Monday, February 24, 2014

Celebrating Michelle Levigne's New Release

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Michelle Levigne's brand new Quarry Hall Release!

KATHRYN by Michelle Levigne 

Quarry Hall Book Three

Kathryn's retreat for relaxation and contemplation is interrupted to take a fugitive to safety, beyond the reach of authorities who may be compromised. The injured woman knows her name is Regina, but not why people were shooting at her. The journey to reach a friend in the FBI is complicated when Kathryn's illness requires frequent stops, permitting Regina's pursuers to nip at their heels.

When the mountains interfere with cell reception, and she can't stop long enough to make a call for help and advice, Kathryn has only her companion dog, her own wits, and prayer to depend on. Deception waits around every corner and Regina's attitude tests Kathryn's sympathy and her faith.


A story addict since an early exposure to Dr. Seuss, award-winning author of over 30 novels and novellas, Michelle Levigne has been creating her own stories, heroes and adventures since junior high. She ventures into many sub-genres of science fiction, paranormal, romance and fantasy, including Greek mythology, Narnia spin-offs and her futuristic universe, the Commonwealth.
Michelle writes something for everyone! After all, since she likes to read all over the board, why not WRITE all over the board?


WIN - Come celebrate, chat about the series, ask questions ... and Michelle will come up with a few prizes or party favors to give away!  We're also celebrating over on Facebook as well - Here's the Facebook link :Stop by and say hi!


  1. Good morning Michelle and super congrats on the new release!! Please tell us all about your new book and for those not familiar with your Quarry Hall Series, can you tell us more about it and how the books connect?

    What more do you have planned for this series? And when will the next Tabor Heights book be out?

    Enjoy your launch celebrating today here and over on facebook today! Hope the new book is a big seller for you and I can't wait to read it! Have a great one!

  2. Want to read an excerpt from Michelle Levigne's new release KATHRYN? We've got a blog for that!

  3. Want to learn more about Michelle Levigne and her other work? Check out her website!

  4. Did you know Michelle Levigne has a blog for her fictional town Tabor Heights?

  5. Check out Michelle Levigne's impressive booklist with Desert Breeze Publishing!

  6. Check out the first Quarry Hall Book - JOAN by Michelle Levigne

    Under a false identity, Joan finally has the life she has always wanted. With pressure to deepen a relationship on one side, and the threat of an old nemesis finding her on the other, she refuses to run, no matter what it costs her.

    Into this chaos comes a letter from a man claiming to be her unknown father, and an invitation to visit him at Quarry Hall. He has a proposition for her.

    Joan can make a big difference for good in the world, using her father's money. She hungers for the family and sense of belonging that Quarry Hall offers. To rescue her closest friend, she would sell the soul she doesn't believe she possesses.

    In the end, Joan will have to give up the lies that have kept her alive all these years.

  7. Quarry Hall Book Two - ANNE by Michelle Levigne

    After a rough assignment catching people out to destroy battered women's shelters, Anne needed a break. Being assigned to observe operations at Common Grounds Legal Clinic seemed like a cake assignment. Xander Finley, the head lawyer, was a friend of Joan, already supported by the Arc Foundation. Arc was simply expanding its support.

    But then Anne was carjacked, her guard dog, Argus, shot. She was already off-balance, worried about Argus and wearing borrowed clothes, and things got worse from day one. Face-to-face with someone from her painful past and feeling antagonism from Xander's employees, Anne stumbled into one problem after another. Her frustration grew when allies became enemies, and she was accused of entrapment and then attempted murder. How come prayer was her last resort, when it should have been her first reaction to every problem?

  8. Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Cyber Launch Party for KATHRYN, Book 3 of the Quarry Hall series.

    Quarry Hall is a spin-off/sister series to the Tabor Heights books. I post excerpts from Quarry Hall and news about the books on the Tabor Heights blog --

    Tabor Heights and Quarry Hall were born pretty much in the same time period, but I had no plans whatsoever for them being sister series. I was just writing stories -- in the case of Tabor Heights, stories that were set in a semi-familiar college town. As time went on, I realized that some characters in one book were similar to characters in other books, and if I just tweaked some details and changed their names, they could "visit" from one book to the other. As I wrote more stories and realized, "Hey, it can be set in the same location as ###," Tabor Heights came into being.

    It was the same with the Quarry Hall books. I had a few adventure books, women in danger, acting like secret agents, but helping the little people -- or the women who were in a rough spot and got rescued and joined the team. I started putting them together, changing names of characters, giving them their guard dogs, and found I had Quarry Hall. As a side note, at the beginning it was called D'Arc House, and was set in Richmond, Virginia. Why Virginia? Well, I thought it was far enough away from where some of the stories were taking place that rescue couldn't show up very fast. I also started writing these stories before cell phones were prevalent!

    The "link" between Tabor Heights and Quarry Hall came with Nikki James. I had roughed two stories for Nikki for the Quarry Hall books, and I was working on the third, where Nikki reconciles with Brock (his name was originally Gary, but it was confusing when her dog was named Gray ...). I put her in a small town, where she had to face the ghosts of her past ... and it was like Nikki grabbed me by the collar and shook me and said, "Hey, I grew up in Tabor Heights!"

    And thus the partnership between Quarry Hall and Tabor Heights came to be.

    Only later did I realize that Joan and Nikki were half-sisters, and that Joan had come to Tabor Heights looking for Nikki, whom their mother had tried to kill when she was a baby. Which killed a really good story I had planned, where Nikki faces down a rich old man with mob connections, who insists Nikki was his kidnapped baby daughter ... but I'll use it for someone else someday!

    More later! Please, start asking questions, okay?

  9. Huge congrats on your new release! How do you find the time for Spotlight Saturday, too??
    Best of Luck,

  10. Huge congrats on your new release! How do you find the time for Spotlight Saturday, too??
    Best of Luck,

  11. What makes you think I'm finding time? Actually, it's easy -- I don't EXERCISE! I'm always scrambling to catch up. In fact, today I got a proofreading job, a line edit job that's due on Friday, a book that's due, polished, on Friday, the Cyber Launch today on both the blog and Facebook, a seriously overdue Web overhaul (as soon as I can figure out the dang web design software which is giving me fits) and an ad to design and turn in for a March electronic magazine .... Writing is my escape and refuge!

    I'll get Spotlights caught up maybe tonight, or tomorrow. I hope ...

  12. CONTEST TIME!!! The voting will take place all day. PLEASE go over to the Facebook page for the Cyber Launch, where I'll pose my conundrum and detail what the prizes will be.

  13. Okay, for those who aren't on Facebook ... Here's the contest I posted a little while ago.

    It's more like a VOTE -- and sort of like 1 vs 100, those who are on the winning side get the presents.

    I have 9 boxes that I am going to fill with promotional goodies. 8 will have Tabor Heights travel mugs, the 9th will have lots of other odds and ends -- all the boxes will have Tabor Heights pens, notepads, inspirational bracelets, and other goodies I can dig up. And if I run out of those boxes of goodies, I have mousepads to give away, with the gorgeous cover art of the Quarry Hall books, so far, plus Tabor Heights mousepads.

    In KATHRYN, part of her difficulties in her assignment lie in her illness. Kathryn was used as the method of getting a genetically engineered disease to her uncle -- she was the blood donor when he had major life-saving surgery. Kathryn is also dying of the same illness, but no one knows what the progress will be, the schedule of deterioration, how quickly or slowly she will die. She has learned that when she's tired and achy, she needs to REST. Or else she'll fall apart at the worst possible time.

    In KATHRYN, readers meet her long-time, long-distance sweetheart, Finn. She hasn't told him about her death sentence yet.
    The rough draft of the book where Nikki James is found and rescued from danger and brought to live at Quarry Hall ends with Kathryn ... well, she and Argus are gunned down by the drug-running mobster who kidnapped Nikki. I have a tear-jerker death scene for them both. When I told my editor about this when we were working on KATHRYN, she screamed -- yeah, I could hear her, long-distance.

    Question: Should I still carry through on Kathryn dying a heroine's death, or should I let her live a little longer? Let her marry Finn? Let her have a happily ever after, with the death sentence still hanging overhead, making her live life more consciously?

    Whaddaya think? VOTE!!!
    And TALK to me. Why do you or don't you want Kathryn to die -- or when? What's your feeling about characters dying "on stage" after you've gotten to know them?

    And PLEASE send me your postal address to my email, rather than posting it here, okay? If you don't send me your postal address and you're on the winning "team," you won't get your goodies! Send to MichelleLevigne @ gmail. com (remove the blank spaces, of course)


  14. Sounds interesting
    Let her have a HEA and find a miracle cure; don't like to read about main characters that die

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  15. I don't mind a dramatic, tragic ending sometimes, as heartless as that sounds. All I ask for is a most satisfying end.


  16. Okay, Castle is on and I'm going to be heading for bed once it's over. If you participated in the discussion of Kathryn's fate in the upcoming book, NIKKI, please make sure you send me your postal address to my gmail address, so I can send you your prize/party favors. MichelleLevigne @ gmail .com -- if you don't send your address, I can't send you anything!

    Thanks for participating, everybody.

    And anybody who came in after I headed for bed ... please, ask questions and comment, anyway! I'll check back tomorrow and respond to your questions -- promise!!!


  17. Coming back late to check ... those of you who participated in the discussion, you didn't follow directions: I asked you to send your postal address to my gmail address, so I could send you your prizes/party favors. I will not chase you down. If you check previous postings and send your postal address to the gmail address, and if you participated in the discussion about Kathryn's fate, you'll get the party favors. There's still time!