Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrating A New Holidays Are Hell Release For Sam Cheever

Today on our Cyber LaunchParty Blog we're celebrating a new Holidays Are Hell release for Sam Cheever.

DEVIL MAY CARE by Sam Cheever

When your name is Valentine, February’s pretty much gonna suck.

Valentine Smith H-A-T-E-S the month of February. The constant jokes about her name and comparisons to the chubby guy with arrows are enough to make her want to run and hide for the entire month.

But, this Valentine's Day, the ultimate joke is about to be played on poor Valentine. She's supposed to choke on a chocolate heart and die. You'd think that would be bad enough. But when she misses her chance to die, she finds herself running from an overly ambitious angel and a sexier-than-hell devil named Abbadon. In the race between good and evil it's no contest. Hell has sexy green eyes, lots of yummy muscles, and a truly decadent pair of lips to ease her pain!


Sam Cheever's published work includes 40+ books of romantic suspense and fantasy/paranormal. Her books have won the Dream Realm Award for fantasy, have been nominated and/or won several CAPAs, were nominated for “Best of” with LRC and The Romance Reviews, and have won eCataromance’s Reviewer’s Choice award. She’s published with Ellora’s Cave, both Romantica and Blush; Changeling Press; Musa Publishing; and Red Rose Publishing. She also publishes as Declan Sands, writing m/m fiction, and under her own imprint, Electric Prose Publications.

In her real life, Sam lives on a hobby farm in Indiana with 11 dogs, 2 horses, and one husband.

To find out more about Sam and her work, please pay her a visit at any one of the following online hot spots. FACEBOOK| TWITTER| GOODREADS | BLOG - She loves to chat with readers!


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  1. Good morning Sam and super congrats on your new release! I love your new series Holidays are Hell - for those not familiar with it can you tell us a bit about this new world you created and how the books fit together?

    And I just have to say how much I love that you have a heroine named Valentine who hates Valentine's day (no wonder!)... you crack me up!

    Thanks for offering up a copy of your new book to one of our readers today and here's wishing you many, many sales!

    Enjoy your launch party and have a great day!

    1. Congratulations Susanmp! I've sent you a note with the details!

      Thanks everybody for stopping by to visit.

  2. Hey DeNita!

    Thanks so much for throwing me a cyber party!

    Here's the premise for this fun, new series: Holidays are especially busy times for Hell’s Perdition Guides. These devils escort newly deceased sinners to Hell to stand before the judgment assembly so they can be assigned to the correct circle of Hell. The guides aren't supposed to get too close to their supplicants, but everybody knows that rules are meant to be broken, especially in Hell! And when these guides spend time with their sexy supplicants, you just never know what's gonna happen next.

    Here are the books in the series so far:

    Book 1, Devil Under the Mistletoe (Christmas)
    Book 2, Devil May Care (Valentines)
    Book 3, Esther Egg Hunt (Easter - Coming soon)

  3. This book sounds so fun! What do you like to read? I am going to be looking for book 1 in this series...Do they have to be read in order?

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

    1. Hey Susan!

      The books don't need to be read in order, but since you haven't read any of them you might as well start with Book 1! #:0)

      I mostly read paranormal and romantic suspense, but I love a lot of different genres and sub-genres. I also love historical, steampunk, m/m mystery and romantic suspense, cozy mysteries, and occasionally sci fi romance. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. This book sounds really good, congratulations on the release!

    Do you have any details you can say about your Honeybun Book #7 that is supposed to come out later this year? I absolutely love that series. If you do not was there a favorite book that you've written so far?

    tiffanykrepps @ gmail . ocm

    1. Hey Tiffany!

      Honeybun on the Run will be Clovis' story. All I can tell you is that Clovis will be doing a job for Uncle Brick and will find himself going cross-country with a woman who he thinks is in danger...but she just might be much more than he suspects. #:0)

      Favorite book? That's a tough one. I definitely have books that I don't love as much as others. I'm pretty proud of all the Honeybun books, and I really love Guardian. That had all my favorite things in it. Probably my favorite would be Hexually Obsessed. That book was a ton of fun to write and I just love Ardith and Draigh. They're such a hoot!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to see me!

    2. Yay!!! I cannot wait, thank you for sharing!

  5. *.com not .ocm sorry for the typo.

  6. Just for fun, here's another little taste of the book:

    Don lay listening to Valentine’s soft humph, humph sounds as she slept. He leaned against the headboard, smiling as she snored. His heart was fuller than it had ever been. He felt like he’d waited several lifetimes for the woman sleeping beside him. But at the same time his heart was breaking. She was so full of energy. So vibrant. So wonderfully alive. Yet he would have to take that away from her. Would she be different in her soul form? Would she lose her appeal?

    Don’s immediate reaction to those questions was denial. Looking at her lying boneless, rosy-cheeked, and seemingly content beside him, he doubted she would ever lose her appeal for him.
    But sometimes souls didn’t take death well. Sometimes it turned them sour. His world would end if he was the cause of Valentine Smith turning sour.

    Whatever she’d done with her life, she was a bright light in the human world. A light whose loss would dim existence for those remaining behind. He frowned. He didn’t think he could do it.

    Valentine wrinkled her nose, tossing her head in her sleep. Don reached over and collected the silky strand of hair that was tickling her nose, his frown turning to a smile.

    He suddenly knew he couldn’t kill her. He knew it with the certainty of having lived for hundreds of years. He was a cynic -- a selfish, thoughtless man -- but he also knew a fire had started in his belly over the beautiful woman lying next to him, and that fire had inflamed his heart for the first time in his long, long existence.

    Decision made, Don slipped down to lie beside her, pulling her close. She snuggled against him with a happy sigh.

    Don kissed her shoulder, feeling drowsy now that he’d made his decision. He’d happily take the punishment he’d get for altering fate. Even if it was a decade in the fiery pits. Maybe her fate would change, and she’d live a long time before dying. He realized that meant he would lose her. But he didn’t care. He couldn’t do it.

    He couldn’t kill the woman he loved.

    Book Page:

  7. What are your Valentine's Day plans?


    1. I'll most likely be in my office pounding away on the keyboard. #:0) DH and I will probably go out to dinner, but I don't generally make too much out of the holiday. In my profession, every day is Valentine's Day. LOL