Friday, April 30, 2010

Celebrating Laura Tolomei's First Release With Whiskey Creek Press

Today we're celebrating Laura Tolomei's first release with Whiskey Creek Press, TASTING LEON'S MARK.

Meet Laura Tolomei.

If you really want to know, I was born in 1965 in Rome, Italy, but soon started my travelling career. At the age of five, my parents took me to Lagos, Nigeria, where I grew up free and hot like I've never been since. I loved it there and still think of it with nostalgia. Anyway, it was also where I learned English.

After my African experience, I was ready to tackle the US. I lived in Atlanta, GA, five teen-age years, attending the Crestwood High School, where I started my writing career by publishing a short story Nostalgia on the Crestwood Journal. Very thrilled about discovering my new talent, I went ahead during college, writing for the Emory University journal The Phoenix. Three articles mark my first-and last-steps in journalism, "The peace Corps", "WAMM, Women Against Military Madness," and "Lesbism".

After my American experience, I moved back to Rome, but still kept living from time to time abroad, spending several months in Mumbay India, a country I always felt very close to me in more ways than one.

Today, I write both in Italian and English, mostly fiction of various genres, from fantasy erotica, to mysteries up to plain ordinary life stories.For those of you who read Italian, you can simply visit the Italian sections of my website, but if you feel particularly lazy, here's a short summary:

I have a short story on line Incontro Metropolitano (Meeting at the Subway) and two books:
Piccolo Crocevia a Cinque (Little Five Points, for those who know Atlanta it's a spot near Emory University), printed by Editing Edizioni, to be released December 2008.
L'Investigatto (loosely translated The Cat Detective), publisher Ennepil Libri, 2009.

In English, I write erotica in various genres, mostly fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal, sometimes trespassing into contemporary. Feel free to look over my current and future projects by clicking here.

Visit Laura's Website

TASTING LEON'S MARK From Laura Tolomei and Whiskey Creek Press

The world is full of hunters and their prey. But some prey can become hunters themselves while others have hidden claws. Not always surrendering is one alternative for the weak. Surprisingly, such a choice can make life very interesting. It can create new connections or balance pre-existing ones.

So, will Sean accept anything for another taste of Leon?

WIN - Leave Laura a question or comment today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a free download of her new book, TASTING LEON'S MARK. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner!


  1. Morning Laura!

    Congrats on the new release - love the cover!

    How has it been working with Whiskey Creek? BTW - the excerpts were - wow - as always!

    Hope the new book is a huge success for you and a bestseller!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I love all the excerpts of your work. So passionate.Congrats on your latest releases.
    Payday can't come soon enough. :)
    Carol L.

  3. Your books sound very good I can't wait to read them.

  4. Best of luck with the new release Laura. Interesting blurb. Can you tell us more about the book?

  5. Congratulations on the new release! Your life sounds so fascinating and the books sound awesome!


    Working with WCPT was differnt, other methods, and I did have a problem at first until I adjusted to their work method. As I said, different from eXtasy, so I had to rethink my working methods with them, but in the end it came out usual LOL

    And those excerpts are just a small part of it. This book's HOT, maybe one of the hottest I've ever written, so it's for readers looking for something over the edge, hard and MALE!



  7. Hi, Carol, great of you to stop by and read the excerpts. As I was telling DeNita, they're reaooy HOT because the entire book is built on the passionate game between Leon and Sean, both in bed and out. So if you like pure sex and game, without too much of the romantic stuff in it, this is the book for you.
    Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  8. Hi, Sherry, I hope you do get to read them LOL
    Thanks for stopping by,

  9. Hi, CJ, no I won't tell you about the book, but I'll give you a great link where you can find all about the story, the setting, and mostly the characters. Here it is: and I assure you it's very instructive to read the details.
    Thanks for being here, Laura

  10. Yeah, Joanne, and I'll let you in on a little secret of mine. Life and work are tightly linked together, for without all those globetrotting experiences, I would've never written with all my works.
    Take care, Laura

  11. Good excerpt. What drew you to the genres you write? Do you prefer one genre to the others?

    She (

  12. Yes, I prefer the horror/fantasy genre above all others, but I'm discovering a certain liking for the contemporary genre, too. I started with Spying the Alcove, where a part of it takes place in today's Sicily, then progressed to To Seduce A Soulmate, my first contemporary release and now I'm out with Tasting Leon's Mark, my most ambitious work of this genre, yet. But now I'm so taken by the Virtus Saga, my fantasy/paranormal saga that is going to take a lot of my time.

    And speaking of genres, I forgot to mention that in the end, all my books have a paranormal twist, which is probably the best genre for me because I can use it for all my reincarnation stuff, soul searching, souls twists during consecutive lifetimes, sex games that lasts far beyond the limited scope of existence and so forth.

    Thanks, She, for coming to my party!

  13. Congrats on our latest release. Hope it is a big success.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  14. Congrats on the new release and thanks for the info on your travels.

    kolists a/t gmail d\t com

  15. Congrats on the new release! Very interesting excerpt, I'm looking forward to reading the book some day. I'll add it to my wish list.

    eva.silkka at

  16. Great, Eva, and thanks for attending the party LOL

  17. I know the night's still young over your side of the world, but for me it's close to 2 AM, so time for my beauty rest <yawb-<, But I hope the party keeps going 'cause there's still lots of champagne and hors d'ouvre!
    Have a gun time,


  18. Hey Laura I Wanted To Know What Was Your Inspiration For Tasting Leon's Mark? Congrats On Your New Release.

  19. Hi,sky,

    iterestingly enough, the idea behind Tasting Leon’s Mark is a spin off from the Virtus Saga, which I’m currently publishing with eXtasy Books, with its own bloody game between Chris and Ylianor, the same that ties Leon to Sean, at least in the beginning. But the developments will prove quite different for all the characters involved.

    But if you're looking for more info on Tasting Leon's Mark, check out the in-depth feature interview @ The Rainbow Studio

    Ciao from Rome,

  20. Wow, I'm completely intrigued. This book sounds like and incredible and smoking hot read that I've just got to get!

    Don't enter me this time, I'm heading over to buy the book now. Can't wait!

  21. Yeah, Jerry, the risght word is DARING ;)
    Thanks, Laura

  22. Hi, Laura.

    I discovered your works last summer. I read Sacrificial Sex and loved it. I can't wait to read more of your works.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  23. No, thank you, Tracey, for your vote of confidence! Well, Tasting Leon's Mark is a bit different from Sacrificial Sex, but at least the M/M element is assured and I do hope you like contemporaries, too. But if you're really into the blood thing, you'll have to wait for Re-Scue to come out, the prequel to Tasting Leon's Mark, which talks about Leon and Sean's past lives in all their gory, thrilling, bloody details.
    And it could be an even better read if you're a fan of the genre LOL
    Ciao, Laura

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