Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Celebrating Wild Child Publishing's November Releases

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the November releases for Wild Child Publishing!

SLEEP STALKER by Patrick Royal

A group of people are experiencing nightmares. They are a bit more than just bad dreams. After numerous reports of an outbreak of nightmares, unexplainable deaths begin to occur. Three decades later, it happens again.

There is speculation that the deaths are at the hands of a demon. Is it a Demon or something more sinister? If it is a demon, can it be stopped?

Sleep Stalker will appeal to the YA13+ crowd as well as adult readers. It takes you on a wild and terrifying ride from the 1960's to modern time and to Hades and back. Do you have your coins for the ferryman...


THE HOT HOUSE by Joe Donn Martin

It is called the Hot House. Murderers live there. Gangsters. Serial killers. The nation's worst lawbreakers, sociopaths and evil men call it home. It is the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth and it is about to get a hell of a lot hotter.

The new warden is also the leader of a pervasive satanic cult, gaining ever more power through his escalating campaign of murder and mayhem. Behind the fortified walls and razor wire of the prison, the warden has transformed the Hot House into his own hell on earth, complete with a bloodthirsty army of hardened criminals.

Only a small, determined band of heroes know the truth about what's going on inside the Federal Penitentiary, but will they be too late to stop the warden before all hell breaks loose?


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  1. Welcome gentlemen and super congrats on your new releases!

    Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourselves and your new books. And be sure to let us know if you have websites were we can learn more.

    Both of these books sound like great and creepy reads! I hope they sell very well for you both.

    Enjoy your cyber launch today and best of luck with your books!

  2. Oh, now these look scary. My question is for both authors, when did you start writing and do you write in any other genres?

    1. I began writing in my teens but been seriously writing for 12 years. Still learning a whole lot!
      I only write horror.

    2. Howdy Lauri,
      My past life regression therapist assures me I’ve been writing since 700BC, but I kind of think he’s full of it. Really? It took me this long to get published?
      My mind and body are rather flabby so I bounce around a bit, but I wind up dancing with horror ‘cause that’s what brung me.

  3. Howdy y'all,
    Thanks, DeNita Tuttle, for setting this up! And thanks to everyone stopping by. I did an interview over at WCP talking a little about the book, so I won’t rehash that here. (

    I’ve adapted my Facebook philosophy from the John Prine song, Angel From Montgomery, where Bonnie Raitt laments; “how the hell can a person go to work in the morning, come home in the evening, and have nothing to say?” That’s a heartbreaker of a lyric and I try to hedge against it by posting something everyday. Of course, I’m sure Bonnie Raitt would rethink the whole thing if she ever read my status updates, but there you go.

    And then there’s the blog. I have big plans for the blog – you know, give it some sort of structure or point – but right now it’s mostly grocery lists (milk, beer, eggs, beer, coffee, beer) and scathing critiques of people you don’t know (that Jeff is such a BITCH!) You don’t want to miss it!

  4. Congrats on the books! What was the inspiration for the books?


    1. From Robert Johnson’s crossroads to every other episode of the Twilight Zone, I’ve always been intrigued by the thought of the devil bargaining for human souls. Why? What are they good for? What does he want with them anyway...?

  5. Horror is what "brung me" too, Joe. I started reading horror fiction as soon as it was available to me. I love the dark twisted minds that can and do supply me with it and pray that I don't live next to one of them....just kidding, kinda...

    But really, how often to you guys freak yourselves out? Have you ever scared yourself so bad you had to get up and make sure the doors and windows were locked? Because I find myself doing just that while I'm reading it.

    I'll be checking your books out and so glad to have found you here.

    1. Howdy CJ,
      No, that’s a rookie mistake, checking the doors and windows. As soon as you get close enough the door will slam open or the window will explode and now you’ve really got trouble. The best thing is to have someone else do it, or, if you’re alone, hide. With the ebook tablets you can continue reading while tucked under the covers or ensconced in the closet. It may not make you feel brave, but at least you’re safe. And reading.