotic romance novel Storm Season is coming out next month, I'm currently working on a MMF erotic romance with thriller overtones set in 1923 Berlin, I have to start work on the sequel to Storm Season once that's done, and I want to write a MMF Victorian paranormal erotic romance sometime this year. Oh, and people have been asking me to do a full-length sequel to A Boon by Moonlight. My writing schedule is booked well into 2014 at this rate.

  12. Sorry I almost missed this being an Aussie i was asleep thanks everyone for hosting my book and reading about it.

  13. Sounds like a great lineup! Please count me in. Thanks!!!


  14. Hi Debby it depends on the story for me. Some stories I can get done in less than a week and some take me months. For Figuring it Out it took me about 5 days to write it.

    As for what is next...not sure, but I am working on a long story at the moment.

  15. Congrats to all of you on your new releases!
    Question for Robin Badillo if I may.
    Do you find it more challenging to wrote m/m romance to straight romance when it comes to characxter development?
    Wow...I love all the excerpt, and I love adding them to my gotta have now
    Such beautiful covers and awesome story line premises.
    Wishing you all the best, and continued success. I can't wait to read the rest of them all!


    1. Darcy,
      So sorry it took so long to answer your question. Crazy weekend for family stuff. :-)
      I personally feel more comfortable writing all male characters, but only because I enjoy how far I can push them. I find myself holding back with female characters, probably because of the way I was raised...putting females up on pedestals.
      With men, I see a level playing field, so it's easier to rough 'em up and still stay true to who I am and how I relate to men and women in general.
      I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I hope it sort of answered your question.
      Robin/Tyler ;-)

  16. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to join the conversation and congrats to the authors on their new releases!

    And Congrats to Donna! Your name was drawn as our winner! Evernight will be contacting you with your prize!