Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lizzie T Leaf's Cyber Launch Party Winner

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to celebrate with Lizzie!The winner of their choice of download from Lizzie's Dead series is Mitzi H! Thanks for leaving your email address, Lizzie will contact you to get you your prize.

DEAD DONE RIGHT includes two of Lizzie T. Leaf's trademark 'humor with heat' stories about the problems modern day women have when they discover they are now vampires.

WAKING UP DEAD - From Haute Couture and Manolo Blaniks to stripping for a paycheck. Waking Up Dead sure puts a crimp in a girl's lifestyle and puts her in the mood for blood.

DEAD FAINT - Billie Joyce thought waking up as a vampire was bad, but fainting at the sight of her new main food source could make life difficult. Plus, she has to contend with Daniel, a bossy older than dirt vampire, who is getting on her nerves. Why does he keep muttering "I'm no Henry Higgins"?



  1. Thank you for having me, DeNita, and thank you to all the readers who commented.

    Congratulations to Mitzi H. on her win!

  2. Yippee!!!! Thank you for the book and I can't wait to read it!!!!