Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrating Ericka Scott's New Release

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Ericka Scott's new paranormal suspense HER WILDEST DREAMS.


Ana Marie Frazier is afraid to sleep. The orderliness of her life is often disrupted by the dark tempest of her dreams. Desperate, she's tried it all: healthy living, sleeping pills, hypnotism, and now a cutting-edge sleep study. Instead of obtaining rest, the chaos spills into reality.

One night is all Yoshi Nakamura has to convince Ana Marie that she's a resident of the dream realm and possesses a unique gift of bringing dreams to life. An unknown enemy is equally determined to use Ana Marie's gift for his own nefarious purposes, and Yoshi knows that if he fails in his quest, everyone will be living Ana Marie's worst nightmares.


Ericka Scott is a multi-published, bestselling author of seductive suspense. She's written stories for as long as she can remember and reads anything under the sun (including the back of cereal boxes in a pinch). She got hooked on romantic suspense in her college days, when reading anything but a textbook was a guilty pleasure. Now, when she's not chauffeuring children around, wishing she had more than 24 hours in a day, or lurking at the library, she's spinning her own web of fantasy and penning tales of seduction and suspense. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three children.

She also loves friends, so come friend her on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.


WIN - Leave Ericka a question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a beautiful crystal stretch snake cuff bracelet! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner!


  1. Congrats on the new release (what a great way to celebrate your birthday, btw)! Wow - this sounds really good Ericka - I can't wait to read it.

    Tell us all about your new book. Will we see this world again? Is Yoshi her doctor for the dream study? I know, I know, read the book! LOL

    Thanks for the fantastic prize you are giving away today! It's beautiful!

    Have fun with your cyber launch today and I hope HER WILDEST DREAMS is a huge bestseller for you!

  2. Congratulations on the new release and Happy Birthday!

    I love the idea of a dream realm. What sparked the idea?

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  3. Congrats on your new release... mmmm,,a dream realm.. sounds like it would be quite an adventure..


  4. Yikes, Ericka! The premise of Her Wildest Dreams sounds both fascinating and a little scary! I love sleep, and it would be so hard to have that comfort be taken away! Is this story a stand alone?

    Thanks for celebrating with us!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  5. Congratulations on the book! The book sounds good. How did you come up with the characters' names?


  6. How terrible that she is unable to sleep peacefully. I'm not sure if she will be relieved to find out the cause of her sleep troubles. I would be pretty freaked out.

    Congratulations on the new release!

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Hi! Congrats on your release! Sounds awesome! I havent read to many dream books. This sounds very interesting. Can i ask where the idea came from? Do you have problems sleeping? What are your dreams like? Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best!

  8. The idea for the book came from my mother who suffers from insomnia. While I was visiting her, we had a tour through a local sleep clinic. Realizing how vulnerable we are when we are asleep got me to wondering about how someone could "harness" our dreams and perhaps use them for nefarious means.

    I had two false starts for this story...just couldn't get the right characters to play together. Then, when I started playing with the idea of taking the story half into the dream world, the story clicked.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and questions! I've really enjoyed the party.

  9. Oh wow, this book sounds great and like someone said earlier, a little bit scary. Do you like to write the scary stuff and do you ever scare yourself when you're writing?

  10. Becky - I do often give myself chills with the things I write. Especially my ghost stories. Shiver....

  11. And the winner is....

    Kathleen O!

    I'll be contacting you regarding delivery of your prize.

    Thanks for making my release day special!