Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celebrating the Launch of JM Snyder's SO IN LOVE

An author of gay erotic/romantic fiction, J. M. Snyder began self-publishing in 2002, and now also works with several publishers to bring her stories to readers. Her stories are available in e-book format from Amber Allure, Aspen Mountain, and Torquere Presses. Her highly erotic short gay fiction has been published online at websites such as Ruthie's Club, Tit-Elation, and Amazon Shorts, and has in anthologies published by Alyson Books, Aspen Mountain, and Cleis Presses.

At the heart of Snyder's fiction are loving relationships between consenting gay men. Her books run the gamut of genres from science fiction to mainstream, with something for everyone interested in homoerotica. If you're interested in "just the sex," check out Snyder's short fiction, but if you're looking for more satisfying relationships and longer storylines, dive into one of her many novels. And don't forget her novella-length fiction, combining elements of both erotica and romance fiction.

A full bibliography, as well as free fiction, book excerpts, purchasing information, and exclusive contests, can be found at


Eight short contemporary stories celebrating gay love in its many forms are now in one paperback collection from award-winning author JM Snyder.

From falling in love for the first time to mending a broken relationship to spending a lifetime shared, each of the stories in this collection offer a glimpse into the lives of gay men who live and love together. While a few of these stories are available in anthologies, they are collected here for the first time.

The short stories in this collection are available separately as e-books, but are only available in print in this single-author paperback collection. Contains the following stories: Afflicted, Caught Off Base, Henry and Jim, His Song, Love In The Library, Maybe, Skaterboy, This Christmas.

Order SO IN LOVE through CreateSpace and save 20% with this code - EB9P4EKJ

WIN - Celebrate with JM today at our Cyber Launch Party Blog and leave with some great goodies! Everyone gets a free download of JM's story LOVE IN THE LIBRARY and a free download of FOREPLAY (a collection of excerpts)! Everyone who emails JM at JMS(at) with their address gets an envelope full of goodies! And one lucky reader who leaves a comment or question for JM right here on the blog, gets their name in the hat for an autographed copy of SO IN LOVE given away tomorrow morning! That's what I call a party!


  1. Happy Release Day JM!!!

    Congrats on the new paperback collection - love the cover! And super thanks for the great party favors you're offering our readers today! Free reads, fun promo goodies and a chance to win this fantastic collection - you rock!

    Enjoy your special day and thanks for celebrating with us!

  2. Congratulations on the collection. Love your stories JM.

  3. Great cover! And thanks for all the free fun!

  4. I would love to win a paperback copy of "So in Love". I am one of the old school fans who doesn't have a "reader" yet. Love your stuff!! YUM!!

  5. Hello JM! Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful fun with us. I was stoked when I got the notice that you were going to be or not, I will have 'So In Love'!!!

    Have a great day!

  6. Congrats on the new release and for letting us celebrate with you!

    What works do you have coming out next? And how many books do you usually publish in a year?

  7. Hi everyone :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Joder ~ The past few years I've had a TON of new releases (anywhere between 2-4 ebooks a month). However, that may slow down a bit as we head into 2010 because I want to focus more on novel-length stories than shorter works.

    I started out publishing 2 books a year and am going to stick with at LEAST that (and this is 2 paperback books a year, not ebooks).

    Upcoming, I have another novella in my superhero series, V, coming out later this month (entitled THE V IN VIGILANT). Next month I'll re-release 2 short stories as ebooks (MONEY'S WORTH and ONE OF US), as well as a longer contemporary novel entitled ROCKSTAR.

    In December, I have a story appearing in an anthology (FOUR SEASONS: WINTER 2009) and two ebook re-releases with eXcessica (THIS CHRISTMAS and WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME).

    So there's a lot on the horizon, both new and old, that should appeal to readers of gay erotic romance!

  8. Congratulations on your latest print release JM!!! I love your work and am currently reading Operation Starseed and so far I'm loving it!!! I always enjoy reading your books...there is so much depth in each of the protagonists that you can't help but fall in love with them right away.

    I wish you the best of luck with all your future projects. I eagerly await reading more of your delicious works.

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  9. Congrats on your paperback collection. I haven't read any of your books, but after reading all the comments here, I will be going to the bookstore with your name at the top of my list.I am anxious to read them.

  10. Congratulations on your new collection, J.M.!

  11. Hi JM! Congrats on your release! And I love the cover...

    I've read a few of the really looking forward to the rest! :)

    You seem to mostly write (and do very well at)shorts and novellas. What are your thoughts on writing at novel length?

  12. Congratulations on the release of So in Love!!! Glad to hear the news :)

    I am also so looking forward to November (Playing the Field in paperback) :)

    Have a great day JM.

  13. Devon,

    I love writing novels, but they take a lot of time. When I was self-publishing, I concentrated on mostly novels, but when I got stuck in one of them, I switched to short stories. I'm currently editing a novel that will come out next month and working on another which I hope to release sometime next year, and I'm looking forward to working on longer stories after that :)

  14. Hi Yuki,

    I forgot to mention that one! Yes, the first four ebooks of my series "Playing the Field" will be in paperback next month, too!

  15. Congratulations!! SO IN LOVE looks fabulous - from the cover on. I have my fingers crossed for this. Cheers!! Marybelle


  16. I hope I'm not too late with a question...

    What is your opinion on book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?

    Tracey D

  17. Hi Tracey,

    Book trailers ... well, I've made two and I don't really think they did much to boost sales. They were really fun to make, though they took a lot of time. For the past few years I've had a very hectic writing schedule, with new releases already on the publishers' "coming soon" pages as I write against the deadline to submit the stories.

    But that pace has slowed down a bit now (yay!) so maybe I'll get a chance to do another trailer sometime soon!

  18. Congrats, JM! And thanks for the free download. Great reading! :o) Tamsyn

  19. Congratz on the print release!!!

    My question is do you ever think about writing m/f fiction instead of m/m? If so what kind of story would it be, and if not, why not?

  20. I actually have another question. Do you all of the marketing for your books yourself?

  21. Hi Darshini,

    I never think of writing m/f fiction because to be honest, that sort of relationship doesn't interest me. I find gay characters to be more ... I don't know, daring? To be gay, even in today's society, can be scary, and to admit to loving someone of the same gender can be downright dangerous. That element makes the relationship worth something, in my eyes. I'd write f/f or lesbian stories before writing a heterosexual one. I just don't get the same sense of depth or meaning in m/f as I do in same-sex relationships (sorry!).

    As for marketing, I do 99.9% of it, yes. I pay Author Island to help spread the word, but I'm the one who works with bookstore owners and websites to promote my titles, not anyone else. I've learned that only a fraction of being published revolves around actually writing the story. The rest is marketing it to people who will read it.

  22. Congrads!! This is exciting! What are you going to do to celebrate this??


  23. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to party and celebrate the release of SO IN LOVE with JM! And a special thank you to JM for giving EVERYONE a free read and offering up some great freebies!

    Our special winner of the autographed copy of SO IN LOVE was Patsy! Patsy, email me at authorisland at with your name and address, so JM can get you out your copy of SO IN LOVE.

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