Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebrating A New 7th Kind Release For Cheryl Dragon

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of book two in Cheryl Dragon's sexy sci fi menage series!

BACK IN DREAMLAND by Cheryl Dragon

7th Kind Series, Book Two

Over a year ago, four sexy aliens crashed to Earth and seduced Liz, the doctor who saved them. The captives showed her passion she'd never imagined, but when Dreamland's commander found out, the men were sent away.

Now they’re back, and Liz isn't letting go this time. They have a lot of lost time to make up for in bed, but to earn their freedom, the men have to share all their knowledge of the aliens and prove their loyalty at the secret military base. Liz has no doubts and, this time, no shame about her special men.


A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance or suspenseful mainstream paranormals. Never at a loss for ideas, there are plenty of stories in her brain waiting to be written. Her two favorites book settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans...where anything can happen!

Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat. By day she crunches and analyzes numbers as an Assistant Controller for a division of a large international conglomerate which leaves the creative juices free for her erotic romance and paranormal suspense novels.


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  1. Good morning Cheryl and Happy Release Day!!!

    Congrats on the release of another book in your 7th Kind Series. For those who don't know about this series, can you tell us all a bit about it and how the books in this series connect? How many more do you plan for the series?

    These aliens are not your typical little green men! How yummy!

    Thanks for all the great Dreamland goodies you're offering up for today's winner!

    Hope you enjoy your Cyber Launch Party today and hope BACK IN DREAMLAND is your biggest seller yet!

  2. Did you grow up a fan of sci-fi movies and television or did you get into the genre later?

  3. Thanks!!

    The series is set in Dreamland, (Area 51) 1 you meet Meg and her sexy alien trio (that's naturally how the men mate--to one woman:)

    In book 1, four aliens are brought in under lockdown and they're a blast from the past. But their lady love is off on holidays (it was Christmas in Dreamland).

    Back in Dreamland is about Liz and her quad of hunks reuniting and fighting the powers that want to keep them apart.

    I would recommend these books be read in order to get all the little jokes and tidbits but each novella is about a different group and how the alien troubles and dreamland mission complicates their love.

    There are three move in the series. I'm working on Lost In Dreamland right now:)

  4. Hi Leni!

    Oh, star trek was the rule in my house. my parents like the original but i was a next generation fan:)

    so i have fun playing!!


  5. Congrats! on the new book! It looks awesome..So was it one of your dreams that inspired you to write this book? :)

  6. i forgot to leave e-mail

  7. thanks Mandy,

    no, it wasn't a dream. i love sci fi and always wanted to do something XFiles-ish.

    And making the aliens hot "human looking" men was great fun!

    Dreamland is actually a nickname for Area 51...all the books take place there.

  8. Hi! Congrats! It sounds great! Did you always want to be a writer? Or did you want to be something different when you were little? Thanks for sharing! Wish you all the best!

  9. Congrats on your new book!
    Do you write any other genres?
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  10. hi Shadow...I always wanted to be a writer!! it's one of those things you just know:)

  11. hi Chey,

    I write erotic romance in a lot of subgenres. menage +, light bdsm, paranormal...

    lots of fun:D

  12. Congratulations on this all new release! My question for you is "Are you the first in your family to take up writing, be an author?" Just curious. Love the cover of this book. ;)
    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  13. Cherly this book sounds delicious. So..4? Did you do your own research for this book? ;) I will have to check out your books.

  14. Hey Cheryl! I write about sexy aliens, too. I'm just wondering what draws you to write about aliens vs. people in space.

    All the best!
    Jessica E. Subject
    jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com

  15. ladyvampire:)

    i am the first person in my family to write. most of family isn't 'creative' in the same way. my mom and aunt knit and quilt. my sister is good and home decorating. i'm not visually creative, it's all my head...

    I'm sooo grateful for good cover artits!! i love most of my covers and not all authors can say that.

  16. green eyes...

    i did as much research as possible on area 51 (cause you can't go there). so i had to make up the rest:)

    that's the fun of one is really sure what's in there...and if they know they aren't telling.

    that's the fun with sci fi is the aliens are all my creation...

  17. hi Jessica,

    i really was fascinated by area 51 and what could be in there. the aliens living among us is part of the fun/secret world.

    sort of like Men in Black and the X files. modern day with the twists...i love that.

    full on in space sci fi is a lot of world building rules to create. i haven't found the right idea to jump into that just yet. but you never know...

  18. Congratulations on your book! Are there other genres that you would like to write in?


  19. How did you decide how many aliens HAD to be in your story? By the way these are the most delicious aliens ever.


  20. other genres?? i do love suspense so if I got the right idea/chance with a mystery/suspense mainstream I'd have a blast with it;)

  21. lol marybelle....

    ther heroines decided how many aliens had to be in their um...stories.

    but i did need to plan how that many aliens were living on earth, how and when they arrived etc. so there was some planning involved...

    thanks! hope you enjoy all of them!

  22. Ooh, I didn't know about this new series, Cheryl! Must. Have!! I love the scifi aspect for sure! You mentioned that your mom and aunt quilt? Do you have a special one of your book covers? :) Does your family read your writing?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  23., i'd die laughing if they quilted some of my covers...a little wild for them.

    my family knows i write but they don't know everything i write and that's a good thing. i can hear my mother now. "I can barely put up with one husband...who'd want 4...okay if they look like that but the cooking alone!"

  24. this book going to go up on the book rating and i would not be surpirzed it get awards
    congrat on the new one and then the cove is great love to read it

    desi the blonde at msn dot cm

  25. ROFL!!! OK, that's true--I'd have to agree with your mom on that ;) And really, I don't think I could keep up with four times the laundry ;p That's why I enjoy reading these so much, where all those aspects aren't what gets focused on :D Thanks, Cheryl!

  26. Hi Cheryl,
    love the cover and the excerpt was awesome. i can't wait to read the rest of the book.

    happy release day, sorry i'm a little late.

    tammy ramey

  27. Congrats on your new release, sounds awesome. Have you always been a big Si Fic nut I know my habby is? Thanks for the great contest.

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

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