Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrating Logical-Lust's New Anthology THE COUGAR BOOK

Today, we're celebrating the release of Logical-Lust's big new anthology, THE COUGAR BOOK!

Logical-Lust Publications is the romance and erotica imprint of LL-Publications. Both are run by the husband and wife team of Jim and Zetta Brown, along with editor Rachel McIntyre and produce mainstream fiction in paperback and multiple digital (ebook) formats. They are based in Scotland, UK, but work with authors on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hot on the heels of the successful anthology SWING! Adventures in Swinging by Today's Top Erotica Writers comes THE COUGAR BOOK, a stunning collection of hot stories of Cougar women.

What is a Cougar woman? She's age 40 or over, and she dates younger men. She's also intelligent, confident, attractive, enjoys sex, and she knows what she wants.

These strong, successful ladies know exactly what they look for in a younger man - and they get it!

Available in both ebook and print, edited by Jolie Du Pre and with an introduction by Valerie Gibson - The Original Cougar, this new anthology from Logical-Lust features a "Who's Who" line up of authors: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Shanna Germain, Bill Brent, Madeline Moore, Jolene Hui, Emerald, D. L. King, Craig J. Sorensen, Jeremy Edwards, Donna George Storey, Sascha Illyvich, Heidi Campa, Tara S. Nichols, J. C. Wesner, Randall Lang, Adriana Kraft, Keeb Knight, Dona Lee, Doug Harrison, Brenna Lyons, Trish DeVene, Julia Barrett and Blue Canyon.


WIN - Leave a comment or question for the authors, editor or publishers of THE COUGAR BOOK today at their Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a copy of this sizzling new anthology! Please leave your email address so we can get ahold of you, if you should be today's winner!


  1. Good morning and congrats to all of you on the new release!! What a fantastic anthology - and being a woman of a certian age I love cougar stories!

    I hope all you authors will share a little bit about your stories in this anthology and let us know where we can learn more about you and your work.

    Zetta and Jim, hope the new anthology is a bestseller for you guys!

    Have fun and don't drink too much of the cyber punch - I've heard it's spiked ;-)

  2. Hi DeNita!

    Thank YOU for throwing this par-tay! This is one wicked cool anthology because the stories aren't just written by women, the men in this anthology have penned some sexy and sensual stories too!


  3. Wishing 'The Cougar Book' much success :-)

  4. This sounds like a great anthology! How many stories are in the book and are they all one genre?

    Looking forward to checking this one out.

  5. Hello! Thanks for this great opportunity to spread the word on The Cougar Book, DeNita.

    In writing my contribution to the collection, "Boston. Breasts. Bohemian," I turned to a setting I once briefly inhabited, in real life—the small-publisher world of mid-1980s Boston. Though the male character is not me (nor is the story substantially derived from any real-life experiences of mine), he is about the age I was at that time and is a point of contact with my past in some general ways.

    In developing the piece, I was intent on getting inside the mind of the female protagonist—showing what makes her tick; her passion; and her vulnerability. Though the young man in the story could have been my peer in real life at that time, in revisiting this world for the purposes of fiction I wanted to visualize everything from the perspective of the woman (who would now be the one who is my present-day peer in terms of age and culture).

    It's wonderful to be part of this anthology, along with so many authors I admire. I'll sign off by linking to my website, where you can find out about my other short stories and my new novel.

  6. Thanks for having us, and I hope everyone enjoys the anthology! I believe there are 23 stories in the book.

    My story is called "Mine for the Night" and it's science fiction/futuristic erotic romance. Imagine a future where an alien enemy has released a virus that only kills pubescent and post-pubescent males. Generations after losing them all...generations of reproduction by insemination only, scientists have found a way to re-introduce a small number of males into the population.

    It's a brave new world. Men are no longer hunters and workers. And providers? What they provide is a future for the world. Everything else is provided for them.

    The only way to save them is to repress the sex hormones and stave off puberty until age 25, when the virus has timed out and died off in the body, allowing the males to form antibodies against it. Once they mature, they are introduced to their pod of four women. But before that, one of the scientists that saved the world has one night of sex with the new adult male.

  7. Hi Jerry,

    There are 23 stories in the book and one thing that makes this such an excellent anthology is the stories are written by both men and women.

    You will find a taste of just about everything.

    Go over to the Logical-Lust blog at

    All this month we have interviews posted by the authors of THE COUGAR BOOK so you can learn more about them, their work, and the anthology.

  8. Hi Ellen! Thanks for stopping by! We're going to have to get together soon :D

    Jeremy, Brenna, glad y'all made it over to the par-tay!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful book. Who are some of the other authors?

  10. Hello!

    Thanks so much for hosting us! I'm starting promotion right now!

  11. Hi, and thank you for spreading the word on The Cougar Book. I'm just beginning to read the other contributors' stories now, and what I really like is the variety found here. There are stories from both male and female authors, and from both the woman's and young man's perspective. And all with different scenarios and flavors to suit any reader's taste.

    I had written my story, "Her Apolonio Smile," as a way to discover what it was that I liked about younger men. It's about a businesswoman who is tired of the leers from co-workers and the assumptions about her desires and needs. She’s rejuvenated by the unassuming beauty of the young male cashier at her local supermarket–-a man who has no desire to own her, but in whom desire radiates like night encasing heat.

    I'm looking forward to continuing through the collection!

  12. Hi Sherry -

    The list of authors is like a Who's Who but there are a few new names making their debut:

    Jeremy Edwards
    Rachel Kramer Bussel
    Sascha Illyvich
    Heidi Champa
    Tara S. Nichols
    Craig J. Sorensen
    Donna George Storey
    J. C. Wesner
    Randall Lang
    Madeline Moore
    Bill Brent
    Adriana Kraft
    Keeb Knight
    Jolene Hui
    Dona Lee
    D. L. King
    Doug Harrison
    Brenna Lyons
    Trish DeVene
    Julia Barrett
    Blue Canyon
    Shanna Germain

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  15. "in whom desire radiates like night encasing heat"

    Love that simile, Trish!

  16. Oh boy a party! I've got my dancing shoes on, so I'll have to be careful of the punch or I might get tangled up in a tango and end up on the floor.

    It's great to be in 'The Cougar Book'. Exciting, too, as the promotion is under way and there's lots to participate in during this launch period.

    My story is called 'Get Up, Stand Up!' which is the title of a Bob Marley song. In the story, a woman with a 60 year old *boyfriend* with commitment issues rescues a young protester who is camped out in a tree that the boyfriend, a land developer, intends to chop down.

    When the bf lets her down, again, she goes to the site of the protest and convinces the young man to abandon the tree and go home with her.

    What follows is fabulous sex. For her, the stamina of her new lover is mind blowing. For him, her experience introduces him to great new sensual experiences.

    But he's a serious young man, quite the opposite to what she's used to. She must make a decision, and soon, because she's getting married in the morning.

    I hope readers will enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I truly liked both the older woman and the young man. Hope you do, too.

  17. Hello again!

    The Cougar Book looks great and I am pleased to have another anthology with Logical-Lust. The also published by second anthology, Swing.

    There are promotional events scheduled for The Cougar Book. Please see the calendar below:

    2/1/10 - 2/28/10 - The Cougar Book author interviews all month at Logical-Lust blog - NOW

    2/20/10 - The Cougar Book Release Party at J&J Group. At 12PM EST till the last person leaves!

    2/28/10 - Jolie du Pre at F-Stop.

    3/4 - 3/7/2010 - EPICon 2010

    3/17/10 - Jolie du Pre reads from The Cougar Book at In the Flesh Chicago at Risque Cafe.

  18. I'd like to also say that Logical-Lust may be a smaller press than the big boys in erotica, but my anthologies feature the same major erotica names as the books by the big boys. I'm VERY PROUD of that. The stories in The Cougar Book are excellent. I had to reject a lot of submissions, but what I accepted are top notch!

    Also, it is an honor that Valerie Gibson, the original Cougar, agreed to write the introduction to The Cougar Book. (Again, I'm very proud of that fact given that The Cougar Book is with a small press.) Valerie is the woman who introduced the word "Cougar," as we know it now, to the United States. Here is her website:

  19. The Cougar Book is destined to be a huge success. With that list of Bestselling author contributors It can't be otherwise.

    Congratulations on the launch.

  20. As a woman of a certain age myself, it was a special treat to write my story, “Comfort Food,” for The Cougar Book. I indulged myself in my love of all the physical pleasures by focusing on the relationship between a fortysomething woman in need of nourishment and a talented young chef, so there’s plenty of food erotica as well as the X-rated kind! I even provide a couple of recipes.

    Here’s a quote from my story that represents the essence of the cougar to me: “Thirty years ago, I would have called these obsessive musings a crush, but I was wise enough now to know it had nothing to do with Joseph himself. It was all about me. I was a woman who could feel and want and enjoy life’s sensual pleasures. My desire made me more interesting to myself.”

    That's what life has taught this older woman anyway! I'm really enjoying this book. It's full of strong, smart and very sexy women, so if that’s your favorite dish, you’re in for a sumptuous buffet!

  21. Congratulations everyone on the new release!
    The Cougar Book sounds great.

  22. Congrats! What a great mix of writers!

  23. Oh Yum! Some of my favorite authors are in this. I'm going to have to order myself a copy. Congrats on the new release.

  24. Congrats on such a great sounding anthology! I love the topic of the stories and hope to see even more stories like these. I like seeing strong women go after what they want.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  25. Hi everyone, and thanks for being so welcoming!

    I also feel honored to be included in The Cougar Book, and what I have read of it so far I have found truly breathtaking. Thank you again to Logical-Lust and to Jolie for the hard work and true thoughtfulness and passion she put into editing!

    My story in The Cougar Book is "To Make It That Way," and it is told from the (young) male character's point of view. To me the story seemed to come out that way because it showcased the mystery he sees in the female character — we (even I as I wrote it) see her as he does, with all the question and mysteriousness she seems to embody. His experience of this is a focus of the story.

    I really enjoyed writing this story and felt very close to it as I wrote it (and after). I sincerely hope those who read it enjoy it. :)

    Thanks very much for having us, DeNita/AuthorIsland, and for all the support in the comments!


  26. I loved working with Jolie and the people at Logical Lust. My story - You Might Just Get It - was fun to write and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was the first story I'd ever written under 27,000 words! I'm one of those new names and I was totally surprised to learn my work had been chosen, but I do have five books out this year, The Cougar Book makes six. I've read all the stories and I think there is something to make everyone smile! Thanks for hosting us. Julia

  27. Oooh I love love cougar themed female empowerment...I am so excited about reading this book...I've been hankering for it since I heard about it.

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  28. Hi Author Island,

    Thank you for inviting the Cougar authors here today for the launch party. I'm Randall Lang and my story "Too Many Buffalo" takes place in the heat of Oklahoma when twenty-something Kenny Cheshewalla rescues fifty-something Elizabeth Wharton whose car has broken down on a lonesome rural road. The heat is not all outdoors.

    Happy to be here.

    Randall Lang

  29. Hi Author Island Party Goers; D. L. King here. I'm happy to have a story in The Cougar Book. Right now, I'm playing hooky from work to send this out, so I've got to be quick!

    Though I've just started to read the book, I definitely like what I see. As a woman "of a certain age" too--gee, there do seem to be quite a lot of us, I can certainly appreciate all those pretty, young boys. When I was growing up, nothing was thought of older men going for younger women but if th situation was, somehow reversed, well that would be unseemly. I'm glad it's now, not then (although, truthfully, I probably wouldn't have behaved much differently).

    My story is about a savvy executive who seduces a pretty, young art student sh keeps running into on her morning commute. And, since it's my story, as you might shine, the woman is definitely on top.

    So remember, have fun at the party and don't drink and drive--get that pretty caterer over there to take you home!

    Oh, and if you want learn more about me, be sure to check out my website at dlkingerotica(dot)com.

  30. Great to see Cougar authors here! I know some can't make it today but will be gearing up for the party chat on Sat 20th (see Jolie's post above).

    Let me just sing the praises of Jolie Du Pre, the editor. If you read The Cougar Book you'll easily see just how talented all these authors are, but huge kudos has to go to Jolie Du Pre for once again being able to attract the best of the best erotica out there for her anthologies. Her previous antho with us, SWING!, is a prime example, and The Cougar Book if anything even improves on that!

    We are very proud to be associated with Jolie Du Pre and such a wonderful line-up of talent!

    Jim Brown

  31. Thanks Jim! Next up, my novel! I'm looking forward to getting back to that and eventually submitting it to Logical-Lust! Terrific publishing opportunity Logical-Lust is!

  32. Hello, all. I'm Heidi Champa and I am thrilled to be a part of the Cougar Book.

    My story, Spring Training, is all about a college administrator who has a perfect view of the college baseball team out her window. One player in particular, the first baseman, really catches her eye.

    I'm so excited to be able to write about a strong woman who really knows what she wants and goes after it.

    Being in a collection with so many incredible writers and working with such an amazing editor has been such a treat.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by today, and I hope you enjoy the book!!!

  33. Heidi said,
    "has a perfect view of the college baseball team out her window"

    You know, that itself could make me apply for/take a particular job.

    I haven't gotten to your story yet so I didn't know it was specifically about the first baseman! Since I used to play first base myself, that happens to be my favorite position. ;)

    I actually think I'll run off and read your story right now. I have been SO impressed by what I have read so far of The Cougar Book.

  34. hope you have great success with the Cougar Book.
    I enjoy stories about mature women.

  35. We were very honoured to have THE original Cougar, Valerie Gibson, write the introduction for us (again, a testament to Jolie's pulling power). What she had to say was marvelous and gave insight into what is, and makes, a Cougar woman. Here's part of it:

    "No wonder the cougar trend, which I set in motion at the beginning of the millennium, is now being spearheaded, so to speak, by the younger men who are in hot pursuit of sexy cougars all over the world.

    And the women who embrace 'cougardom' openly without fear or reservation, are, in fact, pioneering a new social phenomenon—prime women not only acknowledging their continuing sensuality and sexuality, but embracing it wholeheartedly."

    Makes you just LOVE older women, doesn't it??

    Jim Brown

  36. I think it's great "we" cougar women are getting some attention!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  37. Congratulations on the new, very HOT anthology. The Cougar Book looks like a great read. I have my fingers crossed.

  38. Sorry to be such a late arrival, but my day job called. I wish I could have played hooky with D.L. King!

    Thanks so much to De Nita for this opportunity, and to Jolie for putting together such a fine collection.

    I too an proud to be part of The Cougar Book and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far by the other authors who have contributed to it.

    My story, "Adrian's Lover" is in one of my favorite settings, a dive of a bar, and about one of my favorite subjects, Music. Actually, two favorite subjects: Music and sex...

    Adrian is a talented musician who eperienced some success in the late '70's but disappeared from the scene. As she begins a comeback in the modern day, a young reporter named Brendan is assigned to cover her show at a local establishment. Though he was not excited about the prospect of the interview, enigmatic Adrian's draws him in.

    He discovers that the learning doesn't stop when college ends.

    To conclude, I agree with Richard Cronborg: I love mature, sexy women. So much so, that I married one. She was kind of young back then, but you've got to start someplace!

  39. A cougar is so confident and that is what I love about this type of woman.

  40. This is a great way to sample the works of authors that I am not familiar with. How do you go about choosing the authors?

  41. "I love mature, sexy women. So much so, that I married one. She was kind of young back then, but you've got to start someplace!"

    Hahahaha! Excellent, CJS.

  42. Congratulations on the release. It looks like a very interesting book with all the different authors and stories.

  43. Hi Leni.

    You asked how the authors were chosen. I chose the submissions that I felt best represented what I wanted for The Cougar Book. I'm really proud of the results!

  44. I am putting this on my must read list...thanks so much and good luck!!!

  45. Thanks so much for hosting our party today! I'm so excited to be part of this anthology and I love the variety of the stories. My husband and I write together under the pen name "Adriana Kraft.

    Our short story, “A Taste of Ginger,” offers an incredible night of decadence and sensuality for our newly divorced mid-life heroine. Against her better judgment she’s let a co-worker talk her into an evening at a swing club. When Annette tells her a handsome young man at the bar is checking her out she wants to run the other way – but Annette abandons her to pursue her own interests, and Ginger must make her own choice for the night of a lifetime!

    You can find an exerpt on our blog at and we'd love to have you come check out our other work at

  46. I love Cougar stories! If only I could be as confident as those women!

  47. I'm very happy to be in 'The Cougar Book' and proud of my story, 'Get Up, Stand Up!' I hope the book is a huge success!

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