Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrating Jean Hart Stwart's New Book In Her Songs Of The Mages Series

Today we're celebrating the release of Book three in Jean Hart Stewart's Songs of the Mages Series!

Jean feels she’s very much a Californian although she was born in Ohio. California has been home for a good many years. Life changed drastically for her when she was six and her father died incredibly from an errant golf ball. A dishonest insurance agent forced her sheltered mother to seek work, and she became a teacher. Her hours required Jean to be alone in the house in the afternoon, and since she was forbidden to leave till her mother got home, she became an avid reader. The local library supplied most of the books and she developed early her two of main interests, Jane Austen and King Arthur.

Reading is still one of her favorite activities, although she sometimes has to push it aside to make room for her enduring love of writing. Her journalism degree was used infrequently until recently. Marriage and raising two children pleasantly got in the way. After twenty years of being a real estate broker and with the kids raised she finally could devote her time to writing, her first love.

Jean's enchantment with the lore and legends of Druids and, therefore, delving into their history led to fascinating research that inspired her popular Garland of Druids Series for Cerridwen Press. She's now enjoying writing stories filled with magic and romance for her Songs of the Mages Series, also for Cerridwen Press.

Few things in her life have been so satisfying, especially when all her books have a happy ending. Wonderful to make happen. It only gets more interesting when a secondary character demands his very own book. Who would want to deny him? Not Jean!


Book 3 in the Songs of the Mages Series by Jean Hart Stewart but may be read as a stand-alone novel.

Lady Jennivere has inherited powers from Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. She heals with her unusual empathy and abilities, often absorbing some of her patient's pain herself. Zach Rendell is a historian whose latest book is an expose of charlatans who claim supernatural power. Jenny's beauty thrills Zach, but he's convinced she's a fake.

Jenny wants to start a vineyard at her property near Dover. Zach is enthralled by Jenny's intelligence but questions her claim of healing abilities. Yet every time he sees her caring success another chink in his armor falls away. He finally accepts her magical gifts, but now thinks he's not good enough for such an empowered person. And Jenny can't bring herself to tell him her own secret guilt and why she needs him so badly.

Both must give in order to secure their love. But are the lovers capable of so much?


WIN - Leave Jean a comment or question at her Cyber Launch Party along with your email address and get your name in the hat for a free download of her new book and your choice of either book one or book two in her Songs of the Mages Series - just let us know which one!! A winner will be announced tomorrow - Best of luck!


  1. Happy Release Day Jean!!!

    I love your new series about Merlin's offspring and the joy and the troubles their powers bring them. How did you come up with the idea for this series? What are the time periods for this series and how many books to you see for this series.

    I also love your druid series - for those who don't know about it, can you tell us just a bit out that and if we will see any new stories in that series.?

    Enjoy your party!!! And my Jennivere's Journey be your biggest seller yet!

  2. Hi, Jean! I am a great fan of yours! You write such wonderful characters. I loved "Damien's Destiny"! Congratulations on your latest release : )

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  3. I haven't read any of the books in this series but they sound great. Do you have to read them in order and are they stand alone reads?

  4. Wow, Denita, I'll try to answer all your questions.
    The idea for the series was just there. Doubtless my long time interest in King Arthur's court. Damien's Destiny is the first book in this series and takes place in 1890. The following books trace Damien's family and those of his dearest friends. I plan eight books in this series, five of which are already written. Quest for Love comes out in May.
    My Druid series covers the time periods for 1898 to 1927. I've already got eight out in that series, don't plan any more but who knows? The Druids are descendants of an Druid Priestess from King Arthur's time. They have different powers from the mages, and are wonderfully talented (and sexy)
    Thanks for asking!!!!!!!

  5. You're new to me and I am glad to find you. I love druids, so I'll be sure to check out that series for sure! Are they stand alone as well or should they be read in order? Do characters show up in different books?

    The new series is very interesting I love the concept of Merlin's family tree. I'll have to check that series out once money allows.

    Good luck with the new release and I loved the book trailer.

  6. Virginia, love you for loving Damien! Isn't he a sweet hunk. Gareth's Gambit is already out and he's the wounded hero type. Jennivere is Gareth's twin, and her talents involve healing people. Mages are such fun to write about, even if the word 'mage' is a strange one. I tell everybody, just think 'wizard'.

  7. Sherry, they are stand alone. Enough background is sketched in so it's easy to read them separately. Hope you give them a try. So far it's hard for me to pick a favorite. In fact I can't....Jean

  8. Karen, each book is stand alone, even though they're linked as family members. No need to read them in any order at all. I refer briefly to the rest of the family in each book but they're definitely stand alone. Please go to my website, for excerpts...Thanks for commenting. Jean

  9. Have not read any of this series. Sounds exciting.

  10. Hi Jean!
    congrats on the release!!! you are a new author to me but the series sounds very interesting and I really like the book trailer :)
    wish you all the best,

    inale87 at gmx dot at

  11. I have not read any of your series yet, but I'm very interested in your books. I've always liked King Arthur and Merlin too. I would enjoy either book, but perhaps I should start with the first if I should win a copy of your wonderful book.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  12. Hi, Estella. Why don't you go to my website, All of my released books have excerpts there. Have two new books coming out and will get them up soon. Thanks for commenting. Jean

  13. Ina, so glad you came and commented. I hope you'll go to my website too and read some excerpts.

  14. Linda, thanks for coming to the cyber-launch party.
    It's a lot of fun to write about people who have inherited talents from Merlin and Lady of the Lake. The books are stand-alones, but Damien is the patriach of the family. Jennivere and Gareth are twins, and each inherits different abilities.

  15. Jean,

    What is your opinion on book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  16. Hi, Tracey, I really don't know. I have yet to figure out what kind of promoting works in selling a book. I love my trailers, and only hope they work. I don't know any author who swears by any particular kind of promo.

  17. Hi Jean, love the premise for this new series, different writing about descendants. I have the second up in the TBR pile, now just need to get my hands on Damien's and the new one.

  18. These books sound really good! I love magical characters. Do they cast spells in the old way or are they more like the magic is in them already?

    Did that even make sense?? LOL

    Anyway, the series looks fantastic and I've added this one to my wish list. Good luck with the entire series. Btw, will these books be coming out in print?

  19. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to celebrate with Jean yesterday and congrats to PamP - you won!!

    Email AuthorIsland dot com with your information so Jean can get your prize out to you!

  20. I'm a little late answering as the Olympics got in the way last night. Looks like you got your wish girl, I'll be contacting you today. Thanks for coming to the party....Jean

  21. Lauri Jo, thanks for coming to the party. Your question make perfect sense. My mages have their abilities botn in them, as they are descendants of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. Sometimes they fighting having these powers but they all learn to use them when they need to.. Hope you give them a try. Jean

  22. Forgot to address the winner's comment to Pam. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet, I guess.....Jean
    Thanks to you all for coming to my party....